1/6/09 - THANK YOU!

Can you believe the progress Kayleigh has made over the past couple days? She has been fighting so hard and doing so well! We are so very proud of her and we have no doubt in our mind that she is going to continue to make great progress and get herself out of that hospital. Kayleigh is currently satting in the mid 90's where she is supposed to be and she is down almost as far as you can go on the vent settings. Her oxygen is set at room air or just above and there is next to none when it comes to the amount of pressure being pumped through that vent tube and in to her lungs. Actually, she is breathing over the vent 99% of the time which is an awesome sign.

The scary part is the muscle/tissue in her lungs that seems to fail her when the vent tube is removed. After doing so well on the vent, the doctors proceeded to remove the vent tube (extubate) from her throat. Once they did this, somewhere in her airways decided to give out and collapse, cutting off all air supply to her lungs. Kayleigh wasn't even wheezing as her airways were shut tighter than can possibly be. The doctors decided to perform a bronchoscopy, which is where the doctors sends a very small video camera down through her nose and down her throat to figure out what is causing the airway failure. It was another procedure we were afraid for Kayleigh to have to endure, but once again (with heavy sedation) she pulled through it like a champ. The results came back quickly and there were no major issues causing the problem. That is wonderful news as we were afraid of the problem being Bronchamalasia, which takes a long time to heal and a trach would be put in place for having to be on the vent long term. The goal now is to keep an eye on the issue to see what direction it takes.

All we can do is pray that she continues to keep up this great progress and grow quickly. The doctors have administered several doses of Lasix (diuretic) to remove some of the extra fluid in and around the lungs, so she has dropped some weight. She has dropped to 6 pounds from being at 6.4 pounds several days ago. It is so amazing to see the growth that she has made in the past six months. There are times that I catch myself checking out the other babies on the way out of the NICU and saying to myself "Wow, look at how small that baby is" and remembering that Kayleigh was much smaller than most of them. This has been a long hard road and the end is no where in site yet, but we are going to keep pushing, praying and fighting as hard as we possibly can. Every single one of our family, friends and followers have been so unbelievable with the support they have given. I feel like I say that every time I post, but I truly can not say it enough, so "Thank you!!!"

Also, I want to tell everyone how lucky I am. I have the best wife in the world. It was nothing specific that she did for me, but what she silently does for me day in and day out. This is not an easy road to travel and to have her put up with my tough days, she is the strongest person I know. I wouldn't have wanted to go through this journey with anyone else by my side. She has been my rock and my shoulder to cry on. There is not a day that goes by that I don't tell her she is beautiful or that I love her more than anything in this world, but I don't say thank you enough. So sweetheart! "Thank you for being there for me through the good times and the bad. When stress takes its toll, you prove to me how much you love me by dealing with me through those rough days. You are the one who shines the light on me and lets me know everything is going to be okay. You give me hope to stay strong and keep positive. I am so deeply in love with you that I couldn't be happier with my life, even when everything else seems to be falling apart. There is no doubt our love is so strong and nothing will ever get between us. I am beyond excited to spend the rest of my life with you by my side because I know you are the best friend anyone could ever want. I love you so much!!!”

We just received the latest bracelet shipment and we will be sending those out shortly. Sorry for the delay, but they’re coming soon. If you haven’t sent in your photo wearing your Kayleigh bracelet, please do so we can put it on the site and add it to the scrapbook we are making for Kayleigh.

The first set of photos are awesome! This first one is from my family in Ohio. The Christmas tree they brought home was a little too big for their angel, so they decided to link all their Kayleigh bracelets to take the angels place. That is just too amazing!!!

The second set is from Ryan who has learned that when he gets a boo boo, to go in the freezer and get the icepack to make the boo boo all better. Well, on his own will, Ryan grabbed the icepack and put it on the computer to heal Kayleigh’s boo boo’s. How sweet is that!!!

Here are some more recent photos that I have received from some of our followers. Thank you all so much for sharing your photos with us and we are just so thankful to have every single one of you in our lives. Keep those prayers coming.

This is from Africa!!! AWESOME!

God Bless,

The Freemans :)


Anonymous said...

I noticed that you are stuck in 2008 while we are in 2009 LOL. We are still praying and the bracelets in place of the angel is a neat idea. Have a goodnight!!

Carly Marie said...

Just Beautiful
Just Amazing
and we will
Just keep praying!

Kim Smith said...

Hello sweet Freeman Family! We continue to pray for Kayleigh and all of you as you continue through this journey. May the Lord bless you more in 2009 than you could imagine! We love hearing good news!!! Stay strong for each other...that's always important too.
Much love and prayers,
Nate, Kim and Evan Smith

Kim Smith said...

Hello sweet Freeman Family! We continue to pray for Kayleigh and all of you as you continue through this journey. May the Lord bless you more in 2009 than you could imagine! We love hearing good news!!! Stay strong for each other...that's always important too.
Much love and prayers,
Nate, Kim and Evan Smith

4 Lettre Words said...

Praise God, yet again! Such wonderful news and I know there will be more to come.

P.S. My 5-year old, Sam, was so excited to see he and his brother on "Little Kayleigh's blog"! Thank you for posting the pics. :o)

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is all I can say about the progress! I am so happy for your family and for little miss Kayleigh! Keep it up Kayleigh!
With love from Southern NH!

Mel said...

Praise God and she looks sooooo great and sweet with her perfect little pink bow.
We think about you often and are just so thankful for Miss Kayleigh and how great she looks and her progress.
Lord, Thanks be to you, from whom all blessings flow for this little miracle. Lord thanks for the love of a spouse and how it sustains and helps with the burden of the other. Lord please continue Your good work in Miss Kayleigh and her parents. In Jesus' name, amen.
Still praying in OK! M

Blessed with Boys said...

I just recently found you blog but my family and I have been praying for sweet Kayleigh daily! We are amazed by her strength and courage! She is amazing!

Anonymous said...

God is so good!!! Amazing!!! Kayliegh is so strong and such a miracle...I am so thankful this experience has brought ya'll closer and your love has grown, when so many times the stress seperates couples....
You are such an inspiration to us all!!! Can't wait to watch Kayleigh continue to get stronger and thrive!!!

Amy said...

God is so good!!! All the time! Kayleigh is amazing and such a special little girl. Praise God for her progress and her strength to keep fighting. Adam and Aimee, you are truly an amazing couple and reflect our Lord and savior. Keep the strength, Kayleigh is going to pull through this.

In Christ's Love,

Amy S in KS

Anonymous said...

Continuing to pary!! That bow is too prescious!!!!!!!

Valerie said...

I am so happy to hear that she's doing better. She remains in my nightly prayers.

mrsrubly said...

wow kayleigh this was an awesome love letter your terrific dad wrote your sweet mommy! dads are great~~BUT your progress..all i can say is THANK YOU JESUS~~THE ALMIGHTY~~THE HEALER~~KING OF KINGS~THANK YOU..prayer does signaficant things kayleigh, keep up the awesome work. till next update..get some rest..eat good lil one! therublys.blogspot.com

Jennifer in NM said...

She is so beautiful, and the look on her face says take these tubes out of me and let me go! Hopefully the issue with the trachea and bronchials will correct itself and she will soon be back on the canula. She is doing so well. I pray for her nightly and when I see a shooting star she is the first one I think of. God please continue to lay your precious healing hands on this sweet angel and let her journey home to mom and dad be short. Amen


Kristy said...
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Kristy said...

Prayers are a wonderous thing!! Kayleigh looks fantastic!! I may not comment everyday however I do check in and pray for your sweet baby girl everyday. To see this post and Kayleigh looking so well is such an answer to prayers. Hugs to you Freemen family and may your sweet Kayleigh be home with your family real soon!!

Anonymous said...

I continue to check in daily. You and your amazing little girl are always in my prayers. Keep fighting Kayleigh! What an amazing tribute to your wife Adam. She must be very lucky to have you too. Bless you all!

juli said...

Kayleigh is so amazing!!!She is a beuatiful and very strong baby, a true miracle from heaven.I also have a baby girl born premature(33 weeks)she's now 1 and doing very well now.I know what is like to be in a NICU,it is very stressfull!!!But everything is so worth it when you look into your baby eyes!!!!Kayleigh is very blessed to have parents like you Adam & Aime,every thing you have endured will only make you more strong as individuals,as couple,as parents and specially as FAMILY!You are so special to the lord!!!Let "THE SAVIOR" lead the way and everything will be OK. Remember:FAMILIES ARE FOREVER AND KAYLEIGH WILL BE HOME SOON!!!
WE are praying for your sweet baby everyday,HUGS TO YOU FREEMANS!!!

Jennifer said...

I am so gald to hear she keeps getting better. What a cute text I just received that you are watching her suck her hand!! so sweet.

hollylorec said...

Hey Kayleigh I'm so glad 2009 is looking good for you and your family, we have been praying to god to have him heal you and give you the stangth that you need to get better and go home with your family he said its going to be a while but it will happen and look now we are hearing GOOD new's so god is with you and mommy and daddy. You keep up the great new and We love seeing the beautiful picture of you.
My 6 year old says she loves looking at the picture's of you becuase when she was borned I almost lost her she had to be borned and only wighted 4lbs 7oz when she can home she was 4lbs and you guy are now the ANGEL"S that god sent us.
When I can find out how to do it I will send you picture's of us.

amiee and adam you guys are the best people GOD put on this earth and if Kayleigh is luck to have you. Stay stong and god is going to get Kayleigh strong and heathy and you will have her home in a while. Then you will have to update us all until she can do it on her own lol.

Love alway's your true friend's

Anonymous said...

Hey there... Just wanted to send prayers. But also to tell you that I have a Kayleigh too. Spelled exactly the same. She is 12years old now and was a preemie as well. I have a Celtic background and Kayleigh is a celtic name... its translation is "Iron Maiden". I think that it is fitting given our girls fighting spirit. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Kayleigh has been our Juliette's angel. She inspired my husband and I on our preemie journey beginning September 3, 2008. Juliette was a 1 lb 7 oz 25 weeker. Her journey is at www.jmidkiff.com with plenty of pictures. Our family, church and friends have followed Kayleigh's story and have been praying daily. A few weeks ago when she was having so many problems, we placed her on our prayer chain - an praise the Lord she has been doing so much better. HE is so good! May the Lord bless this little girl - so that one day she can share this amazing story with her grandchildren!

JaMean said...

Hello! We are SO glad to hear that Kayleigh is doing better!!

Keep up the good work!!!!!

Deni said...

Happy 09! I am so glad to see Kayleigh doing so so well! It's such a testament to the power of prayer! I wanted to let you guys know that over on my blog, I have nominated you for an award. :)


Anonymous said...

she looks amazing i'm so glad things are looking up for her.. and it looks like shes gonna have some brown hair too if i see the pictures right she is growing some little fuzzy stuff on top. god bless you all and keep you moving in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

she looks amazing i'm so glad things are looking up for her.. and it looks like shes gonna have some brown hair too if i see the pictures right she is growing some little fuzzy stuff on top. god bless you all and keep you moving in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Come sweet girl keep fighting!!! Always praying for you princess. Jess in CT

Anonymous said...

Your amazing spirit and strength has touched us all. How lucky we are to witness a miracle. You are a blessing. Praying each day!

Katie Anderson said...

As we look to the Lord for our strength and our hope we see how truly awesome he is. My prayers are with you daily and I want to thank you again for sharing with all of us Kayleigh's Journey, I look forward every day to my twitter updates and then remember when they come in again to stop and pray to thank our Lord for everything He has done.

Love Always - Katie, Steve, Sidney & George

P.S. GIve Kayleigh a little kiss from us, and tell her we love her.

P.S.S. Tell Brandon and Allyson we say hello as well. We are so proud of their strength which they have displayed through all of this.

Maria Fernanda said...

IS GOOD TO KNOW THAT YOUR LITTLE PRINCESS is strong ¨She WANTS TO LIVE¨, we'll keep praying.

Unknown said...

Her pictures are beautiful and she looks amazing. I am loving the Twitter reports and it makes my day to see her progress. I remember to stop and say a prayer and thank God for all his blessings. God is awesome and Kayleigh is a strong fighter, together there is no stopping them.

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

I dont' know how to comment on the Twitter but just want you to know I'm praying extra hard right now as they are trying to extubate and am looking forward to the video's tonight for sure!!

Keep the faith


Ellie... said...

That is so great that she is doing sooo much better!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kayleigh you are so Gracious look how cute you are ...well I think I found a real non scamming photo contest its through "Now I Lay me Down to Sleep" check out the listing


you may need to copy & past it was found on Craigs list
Good Luck
Go Get them Kayleigh!! you will have tons of votes !!

Janelle In AZ

Anonymous said...

What a bummer about not being succesfull earlier with extubating. I will continue to pray and hopefully it will work on Saturday.
I am so happy that she is doing so amazing though!
With love from Southern NH

Anonymous said...

What great pictures! I love the cute bow. I will continue praying for success on Saturday. Thanks for the wonderful updates!