9/27/08 - Back for More

Today was such another awesome day that we decided to go back up there late tonight and spend some more time with Kayleigh. She has been doing great with her bottles and they are going to start increasing her feeds one ml every 9 hours. So right now she is at 7 mls. She weighed in tonight at 1374 which over the 3 pound mark. Woo hoo!! She is still on 3 liters of flow and her oxygen is around 30%. There were no major desats that were recorded and she was just as happy as can be today.

We fed her a bottle this afternoon and she did great. She finished it much quicker than the first time we did it. She is getting a bottle every 3 hours right now. One nurse said she finished it in less than a minute for her. That is awesome! I realized today that I have to leave the nipple of the bottle in longer so it forces her to swallow when she squirms after getting some of the milk out. It took her around 10 minutes to get 3 mls out, but when I tried leaving it in there, she finished the rest really quick.

Aimee and I went up there around 4:30 this afternoon for a couple hours and at 11:45 tonight after our date night (which was awesome!!!). We missed her so much and we wanted to help feed her again. It was the end to a perfect night!

God Bless,

The Freemans :)


baby james said...

Oh she is so precious. I am a mom to a 25 weeker, 1lb 6oz, who is now a 26lb healthy little boy. I had PROM 3 years ago which started at 22 weeks, 4 months in the NICU and although James has a feeding which was just placed a year ago due to Reflux issues and not eating enough, he is great. He jut started preschool this year and is having a blast. He is so full of life and has changed my world. Hang in there, and god bless. Tracy

Sarah Suzy said...

Yay Kayleigh! You are one amazing little girl.

Adam and Aimee..I'm so glad your date went well! I'm sure the break was much needed even though you missed Kayleigh. Ahh, the joys of parenthood, you finally get away and then you can't wait to get back...lol.

keep growing little girl!! So glad to read an update tonight...I was (not so) patiently waiting..lol. Checking Kayleighs blog is the last thing I do before bed and what wonderful news to fall asleep to!

Sarah J.

Anonymous said...

I loooove the second photo with the bottle. You can see Kayleigh's little toes peeking out! So cute. I'm very happy that she's doing so well with the bottle.

We used to do the same late night trips! On weekends, we'd visit the NICU, go to dinner and a late movie, and then head back up to the NICU around midnight. The nurses thought we were crazy!

Kimberly (Anthony's Mom) said...

WHOOO HOOOO Kayleigh!! 3lbs!! I know once Anthony hit 3lbs he just started packing on the weight! It was awesome! I can really see Kayleigh's features coming through now. She is sure a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all had a perfect day/night. You need a date night every now and then.

Love the pictures! As I have said before, prayers will continue for Kayleigh to grow stronger and stronger.

Patricia (mommy of three - Hali, Shane and Emma)

Anonymous said...

Aimee and Adam: I'm so happy that she is doing so much better! She is so strong and beautiful! Keep that awesome news coming!!!!
I also followed another preemie's story -- you have to check it out:

Baby Truman was born at 23 weeks exactly and his story is so inspiring. Today he is thriving and doing everything the doctors said he would not do. I get chills -- I know when you read his story, it will inspire you just as Kayleigh will inspire SO many as well!
Continue to look at all the positives -- there are so many! God has truly gifted you and she is so blessed to have you two as her very own!
Cincinnati, Ohio