1/30/09 - Opening Up

Tonight brings a little different post. (Kayleigh is doing great by the way)
I want to share with everyone how Kayleigh's story has touched me along with how you all have touched me.

For those who know me, only see skin deep. For those who love me, see below the surface only to an extent. Aimee, she sees everything.

I am a young man, raised by two loving parents who live their lives with their hearts on their sleeves. I have learned to love and I have learned to forgive as our God has learned to love and forgive me for the things I have done in my life. I am not perfect, but my life is driven by perfection. I, like so many of you strive to be the best person I can be for so many, but ever so often fall short.

I am a work in progress. A man who wants nothing more than to make everyone feel welcome in my heart no matter who you are or what you have done. I have never been the perfect example of the way God wants us to be, but I know that no one else in this world walks without regrets. Living a perfect Godly life is nearly impossible, but realizing your imperfections makes you perfect.

I am a man who struggled with addiction. A man who has battled deep depressions. A man who has fallen off his horse and a man who has suffered many defeats. But, I am also a man who has beaten the devil. A man who has gotten back on his feet. A man who learns from his past and makes a difference in his future.

Life's lessons are what shape a person to be the best they can be only if they take what they have learned and fight for what they want. I have been hurt, betrayed, lied to, cheated on, kicked down and stomped on. But, with God on my side, I have realized there is no better teammate to pick you up, dust you off, hold your hand and walk beside you with your head held high than God himself.

Most of you know our troubles because a lot of you helped us get through the holidays (and you know who I am talking about). I have learned so much from every single one of you. You have blessed our family with love and support, and you don't even know us but from the words that I express from typing on a computer to share the miracle God has blessed me with. That right there is a true example of the way God wants us to be towards each other. I am forever in your debt. Praise God!

Kayleigh has also taught me a lot about life. Through her toughest battles, she has never given up. She has never been defeated and she continues to beat all odds. I on the other hand have lost hope, lost faith and lost all self control. But by her exhilarating triumphs, I grew new hope, new faith and new self control. Maybe Gods plan was to show me that no matter how dark a corner can be, there is always light shining from his presence. There is always hope no matter how grim things may seem.

From the emails I have received, I see that Kayleigh has touched so many of your hearts, she has strengthened your faith and she has given you hope in your own journey. I can only pray that you will carry on in your own lives, the faith, hope and love that Kayleigh has brought to our attention. There is no mistake and everything happens for a reason, so take what you have learned from this journey and apply it to your life. I honestly feel that if you share a quarter of the love you have given us but with others, there will be millions of happy and blessed people.

You all are an inspiration to our family and you have taught us so much. I have a new found strength in helping others in need and being there for someone in their darkest hour. Your love has made me a better man and for that I am so thankful.
So,tomorrow I will walk with a smile. I will say hello to everyone I pass. I will open the door for others. I will say thank you twice. I will kiss my wife the moment I wake up and I will hug my family so much tighter.

Please do me a huge favor because Kayleigh needs to know more than ever just how much your lives have been touched by her story so she will continue to live her life helping others feel the same exact way. I want nothing more than for me to read her a bed time story (your letters), everynight for ONE FULL YEAR for as long as she can stand it :) That means, I need 365 letters with hearts spilled out on paper, telling us how your life has been effected and how much Kayleigh is loved. If there are more than 365, then that just means that Kayleigh gets to stay up later. (ha-ha!) E-mail me your letters to: Adam@TeamFreemanProperties.com

Let it pour!

God Bless,


Alicia said...

WOW. You have been given an amazing gift and have chosen to use it in the best way possible. Thank you for your willingness to open yourself up that way. Thank you for your witness to God's Forever Love.

I will be writing a letter for Kayleigh to hear at bed time soon. :)


Anonymous said...

I wrote Kayleigh a letter. Hope all goes well with the surgery on Monday.

Emily's Blog said...

John 9:3 says " And this has happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life."
That is my life verse, and I 100% believe that Kayleigh is going through and pushing through her hardships and struggles to show others who God is and that HE is MIGHTY to SAVE!!!

I'll be writing a letter.

Amber said...

I loved this post! It takes a lot to open up, I know. You are a wonderful father and husband. I feel so blessed to have gotten to know you and your family (through cyber-world!) Always in my thoughts
Love Amber (Las Vegas)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, what a wonderful post. Really from your heart.
Kayleigh's has a job here on earth and she is doing it with a fantastic infuluence on others.
I pray that she does well Monday morning and you all are in my prayers.
We have added Kayleight to our list of prayer concerns at our church. May God be with you.

Anonymous said...

I am having a blog party in Feb. I will highlight your campaign to get letters, I will write one myself for sure, what a great idea.

Stephanie said...

You are an inspiration. As always Kayleigh will be in my prayers.

My letter will be coming soon!

Anonymous said...

My letter has been emailed. God bless little one.

Katie Anderson said...

I sent my letter a few days ago and I want to remind you that we are always here for you. We love you more then anyone can imagine, or fathom. My husband and I were up talking last night and crying. Talking about life, love, our children and also your family. We are here for you, we always will be. One day Kaykeigh will go home, your daily journey in the hospital will be over (as I know with Sidney there are always trips back), however our relationship I pray will go on forever and when we see eachother in Heaven and our Heavenly Father is there with us, only then will we be perfect. Until then we pick ourselves back up, remember that God loves us for who we are and that He will change us and we smile. Remember that the Warrior is a Child. We as the Warriors of God often come home to Our Heavenly Father, lay ourselves at His feet and say I am tired, I am weak, I have fallen and He forgives us, gives us His strength to go back out and wage the battle and He alone knows all of our struggels and sorrows.

Love Always. Katie

The Woollard Family said...

Thank you for this post!! It's amazing when people can open up and share their own lives with the world.

I just Kayleigh a bedtime story :0)

Heather, Joseph, & Bailey Alyse Woollard

Wetumpka, Alabama

Jennifer said...

Adam this is just the post that I needed to read this morning. As I was reading I was also thinking that I need to email you guys and let you know how much this post was helpful to me and of course Kayleigh's entire story then in the last paragragh I see you are asking for letters!!!
Mine will be coming!

Unknown said...

Adam what an amazing post. It is such a heart felt message and I appreciate you guys being vulnerable for the learning and healing of others. Kayleigh is such an amazing little girl and I pray that Monday will go smoothly and that she will continue to move forward till she is home with you guys. Isn't it just amazing to talk about her homecoming. Praise God for all his blessings. I will be sending you a letter this weekend. I hope Kayleigh gets enough letters that you have to read them to her for 2 years (Ha Ha). She is such a special little gift from God that has impacted so many.

In Christ,
San Antonio, Texas

Mel said...

Just checking in and wanted to tell you that I continue to pray for Miss Kayleigh and you guys every night.
I admire your perseverance, your steadfastness in following the Lord and your honesty in sharing your stories.
Miss Kayleigh is lucky to have you both because obviously you are great parents.
Stillpraying in OK< M

Unknown said...

I check your blog every night, once my three boys are fast asleep, and all I can say, Is you and your Family have really touched my life. I Love My husband and my 3 boys, but I think alot of times you get caught up in life and you don't stop to really appreciate what you have and how Blessed you really are. Through your blog I have relized that I need to stop more often and enjoy the family I am blessed with and hug them a little tighter. May God Bless your family. You are in our Thoughts & PRAYERS!

Danyele Easterhaus said...

i heard ginny owens on the radio today singing and she said, "i will walk through the valley, if you want me to." and then she said that when she's down and her suffering is hard (she's blind btw), she "remembers the trials that your love put you through"...and i thought instantly of little kayleigh and another little girlie that is struggling now, cora at the mac family. may you continue to receive many prayers and love and be strengthened as we are by reading yoru words today. amazing. now, i am crying. amazing!

Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

Adam that was so beautiful. Its amazing to me that as much as you all are going through you want to take the time to help others and spread the kindness. We will get started on Kayleigh's letter today! She is lucky to have such sweet loving parents!

mrsrubly said...

praise god! o what wonderful news on the twitter box! see kayleigh i told you the power of prayer is awesome..i can't find another word for missy! i am just so happy that everything is ok!

Unknown said...

Truly amazing! I'm so glad to know how your life has been changed for the better and how this situation has brought on your renewal of faith in the Lord.

God Bless!

Jeanna said...

Kayleigh and your family will be in my prayers! Your story is truly touching and a video made me cry! God is still on the throne and He is definitely working a miracle! What a blessing little Kayleigh is. :) Oh and I love her name. A few weeks ago we decided if we have a girl she will be Kaylee. :) This was before reading your story.

May God bless you all!


Rachel Dominguez said...

What an amazing post. I will start working on that letter and get one to you in the next week.

Jennie said...

So a girl I knew in college sent me a message on facebook today and asked me how I knew you guys. I told her through babycenter, and that my son was born/due the day before Kayleigh was due. She said she works in the NICU where Kayleigh is! I just thought this was such a neat story and I'd share it with you. I hope you think it's as cool as I did, the connections that God gives us.

Kerrie said...

The Freemans: No one can truly understand all the struggles your family has gone through in the short time that Kayleigh has entered your lives. But I do understand how much she has touched/changed your lives!! My beautiful baby boys has a rare genetic disorder and relies on his father and I for absolutely everything - he is my forever infant.

When I was pregnant I always thought I would return to work, schedule play dates and life would be just like every other parent. In the short 16 months my son has been alive, he has taught me more compassion, patience and love than I ever thought possible. I have learned to treasure every smile, every laugh (he can't talk) and every second I get to cuddle him in my arms.

I know Kayleigh is teaching you all this and so much more!! I am praying that her surgery on Monday goes well and she recovers quickly. I am looking forward to the day you post she is ready to come home!!

Anonymous said...

I have wrote my letter to sweet Kayleigh and sent it to you. This is so awesome of you to do for her. I know she will come through the surgery fine Monday and will be one step closer in getting home with you guys. Prais be to God for the negative Pepcin test. This is awesome. Our God truely is an awesome one. Keep the updates coming.

Cristi said...

What a great idea!

mommy to Kaden, Brody and angel Ava said...

This post was awesome and well said. I can relate to a lot of it.

My favorite quote is "While we try to teach our children about life, our children teach us what life is all about." (author unknown) I have found this to be so true. For some, like our two families, we have been through unimaginable things with our babies and should be able to open our eyes to this. I feel so blessed to be a part of my son, Kaden's life as well as my angel Ava's. I would never trade their lives with us for any other experience with any other child. I have been lucky and blessed to witness two true miracles in my life. I feel I am a better person for having these two in my life.

Enough of my babbling. I am so happy that Kayleigh is doing great. If you guys have any questions from one mommy and daddy to another, please contact us. Kaden has a trach and is on a home vent and has been for the last four years. I would be happy to help you in anyway I can.


Sabrina said...

What an amazing idea! When things aren't so chaotic around here today I will write one as well!

Cathy Holt said...

We love you, Freemans! So many miracles came your way and will keep coming! I admire your openess and willingess to share deep stories. Love to you all from our home

jEnNy said...

I have just emailed my letter. I think that is the most awesome way to express how we have all been touched by Kayleigh's story & in this world we could all use a little something to bring us closer together. Thank you Freeman family!

Shari said...

Your testimony in itself is a testimony of God's grace and how HE changes lives! Praise God for who you are and that Kayleigh has you as her Daddy. I will be writing a letter soon. Know I continue to pray and thank the Lord each day that she has you and your wife as her parents! God Bless you.

The Hootens said...

I wouldn't wish even ten minutes of what you've been through on these naysayers. They are so fortunate to have absolutely NO idea what they're talking about. And, they have no idea. I cannot begin how Kayleigh's very story makes me hold my babies tighter. She is an incredible miracle, and remains an inspiration to anyone with a beating heart. Exploiting your child????!!!!! Are you KIDDING me? Did you ask for this heartache? Did you ask for mountains of medical bills? Did you ask for time away from self-employment so you could "indulgently" spend days in a hospital with your child? Did you ask to be unable to geographically be with all of your children each day and night? How anyone can judge you for any type of financial assistance you receive (that will barely chip away at your expenses) from this tragedy is a complete and utter mystery to me. May God pour his richest blessings upon your family - may your home and hearth be protected. May your spirits ever be strengthened. May your burden ever be lighter. May your children all feel the love you carry for them daily. May Kayleigh come home for a long, happy life very VERY soon.