2/26/09 "Thoughtful Thursdays"

This has been on very exciting week for the Freeman family and we are happy to share our second "Thoughtful Thursdays" event with you. We will be doing this every week and we would love for everyone to join in and do something nice for someone out there.

Last week, Julie Pizzitola is in our spotlight for her "Thoughtful Thursdays" kind gesture. Read was she did here: The Pizzitola Family

Okay, here is how our "Thoughtful Thursdays" works.

You all are going to go out in to this crazy world and do something EXTRA nice for someone else. You can do something nice for someone you love, someone you don't love, or someone you you have never had the chance to love and come back here to share about it each and every Thursday.

God has shown Himself through Kayleigh and we need to glorify Him in all that we do. We need to touch other people with our kindness and spread the love of God with Kayleigh's story to everyone we possibly can. When you deliver your good deed to someone, let them know that they were touched by Kayleigh and share her website with them, so they too can join in on Kayleigh's journey and our "Thoughtful Thursdays" to glorify God.

NOW...You you have got to think outside the box and come back and share it with us and the world. Be creative and make your stories stand out. You never know, you may win a creativity award and get recognized for ALL to see.

Here is what I did:

Aimee and I have been swamped with appointments, hospitals, kids and more appointments, so we have been on the run non stop and are sadly eating unhealthy throughout the day. Aimee had an appointment and she was beyond hungry, but didn't know when she was going to find time to eat that day.

So, I dropped her off because I then had to make 500 hundred phone calls myself so I just stayed in the car. I decided that I would take five minutes and put off a couple phone calls (sorry) and drove over to the closest Starbucks and got Aimee one of her little favorite Rice Crispy Treats that she loves so much and has not been able to get in a long time. I didn't spend anything on me for breakfast as I wanted to just take care of her.

The funny part is, I told her she had been touched by Kayleigh's Daddy when she got in the car and I gave her my website ;)

Okay, now it's YOUR turn.

Here's how you get your link on our blog for "Thoughtful Thursdays"

Go to YOUR blog, create a new post for "Thoughtful Thursdays". Start by copying and pasting all the following HTML code at the beginning your post.(NOTE: Make sure you are in HTML mode or view when you paste in HTML code!):

Then, click the Mister Linky's Link DOWN BELOW for the form to enter the title of your BLOG (not your post, your blog), and the link to your blog, or the blog post, either one. (if you don't have a blog, feel free to leave a comment, but we would prefer you put up a post if you have a blog.)

That's it! You'll be linked in today's entry.

Can't wait to read your blog posts for "Thoughtful Thursdays"

God Bless,


Sweet Joni said...

Your story is a MIRACLE of God! I'm praying that lil Kayleigh continues to Grow, Heal and is able to come home real soon!!! :) How AWESOME that would be for you & your family :)

I'm new at THIS Blogger Site so in the process of learning HTML's & the likes... had trouble getting the instructions for linking correct so I adjusted it FOR NOW but I did get you linked :D Hopefully with a bit of time & Brent Riggs GREAT Videos I'll get it corrected :) I sincerly hope your day is a GOOD one with many POSITIVE improvements!
God Bless,

Stephanie said...

That's too sweet. You guys are so blessed to have each other!

Kyle said...

What I am going to do today is to go into work late this morning so that I can help Jamie out and take Ryan to school. This way she will not have to juggle two kids this morning. She'll love that!

Anonymous said...

For my Thoughtful Thursday I will post the link to another angel I made. This is a bigger one (same mother, this is the first of the bigger ones for the two girls) so her oldest (I think she's around five) can hug her baby brother.



Next Thursday I will post the link to the baby's angel I am making (about a year old) and then I get to send them to Australia!

Unknown said...

Adam, you are a gift from God! How sweet of you to do that for your wife. She is a lucky woman to have a husband like you! I pray everyday for Kayleigh to get better and fight with all she has so that she can go home with her LOVING and AMAZING family SOON!

God Bless!
Beth in Oregon

Familyof3 said...

I wish I knew how to make it to where everyone who follows this blog could read this, but I don't ...

To everyone who follows this blog,
I know that everyone (for the most part) cares deeply for the Freeman family and little Kaleigh. I have read numerous "comments" that talk about how much people want to help. Do you realize that there are 1158 people who follow this blog! Here is my idea, if we ALL donate just 1 dollar a month to the Freeman family (you do the math, that will be $1158.00/month), it will pay there $1000.00 insurance bill. The extra $158.00 can buy groceries, gas, or something that will help them on a monthly basis I am sure! So, with that being said I challenge EVERYONE to donate just 1 dollar/month to help this AMAZING family out!!!

Anonymous said...

Adam,I missed it! I recorded the wrong time. Will it air again? Can you put the WCNC story on your site? We're going to put some of your videos on one disc and play it at the shower. (Assuming my husband can do it. You know how "technologically challenged" I am.)

Thoughtful Thursday...
I do some volunteer work for VOA's Parker House which is a residential treatment center and emergency shelter for children, ages 3 through 12, who have been severely traumatized through abuse and neglect. My family and I decided to set up a spacewalk, bring goodies for the kids, and have a 2 hour party in the spirit of Thoughtful Thursday. However, the festivities will begin at 10 am on Saturday because the kids have returned to school from Mardi Gras break. We'll be sure to tell them they've been touched by Kayleigh. Hope ya'll are having a wonderful Thoughtful Thursday!
Love the Nadeau Family

Anonymous said...


Could you email me at paperglueetc@yahoo.com your address. I don't have a lot of money but I sure could spare a few bucks. I want to help.

I also want to give a shout out to my oldest daughter who had her baby brother's initials tattoed on her arm this week as a tribute to him. You can read about it on my blog and show her some love.

Anonymous said...

YUM! What a nice treat for Aimee.

Julie said...

Thank you guys so much for spotlighting me for your thoughtful Thursday. I'm praying for you all everyday. ((big hugs)) Thanks for giving so many people inspiration. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a blog so I have to tell our story here.

My 4th grade class has been following Kayleigh's story for several weeks. Every morning we check the blog for updates. You should see the excitement when she makes an improvement. They feel as if they truly know her.

We have decided to join in on the "Thoughtful Thursday" movement. As a class, we decided to do a thoughtful deed for each of the support staff members in our school building. We decided to start with the school secretaries - hardworking, loving ladies. So yesterday we all smashed ourselves (30 students and I) into the school office to present our secretaries with lovely potted plants. We also gave them a letter explaining Kayleigh's story and urging them to check out her webpage. In unison we called out, "You've been touched by Kayleigh!" We explained Kayleigh's story and all about "Thoughtful Thursday". One of the secretaries then asked if she should pass on the kindness herself and do a thoughtful deed for someone next Thursday. The kids were so excited at her response. It was so fun and a great lesson for my students. We can't wait to do it again next Thursday. We should have enough Thursdays left in the school year to do a thoughtful deed for each staff member.

Thank you for such a great idea! And thanks for sharing Kayleigh's story. It has really impacted my students' lives.

Cindy & all the 4th grade students
Oak Heights Elementary
Sweet Home, OR