8/23/08 - 2 MONTHS OLD!!!

Happy 2 Month Birthday Kayleigh!!! Woohooo :)

I can't believe that it has been two months already. Time is flying by, but it still feels like we have a long way to go. They need to put us on the pay roll for as much as we are up there. Hey, I might be of good use since I have learned so much from all the nurses. They make fun of me because I am like a tourist when I am in there. My camera is going off left and right and I love to learn about everything as it helps reduce the stress. If I don't know how serious something is or isn't, I always think the worst. That is why I have to make sure I know everything.

Kayleigh is having a good day today. She is up to 8ml on her feeds and they are going to start increasing her feeds every 12 hours since she started to poop again. Although, she did not poop today, but she is completely tolerating her feeds. I asked the nurse tonight on the phone what it means to completely tolerate her feeds, because if what goes in doesn't come out, then that doesn't sound like she is tolerating anything. The nurse explained that they listen to her bowel sounds, check for aspirate (regurgitation) and her overall reaction to the feedings. Pooping is not a factor in whether she is tolerating the feeds or not, but certainly an issue if it never happens.

Today, Kayleigh was beyond active in her isolette. She happened to pull her feeding tube out of her throat and wiggled her body to the end of her isolette, practically off her bed. The nurses were shocked that she had enough strength to do that, especially at her size. Before we know it, she is going to be knocking on her isolette window telling the nurses "It's time to feed me" or climbing on the walls like a jungle gym. That would be a sight to see. Since she was so active and having those three big poops yesterday, she lost 3 grams tonight. So there wasn't much change in her weight.

On a very sad note, We think Kayleigh's neighbor (Jeremiah) passed away today. He was having such a tough time over the past week and when we showed up to the NICU today, they had closed our nursery. Aimee and Brandon were the ones who went in and were quickly stopped by the other nurses. I guess it must have just happened because no one at the front desk knew to stop them from going in. Aimee could hear Jeremiah's Mom crying, which just breaks our hearts. Please pray for the family as they are going through this tough time.

God Bless Everyone!

The Freemans :)


Anonymous said...

Wow it's been 2 months already?! I'm sure it feels like yesterday. Keep on growing Kayleigh!! She sounds like a mover and a shaker so look out world!!!

God Bless you all

Anonymous said...

I can't believe she is two months...come to think of it, I can't believe Parker is almost 3 months!

So sad to hear about that family of the little boy...I was fortunate I never had to be around that in our nicu, but I can't even imagine how hard it must be :(

Jennifer said...

good to hear Kayleigh is doing well. and how are her parents holding up after dealing with having a baby in the nicu for two months? are you feeling frustrated and just ready for her to come home yet? the longer my son was there the more i felt that way.

it is so sad to see a little one not make it. we saw this too and it broke our hearts. i still think of those babies and parents often. you are very sweet to ask for prayers for other families.

just wondering, will Kayleigh be able to breast feed soon?

Anonymous said...

Happy 2 month birthday Kayleigh!

Unknown said...

Happy 2 Month birthday Kayleigh!!

So glad to hear the feedings are going so well. She'll be packing on the weight in no time with the increase in feeds they are working toward. And that's so funny about her wiggling her way around her isolette. She just wanted to see her "whole" house!! lol

It always saddens me to hear of the loss of another child. I will definatley keep this family in my thoughts and prayers.

In Christ,