3/19/09 - Thoughtful Thursday

This has been on very exciting week for the Freeman family and we are happy to share our fourth "Thoughtful Thursdays" event with you. We will be doing this every week and we would love for everyone to join in and do something nice for someone out there.

Okay, here is how our "Thoughtful Thursdays" works.

You all are going to go out in to this crazy world and do something EXTRA nice for someone else. You can do something nice for someone you love, someone you don't love, or someone you you have never had the chance to love and come back here to share about it each and every Thursday.

God has shown Himself through Kayleigh and we need to glorify Him in all that we do. We need to touch other people with our kindness and spread the love of God with Kayleigh's story to everyone we possibly can. When you deliver your good deed to someone, let them know that they were touched by Kayleigh and share her website with them, so they too can join in on Kayleigh's journey and our "Thoughtful Thursdays" to glorify God.

This week, I want to spotlight Mrs. Carpenters class from Illinois. They have all gotten Kayleigh bracelets, made cards for Kayleigh and took photos for Kayleigh's scrap book. Every week, they've all decided to do something for Thoughtful Thursday and share it with us all. You can view Mrs. Carpenters class by CLICKING HERE to read their Thoughtful Thursday gestures. Below are some photos of Mrs. Carpenters class. Thank you all so much and we love and appreciate you tons!

NOW...You you have got to think outside the box and come back and share it with us and the world. Be creative and make your stories stand out. You never know, your story may be in the spolight for ALL to see.

Here's how you get your link on our blog for "Thoughtful Thursdays"

Go to YOUR blog, create a new post for "Thoughtful Thursdays". Start by copying and pasting all the following HTML code at the beginning your post.(NOTE: Make sure you are in HTML mode or view when you paste in HTML code!):

Then, click the Mister Linky's Link DOWN BELOW for the form to enter the title of your BLOG (not your post, your blog), and the link to your blog, or the blog post, either one. (if you don't have a blog, feel free to leave a comment, but we would prefer you put up a post if you have a blog.)

That's it! You'll be linked in today's entry.

Can't wait to read your blog posts for "Thoughtful Thursdays"

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

I have been reading all evening about your GOD filled journey with Kayleigh Anne...GOD Is Good All The Time and All The Time GOD Is Good! I have viewed the video's and looked at all the pics...all I can say is...GOD has truyly blest you with one of HIS little Angel's!
What a fighter Kayleigh is...I will be praying for Kayleigh to get better and better each day so you can take her home with you...and place her in her bed...you have waiting for her! What an uplifting amazing...awesome journey GOD has taken you on...and your faith has never shifted for HIS glory for Kayleigh Anne....HE is showing us all...that no matter how small a life is...it is still a life and very precious! I hope and pray that everyone that is considering terminating a pregnancy will view this site, video's and pics of precious Kayleigh Anne...and know she is a miracle of GOD...and that all life is precious...no matter what....
Have a spectacular GOD filled day!

Kelli said...

That is precious! What a blessing Ms. Carpenter's class is to Kayleigh, and vice versa!

Praying for your little sweetie!!!

God bless,
Kelli Bosarge

(former ReMax girl in Mobile, AL) :)

Anonymous said...

This is such an awesome testimony of how God is using this journey. Kayleigh is touching the lives of younger children not just adults. This is just awesome. I am going through a bible study and last night as I was doing the lesson and it was on compassion. How God had compassion for all people and how we need to be like God and let others see him through us in this way. It reminded me so much of Kayleigh and her journey and showed me how blessed I truely am to be able to be apart of this journey through you guys doing this blog and sharing with all of us. I pray all is well today and can't wait for updates on Miss Kayleigh!!!

Brandy said...

Thanks for the chance to share these Thoughtful Thursdays stories. I entered mine and I felt great all over again!!! :)

The Carpenters said...

My kids are ecstatic today! They are so amazed that Kayleigh "knows them" now. ;) I will link today's Thoughtful Thursday as soon as I've seen all my students for today.
Keep spreading some "Kayleigh love" everyone! :)

Danyele Easterhaus said...

that is an awesome class!!! wooo hoooo!

adrianna york said...

I just wanted to say God bless you Kayleigh Ann you are a blessing from God you show us all what God is all about. I have been reading about you and your family and what you all have been thew. God love you all and God bless you all.
From Kim and family

Jennifer said...

Thought I would share how thoughtful someone was to me today. I've been very stressed about a project and presentation at work. A coworker looked over my materials AT HOME tonight and gave me some good insight. I am so much more confident about the meeting tomorrow. THANKS A.

Julie said...

Ugh...I love all the stories. I have missed posting mine for 2 weeks straight though. I'd like to think I didn't forget about it...however, illness' have flanked out home. I hope to get back next week. I'm gonna have to do some serious thinking...these guys are doing some GREAT things thanks to you. You make the world a better place...everyday. Lots of love. OH YEAH...I did sell one set of card and have $9.46 in the bank for you. I'm gonna keep trying.