9/15/08 - Quick Post

I didn't want everyone to worry if I didn't post at all, but there was no new news today. So, tonight is just going to be a quick update. Kayleigh is still having trouble getting that poop out so we can start her feeds. She had an eye exam and a Echocardiogram, but there were no results on those yet. I should get something tomorrow to pass along the information.

Please keep praying that Kayleigh can get things moving in the right direction so we can start her feeds. Thank you all for everything!!!

Kayleigh's Uncle Josh's birthday is today, so "Happy Birthday big brother" :)

God Bless,

The Freemans :)


Sam said...

Stupid question... but if they aren't feeding her, exactly what do they expect her to poop out?

Sorry... I don't know how to be politically correct when speaking of crap LOL

I'm so glad she's doing well!!!

Anonymous said...

I just want to send prayers and Gods love to you and your family. Our Ryder was born at 24 weeks ( I e-mailed a while back). He was term on June 27th. Today at 6 months (or 2 1/2 from term) he is a whopping 13 1/2 lbs and just perfect. We know what you are going through, but it will all turn out fine, she is a fighter...and beautiful to boot!God bless to you and your family!

Adam said...


No Question is a Stupid Question. She isn't pooping what is stuck up in there. She has a lot of feeds given to her and not all of it has come out. In the x-ray, they can see that there is poop and air that needs to pass through her system and she is having hard time doing that because of her slow motility. Basically, she is constipated like crazy. Poor girls turns bright red, pushes as hard as she can, but nothing comes out, which is causing her to be really irritated. I would be too :) I hope this answer helps.

God Bless,

Adam Freeman