8/21/08 - GREAT NEWS!!!

We have some great news in this wild journey of our precious Kayleigh. Well, you know we have been waiting for Kayleigh to grow to the 1000 gram mark to have the pulmonary band surgery? This morning, she had an Echocardiogram where they do an ultra sound of her heart to see how things are looking with her VSD. (Hole in her heart at her lower chambers) The nurse practitioner told us that the flow between the two chambers is high which still may cause the heart to work harder, but that the flow is not pushing excess water into the lungs anymore. That means that she will not have to get the pulmonary band surgery, which is basically to prevent that overflow into the lungs. Now that does not go to say she might not need it later if things don't keep progressing, but she doesn't now since things are going so well.

So if we can keep her heart in good working order until she gets to 2000 grams, we can have the surgery to close the VSD and we won't ever have to worry about it again. I am just so happy that we may only have to do just the one surgery on her heart. She is just so amazing!!! This is yet another obstacle put in her way that she has overcome. She should get some gold medals for this event! Look out Michael Phelps, check out this chick!!!

Wow, beyond this amazing news, she POOPED!!! She pooped once this morning and they still gave her a suppository and she pooped again. She then pooped big time while Aimee held her this afternoon. So we are pleased to say that the feeds are passing through her system as we hoped and prayed for. Thank you all for your "poop" prayers because they worked.

If you don't have God in your heart, Kayleigh is a true testimony of how wonderful HE is and how amazing HE can be in your life too.

We are so pleased with how things went today. She did have a few desats and bradys while we were there, but I would too if I were trying to crap for days. I am so glad she got that out and hopefully she will continue to do well. Who would have ever thought pooping can be so exciting?

Beyond our sweet Kayleigh, Aimee/My baby's Momma has put forth major effort to get rid of the weight she has gained since first going on self induced bed rest and an eat everything in sight diet. It was for a very good reason though. (Kayleigh needed as many calories as possible since their wasn't enough nutrients getting to her through the placenta)

She has started the Nutrisystem product and is already on the fast track to losing weight. Since everyone but her has started their own blogs, she decided she has a perfect reason to put one together tonight. She is going to reach out to all of you who either need to just get in shape, lose some wanted/needed weight, or lose the post pregnancy pounds. Even though I was the personal training director for Bally Total Fitness for several years, I can't lay a finger on how wonderful this Nutrisystem product is set up. You basically pick your meals from a list, they send your food to you each month, you eat it and you lose weight. She has already lost 4 pounds over the past week and we are going to save so much money not going to the grocery store every week. How awesome is that??? Aimee is actually a very picky eater and she has liked almost every meal she has gotten from them.

Anyways, stop in and give Aimee some words of encouragement and follow her journey through her weight loss program. Maybe some of you can join along, create your own blogs, hold each other accountable and support each other through a common goal. She will be more than happy to help you. Here is her new blog: http://www.aimeefreeman.blogspot.com/

God Bless,

The Freemans :)


Anonymous said...

yayy !! i have been following this for the past 3 nights religiously! i just found it 3 days ago and i was hooked, tonight i was actually getting worried the update was soo late... I am 12 weeks pregnant today, and reading about Kayleigh hits home in a way because, who knows, my baby could be premature too... also for the past 3 years my dream is to be a Nurse in the NICU, and what i will be going to college for next summer!!!!! Im soo glad Kayleigh is doing sooooooo well! i love how each update is getting better and better! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK KAYLEIGH!

Anonymous said...

Hi...what a journey..you guys sound like an awesome family! With God ALL things are possible! I was actually looking through my emails tonight and followed the Baby Einstein one to the Baby contest because I am so proud of my daughter...today, now that it is am., 8/22/08 my preemie daughter born at 29 weeks and 3lbs 6oz is ONE YEAR OLD!It is by God's Grace that our Gabriella Grace was born and through all the prayers of so many - people who just heard our story and never saw her or know us. Just like this moment, reading your story and Kayleigh's journey is all so familiar... In between tears of hope and joy and remebrance, I'm praying for a little one- another miracle and her family. God made us so compassionate and I pray that Kayleigh continues to inspire and bring people closer to God. I know Gabriella does the same - even today. At church- our church family is amazed Sunday after Sunday of how big Gabby's getting and how healthy the little fighter has become. She came home with her feeding tube, we took her to church the first time this past Easter and by Saturday she had taken her tube out AGAIN and we gave her the bottle - she wolfed down 3 1/2 ounces and never went back to the tube! I had a hard time as well pumping but praise God I was able to use almost all of the breast milk from Aug to Jan -we bought a freezer and all. The surgeon didn't want to even discuss breast milk - Gabs had to gain 20-30 grams a day before we could even speak about that! She did it though!
Our Amazing Grace had 40% of her small intestines removed at 4 days old and had an osotmy bag for 6 weeks, after being hooked back up it took a while but during the long journey of 5 months in the hospital God used us to touch others, whether to pray for them or with them. It is so important to be there for one another in the NICU. I know because of HIPPA we couldn't share in the NICU but in our "family room" more like a living room, we bonded and supported one another - isn't it amazing that you really can love one another with the Lord in your heart?!
Kayleigh will forever be in my prayers - I am so happy to have come upon your blog -especially on Gabriella's 1st birthday-see how God works! Keep writing it is so important and helps heal the heartache that comes & goes at times. My husband writes poetry and wrote 2 beautiful poems about Gabriella while in the hospital - God-inspired, and shared with others that touched their hearts and souls - just like your writing. I'm from CT so we're miles apart but your family is in my heart and prayers - I wish you all the best,
God Bless you guys real good!!

Jennifer in NM said...

Hello Ms. Kayleigh,

I am amazed at how well you have been doing. Your weight is just amazing and you looked so cute in your video last night. That paci seems so big for you. But you manage it well.

Keep up the good work. I keep saying that I have a healthy addiction because I follow you everyday just to be sure that all is going okay. I pray for you numerous times a day and I check religiously although I don't always post.

Aimee and Adam,

I voted for Kayleigh as well as each of you NUMEROUS times. I hope it helps. By the way how is Kayleigh ranking right now?

Aimee, you are an amazing woman. You have done such a good job at being the sole provider of food for your baby. I was just telling a friend of mine that I wish I would have know about the pills that would help my milk production. But didn't and gave up way too soon.

Best of luck with the weight loss. I will try and keep up with your blog as well.

Adam, you are an awesome husband and father. You find a way to juggle your daughter, your step-children, support your wonderful wife and work. You deserve an award for all that you do.

You guys are an awesome family. Kayleigh is so lucky to have such parents as yourselves.

used to be campbell9023@sbcglobal.net

Anonymous said...

I am from Sioux Falls South Dakota and I happened to stumble upon your page last night. We have had 2 premature babies. One (Jack) was born at 27 weeks with down syndrom and hydrops and he unfortanately didn't make it more than 20 hours. 6 months later I got pregnant with our 2nd son Noah he was born at 32 weeks weighing in at 3lbs. 3 oz. He was in the NICU for 40 stressful days. I understand what you are going through and I want you to know that I am praying for you daily. What a sweet heart Kayleigh is she is just beautiful. You and your wife seem like amazing people. Just know that you have blessings and prayers coming from us. Good Luck. I can't wait to see the pictures of Kayleigh going home, and don't worry she will.