7/7/08 - Just Laying Around

First of all, I am sorry for not posting last night. I had a really good reason for it. Aimee and I had taped and watched the finale of The Bachelorette. We were so mad that Jesse won, he is such as dork. ha-ha!
Anyways, check out that first photo of Kayleigh. It looks like she is laying out at the beach. That is so darn cute! Also, the last photo really shows the hair that is coming in. Aimee and I are still back and forth as to whether it is blond or brown hair that we see. The photos looks more brown, but there is a good mixture of both in person.
She had a really good day yesterday. Not a whole lot happened so that is great. She did desat a couple times, but was able to recover well on her own. She was also a little whiney, which her little cry makes you feel all sappy inside. I got to change her diaper again and take her temperature. I was supose to get to Kangaroo Care her yesterday, but Aimee and I think the nurse was too nervous to do it. When we sprung it on her, she was hesitant to say yes. She took about an hour to do another baby's vitals (probably hoping we would leave) and then decided she didn't like where her temparature was to be able to do it. That was okay though. I would rather have someone more confident because I am going to be the nervous one. We spoke to the nurse on the phone this morning and she said that I could do it today, so I am stoked!!! I will have some good photos tonight for you. Woo hoo! I get to hold my little girl to my chest for the first time today :)
Aimee was able to squeeze out a CC of milk yesterday and that is the most she has been able to produce so far. It is not a lot, but it sure is progress! Keep working hard beautiful!!!
Thank you again for all of those who have sent gifts. We really appreciate it so very much!!!
God Bless!
The Freemans


Anonymous said...

You are doing a wonderful job Kayleigh!! Keep up the good work sweetie!! Adam and Aimee you both are doing a wonderful job!! Your Kayliegh is an insperation to me and my family. We want to have more kids but are scared do to our preemie. Look at Kayleigh, she is a miracle from God!! God is good. Take care!!

Erica mom to a 31 weeker

Anonymous said...

She is so adorable! Looks like blonde hair to me, sorry Aimee lol I can't wait to see tonights pictures! Keep up the good work Kayleigh!


Anonymous said...

i was a little scared when i didnt see a posting last night. and then nothing this morning. I was praying everything was okay. And it is!!! She looks wonderful. I feel like part of the family, keeping up with the story and all. She is going to an amazing daughter. She is truely an inspiration to me. It's amazing how something so small can have such an inpact on so many people.


Hazard, KY (trying to get pregnant)

Christie O. said...

She is just so beautiful! Oh, I used to get so mad at my milk for taking so long to come in when my baby was in the NICU. and I'd have "milk envy" when I'd see other moms walk in with their huge full bottles! haha. you all so strong. thank you for keeping us posted. you're in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the milk, Aimee! I KNOW how hard it is at first...hope all the suggestions are helping out! (This is Sol2sombra2003 from the BBC Ultrasound board, BTW... :) )

She looks beautiful!! Takes me right back to my own little "baby bird."