7/5/08 - A New Best Friend

Kayleigh's new best friend is a webkin named Brittany. A few months back, Aimee and I went to get some Webkins for Allyson and Brandon. We had planned at some point to get Kayleigh her first stuffed animal, but we didn't realize we were going to come across the perfect best friend that day. Everyone has their first stuffed animal or doll that is their best friend. Mine was Ellie, a little grey elephant that I still have to this day. Aimee had her first best friend which was a doll named Amie. For those who don't know Brittany. She was a Cocker Spaniel that my family had for more than half of my life. She was our best friend and she unfortunately passed away last year. Kayleigh will never get a chance to personally meet one of the most special friends in my life, but she will befriend a splitting image stuffed animal of her. The cute thing is that Brittany is a little bit bigger than Kayleigh is right now. We were not able to put Brittany in the isolette for safety reasons, so she is sitting right outside waiting for the day they can cuddle together.
Kayleigh had a good day today. Since being put on the vent, her apnea bouts have lessened. She only had a couple desats all day long which is greeeeaaaat! She dropped 7 grams from yesterday, but they started feeding her today to see how she does with that. They are feeding her one (cc) every six hours. She did have a moderate poop this morning, so we are hoping that will continue since they started to feed her. I would hate to see her stomach back up again. Some tests were done and they realized Kayleigh has a slight thyroid problem and they have already started her on medication. The Resident that was in the delivery room with us came in to talk with us today. She seemed really positive and felt really great with Kayleigh's stats. I can tell when talking with her that she seems very impressed with the whole scenario. That is a good feeling!
Tomorrow, Aimee and I are heading to church to see Wade and Ferris Joye. They are the proud parents of Liana and Adleigh. Liana is Kayleigh's neighbor in the NICU, so we will be hanging out with the Joye's for quite some time while residing there. Their church is having a special about them and their experience through this roller coaster ride of life. We are really looking forward to it and being there for them as we know exactly what they are going through. You can read their story by clicking on their link on our main page.
Thank you all for your prayers and keep praying for more days like today.
The Freemans


Kimberly (Anthony's Mom) said...

awww so cute!

Anthony has a stuft animal duck =-)

Also you might find this interesting. I had 2 blankets that i would take to the nicu (receiving blankets) and they would wrap his bedding in it.... well, he sleeps with a blanket now, but only those 2 blankets! He doesn't like any other ones I give him. Kinda strange huh? Its like they brought him comfort then and still do.


Jennifer in NM said...

Aimee and Adam,

I am glad to hear that Kayleigh is doing so good in so many aspects of her development. I am sorry to hear though that she has a thyroid problem, I really hope that it is nothing serious.

The stuffed animal that you guys got her is just too cute, and the whole meaning behind it is just precious.

I am praying that you guys continue to have great days like this and that she responds well to the feedings. If she does then her weight gain will be another great milestone that she will have that will work on getting Kayleigh home soon.

God bless.


Chase said...

I'm so glad you found friends in the NICU (I visited their blog, I have to say Mom has a great sense of humor!!!) I know the road is bumpy and yours will be a bit of a long one with Kayleigh being so tiny, but I know you have great support in each other. She is so lucky to have you both. Sending more and more prayers your way! (Dave had a rough 4th of July. He didn't know she was back on the vent until yesterday morning and it takes him back to his own NICU memories, he is thinking of you guys CONSTANTLY!) If there is anything we can do let us know. I know we aren't close by, but we've become attached, so let us know, lol...XOXO

Jennifer said...

starting feeds, thats awesome! hope she does well with it. before you know it she will be bottle feeding. and before you know it she will be bigger than the doggie. and you will be so glad that you took the comparison picture. our prayers are with you!
jennifer (mom to 30wkr)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Kayleigh will have some life long friends :o) Stay strong Kayleigh, we love you!


Anonymous said...

Seeing the pictures of Kayleigh with a Webkinz really put her size into perspective for me. My youngest daughter has a few Webkinz and I know how big they are. Wow!