8/25/08 - Eye Surgery Scheduled

Someone turned the lights on!

Today was a much better day for Kayleigh. We went in this morning to visit right after we dropped Brandon and Allyson off for their first day of school. They were so excited and we heard they had a wonderful first day. Kayleigh was satting good today. She would desat or a brady every now and then, but it was nothing like yesterday. We were able to hold her for quite some time and she slept really good. It is almost as if she is cranky and irritable in the isolette, but when we hold her, she is completely fine. Shoot, I would be pissy too if I were couped up in that isolette.

The eye doctor's wingman came by and did a second examination tonight to clarify and solidify Kayleigh's diagnosis as a level 3 ROP major. The operating room was booked up tomorrow, so they are going to do the surgery on Wednesday. Please pray for Kayleigh that the surgery will go smooth and Kayleigh will no longer have anymore eye issues. Her eyes will swollen and sensitive for a couple days, and she will probably have to go back on the vent for a day or so, but it is all for the good of saving her eye sight completely. Aimee and I watched a video today and poor Aimee has a huge eye phobia, so it was extra hard for her to watch this video. The video told us everything we already knew, so it wasn't a huge shocker. Kayleigh will lose her peripheral vision, but she is so young that she won't even know the difference when she grows up. Forgive me as I am trying to stay positive and keep a good attitude about this, but I was thinking of sports she wouldn't be able to play and all I could come up with was boxing. Not that she would do that anyways, but you would think someone without peripheral vision would get knocked out from a left or right hook all day long. So I guess we are safe to say that this surgery will not cause any disabilities for our sweet Kayleigh.

Another great milestone was reached today for Kayleigh so let's all rejoice that Kayleigh has broke the 1000 gram mark. She weighed in at 1003 tonight (2 pound - 3 ounces). WOO HOO! From the growth she has had over the past couple weeks, I think she is growing more on the triple mix which are nutrients through an IV while she is off her feeds. I can't explain it because Kayleigh hasn't done a single thing by the book from the beginning of this pregnancy. I am just going to shake my head and throw my hands up because I don't have a single clue.

According to the website, the bracelets have been shipped for over a week now but they have not reached my front door yet. I am sorry it is taking a long time, but we will get them out as soon as they come in. Thanks for your patience on this.

I have to end on an awesome note. Are you ready for this??? I went ahead and posted the email in the comments section just below at the end of this post. You will read an email from someone who has been following Kayleigh's story for the past couple months and well....I am not going to spoil it, so go read it, now!!!

God Bless!!!!!

The Freemans :)


Sarah Suzy said...

Yay for 1003 grams!!! I don't know anything eye surgery, but Kayleigh has proven herself to be tough time and time again, and I am sure this will be no different. She is so adorable..I went back and look at the pictures from 2 months ago and WOW what a difference 2 months makes! Can't wait to read the "mystery email" I didn't see it when I posted this comment so I will be sure to check back.

-sarah j.-

Anonymous said...

Well here's to praying that the surgery goes the best way possible. Hope all is well and that Allyson and Brandon had a wonderful day at school. Keep on growing Kayleigh....:)

God Bless

Anonymous said...

My 10 month old daughter and I check on Kayleigh everyday. She likes to point at the pictures while I read and we listen to, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, over and over again. I pray for Kayleigh and her family everyday. I have fallen in love with your sweet little Angel. She has made me appreciate my 3 children so much more. Thank you for posting everyday and keeping complete strangers up to date and changing so many peoples lives. We truly love Kayleigh and I know she will have an impact on my daughters life just as she has mine. With Love

Adam said...

I'm a babycenter mom who was linked to your blog shortly after Kayleigh was born, and I followed it for nearly two months. I've prayed for your little girl and rejoiced in her successes and fighting spirit so many times.

Little did I know that less than two months later, I'd be using the knowledge from your blog and remembering her fighting spirit as my own daughter was born this past week. Our daughter Emily was born by emergency c-section at 28w2d, with a very low birth weight for her gestational age (1lb 15oz). Of course, after reading about Kayleigh for so long, that almost seemed "huge" at first. I was unable to see my daughter for 1 1/2 days after her birth, due to my own health complications, and the lovely magnesium sulfate that messed with my mind. Even through that fog, it was nice to have some knowledge of ventilator/cpap/etc. from reading your blog. To know to expect some bad days mixed with the good, to have seen someone else's experience.

As for my daughter, she is now 4 1/2 days old and doing wonderfully for her gestational age. We heard her cry in the OR, more than once, though they still put in a ventilator as a precaution. Less than 12 hours later, she graduated to the CPAP, and this morning, she went to the nasal cannula--which she's already pulled out a few times while satting 100. They did start her on feeds of my milk yesterday, but are giving her a break today.

I just wanted to share our story and thank you for putting your story out there. We know God is good, and we have alot of people praying for us (I still have health issues), but it was so nice to have a bit of "background info" on what we'll be facing. We'll continue to pray for your Kayleigh.


Anonymous said...

I guess I could share a little more of my story too. My husband and I live near Seattle, Washington. We have 2 little boys and are expecting our third. We knew going into this pregnancy that I would be high-risk for preterm labor, but we didn't expect contractions to begin at 12 weeks. I've been on bed rest ever since!

Two months later, I'm 20 weeks pregnant. Our baby boy is healthy, and although we still have a long road ahead of us, it has been a huge encouragement to read Kayleigh's story. I'm scared that our baby will be born too soon, but I know that God is good and that he loves our son.

I hope that we won't have to share a story like Mary's in a month or two, but I know that if our son is born prematurely, I'll have a good idea what to expect. Thanks for all your work on this blog and for loving your little girl.

Anonymous said...

wow, your little lady has touched alot of lives already! I've been following Kayleigh's blog since I saw it on babycenter as well. I've been praying and rooting for her every day. Just to give you some support I'll tell you that I am a young mom of a 25 weeker. Our daughter Story was born this past February weighing 1 lb 12 ounces. She is a surviving twin and a true fighter in life. We've been home from the NICU for 11 weeks now and life has been so sweet since we brought her home. We started a blog for her as well, if you have some time take a look. If you scroll back to the very beginning of our blog and follow to the present, I hope it brings you some comfort and hope for your own little miracle!
Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Wishing Kayleigh all the best during her surgery. My little Stella went through the laser surgery at six weeks old. She's had a couple bumps in the road and now wears glasses, but that's nothing compared to what could have happened had they not caught the ROP in time. I hope Kayleigh has a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

My brother specializes in working with children with vision-related disabilities. I told him about Kayleigh and her ROP. He talked about how important the laser treatments are, so it's good that they are catching this early for her and taking care of it now. I'm sure she'll do great.

Unknown said...

Hi, my name is Amanda. My friend saw the picture and this website address on the baby photo contest (American baby contest I beleive) about a month ago and I have been checking in on Kayleigh every day since. This is a very special story and every day I pray to read good news in her life and to read how well she is developing and growing. You, Kayleigh, and your family are in my thoughts and prayers everday. Kayleigh's story has touched my life.