May 8th, 2008

Hello Everyone,

Well, I don't know where to begin. Today was not a good day for Aimee and I. We went for our follow up appointment with the level 2 ultra sound Doctors to check the progress of little Kayleigh. It turns out that in the past three weeks, she has only grown two of those weeks. So instead of being 3 weeks behind, she is now 4 weeks behind. We are happy to see that she is still growing and her heart is beating strong. She must be a fighter like her Daddy.

On a rough note, the doctor noticed that the level of amniotic fluid was very low and there isn't much room for her in the placenta. The placenta has also torn a little off the uterine wall meaning signs that the body could be rejecting the birth process because of some problem that no one can answer for us yet. So, Aimee had to draw blood once again to have a series of tests to maybe find out what the issue is that is causing little Kayleigh all these problems. We won't find out for a week the results, but from the Doctors mouth...time is drifting away in the wrong direction and they don't think she will survive this fight much longer. Aimee and I are only praying that the Doctor is wrong once again. Our Doctor was very confident before that it was a chromosome issue, heart issue and bowel issue, but the tests proved otherwise. Now she thinks the odds are not in our favor because of how far behind she is getting and the lack of amniotic fluid. Aimee and I were hoping that Kayleigh would grow big enough to live outside the womb early and get the medical treatment/nutrients she needs, but the Doctor doesn't think Kayleigh is going to make it to that point.

We are trying to keep a fighting spirit anyways and need your prayers more than ever before. Our next step is to go to our now "weekly" appointments to either find out if Kayleigh has made it another week closer to getting out of there or if she just wasn't strong enough to hold on. We appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers so far and we only ask that you keep them coming. I feel with the help of all your prayers so far, she made it through this so far. We can only hope she continues to fight.

Thank you all so very much!

Adam & Aimee

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Christine Causapin said...

God works in ways we cannot see. Trust in Him and he'll show you the way. That baby of yours is a wonderful blessing a mother could have. challenges come and go but hold on tight to God because He never give challenges that you wouldn't be able to overcome. I maybe am a 15-yr old girl but I have God in me and I know you do as well. stay strong. Prayer is the most powerful weapon in times like these. GODBLESS.