10/13/08 - What a Special Day!!!

Today marks one of the most special days that we've had since Kayleigh has been born. Aimee and I were able to do something very special and it turned out to be one of the most amazing things. I am sitting here, hours later, still blown away with excitement that I have nearly broken down several times.

Our company, Re/Max Executive Realty put on a golf tournament today at one of our prestigious golf courses here in Charlotte, NC. They had a nice dinner at the club house, an auction on great autographed sports memorabilia and a raffle for many many nice prizes. They really took the time to put this together and it turned out really well.

I am not a golfer, but RE/MAX supports The Children's Miracle Network at Levine's Children's Hospital where Kayleigh is. I knew for a long time, that each house we sold, we would automatically donate money out of our commission to The Children's Miracle Network and it has certainly paid off :) We are so grateful to work for such an awesome company. Thank you Scott and Cindy for caring so much. You both are certainly a blessing to our family.

We were asked to speak about Kayleigh and to help raise money for a good cause. I put together a speech today while we visited Kayleigh and I stood up in front of a nice sized crowd, with Aimee by my side, where I just let it all go. I am not one to stand up in front of a crowd to speak, but I feel that I am really good at putting my emotions in my words on paper. It turned out that all my nervousness was worth every single knot in my stomach because when I finished and the crowd gave us a standing ovation, and we lost it. Did I mention, that I am not one to show my emotions either, but I kept tearing up for at least an hour afterwards. It really impacted us in a way that made us feel like we accomplished something great today.

Hopefully we were able to raise a lot of money, but more importantly we were so pleased to have gotten the opportunity to speak to others and possibly change someone for the better. Beyond our great standing ovation from the speech, several guys came by our table and gave Aimee and I their raffle prizes ($50 Dinner Gift Certificates to two different places). That meant so much to us, that we both just lost it, Again! When grown men are so touched by Kayleigh's story, you just wish the rest of this world would learn something from that. It would certainly be a much better place to live.

"Kayleigh, you are just so amazing. You have touched the lives of so many people and you don't even know it yet. I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of you. I am so proud because you never gave up on us when times were tough. You never gave up when none of the doctors believed you would survive. You are stronger than I will ever be and every time I checked to hear your heart beating before you were born, you were there to tell me you weren't going anywhere. Even though I was scared of losing you every hour of everyday, God protected you in the palm of His hands and made sure you were safe. I pray that you will use your God given gift to change the lives of others as I am trying to do for you right now. Together, we can do great things and I promise to never give up on you since you never gave up on me. I love you with all my heart, my beautiful little girl! I love you, Daddy"

God Bless,

The Freemans :)


Jennifer in NM said...

Adam and Aimee,

It is totally awesome that you guys were able to do so much for so many people. I am sure that you have touched many more lives that you don't even know about. I know I tell of Kayleigh all the time. I know that in our hometown, my husband would do a Golf Tournament and a Bowling Tournamnt for CMN. It is a wonderful wonderful program.

I am taking it since you guys didn't post about Kayleigh that not much has changed and that she is still doing good. I will check on her tomorrow night, if not, then Wednesday morning.


Anonymous said...

Adam it's not fair to make me cry so early in the morning! Kayleigh is so lucky to grow up knowing how many lives her story touched, and how many people think about her daily. She has given me so much hope about the things that I have given up on..you and Aimee too. If you both can look at something so awful in the face and get hope out of it, then I know I can too. Thank you all for sharing your story.

God Bless you all

Lisa said...

Your post today had me tearing up at my desk... my co-workers are giving me strange looks now, thanks-LOL- You are such an amazing father, Kayleigh is so lucky to have you as a daddy. And of course Aimee as a mommy :) You guys have truly touched so many people with your story- I included. I am so thrilled I ran across Aimee's post on BBC so many months ago. I have been checking in on you guys and Kayleigh just about everyday since. Each night I hug my babies a little tighter thanks to you 3... thanks

Anonymous said...

I was lead here by a friend. I have looked over you daughter's journey. What an amazing little girl you have. My youngest daughter was a premie. But thankfully she was in the NICU for only a few days. That was a breeze and now she is battling cancer. So I can only imagine what kind of ups and downs you must be having. I will be praying for you all. God Bless.

The Loos' said...

Wanted to say hi and good luck I have a micro preemie who is now 3 1/2 years old and her name is Kaylee Shyanne. I know how it feels to have such a little miracle on your hands and God has blessed you with a wonderful challenge. Good luck and loved the pictures.
Amanda Loos