4/16/09 - "Thankful Thursday"

Before I kick of this weeks Thoughtful Thankful Thursday, I wanted to thank you all for your prayers and please continue to pray as the surgeries will begin at Thursday, 8:00am (EST). I will be updating through Blogger/Twitter/Facebook all morning to keep everyone posted. Please say a prayer, not only for Kayleigh, but for all the doctors and staff who are involved with the procedures. Thank you so much!

This week is going to be different and I would like to see if by doing things this way, we will get a lot more people involved to share their stories. .

Okay, here is how our "Thoughtful Thankful Thursday" works.
This week, I would love to hear about someone special in your life who you are thankful for and why. This will be a great way to let everyone know how awesome that person is in your life and I am sure it will make them feel all warm and fuzzy too. Whatever you are thankful for, I want you to spill your hearts out like never before.

God has blessed us with so many people in our lives and I feel that I could never thank those people enough. So I am going to shout it from the roof top so everyone knows who has found a place in my heart for a special reason and who has molded me in to the man I am today.

This week, I am going to kick it off with none other than my beautiful wife, Aimee.

Wow, just look at those pictures (the last is my all time favorite) Yowzers! Is she not beautiful or what??? I am glad that 95% of Kayleigh's followers are female and the 5% that are male are married, because I would have to beat them off with a stick if I wasn't careful (lol).

Seriously, beyond the amazingly beautiful looks, this is the strongest person I have ever met. If you want to know where Kayleigh gets her strength from, then here she is. Aimee is such an intelligent and strong willed woman that she has left an imprint on my heart that makes me realize how lucky I am to have landed such a keeper.

Aimee and I have "that kind" of relationship. We are "those" people that you see, who are head over heals 24/7 and practically do almost everything together. We are continuously showing each other affection and we just can't seem to get enough of each other. I am so glad that I have a woman in my life who shows me on a daily basis how much she loves me and makes me feel so special.

Don't get me wrong, there are days full of stress that lead to arguments, but our communication allows us to work through our problems and make the changes we need to keep each other happy. Because of that, I am so proud to have my best friend as my wife. I have learned so much from Aimee over the years and she has given me the drive to be the best at anything I put my mind to.

She is my rock and my shoulder to cry on. I am so blessed that God has given me Aimee to be by my side through this journey with Kayleigh. She is an awesome Mom and I am so lucky to be the man in her eyes.

Thank you so much Aimee for putting up with me through thick and thin. I want you to know that I love you more than anything in this world and I am so thankful God has blessed me with you. I can't say enough wonderful things about you and I hope continue to see how much I love you even when times may be tough. You are my everything and you always will be. I love you! <3

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Pennie said...

Aahhh, so sweet, and so deserving! Aimee is a super-strong woman, beautiful, intelligent, and multi-talented! I know she has been a great source of strength for you and for your entire family, especially during the difficult pregnancy and birth of Kayleigh.

Your relationship is something I can only dream of, because that seems so distant for so many of us in the real world. I am so happy the two of you have each other and can share all aspects of life together as one. Always put God first and each other next, and you will continue to bless each other's lives.

Aimee, congrats for being honored in such a special way by your husband! I agree, you are very deserving of this honor!


Kate's Mommy said...

praying for Kayleigh! I knew your thankful Thursday was going to be about Aimee...I just knew it! I'm glad to see your love for her; it's refreshing and such a great example of God bringing two lives together. Blessings!

April, Mom to Heavenly and Earthly Angels said...

Praying for all to go well.. What a little fighter She is. May you have peace that all will be a blessing..
One person I am Most thankful for and to call a Lifetime friend is Heidi Sswe met Via our "Angel " Mikayla via PICU she was a 4th yr resident at the time but took our Lil Mikayla under her wing and fought for her along with us and was with us there EVERY step and EVERY decisonand through it all we are still best of Lifetime friends and her work in the picu is reaed after what took our Lil Mikayla from us and she is stuing and reseaching it to help us find answers and a cure.. Our Amazing Heidi we are thankful...

Sweet Joni said...

You are a Fortunate Man Adam :) Aimee seems to be a wonderful person that I'd like to get to know better. It's unfortunate there's MILES between us... thanks for sharing photos & your family life with me (& thousands of others)! :)

Danyele Easterhaus said...

what a great woman...and you are her great man! funny, i did my post today for thoughtful thursday on my hubs...must be in the air!!!

Stephanie said...

How sweet!!!! You two are blessed to have each other and such a wonderful family!

pattisgo said...

I thank GOd for YOU & YOUR FAMILY! I briefly met Aimee through friends on BBC. My daughter , Rylee, was born 9/26/08. She was born with reflux, which seemed so unfair & tragic to us at the time. I feel selfish for those feelings now. I always knew it could be worse & although we struggled she came home & is now a healthy 7 mo girl. A lady shared your blog site with me at a time when I felt so sorry for myself. Your story inspires me to reach for God & has brought me closer to him & to my family. I appreciate what I have so much more & try not to take any time with my kids for granted. The Lord has really touched my heart through our lil' angel on earth (Kayleigh). Words can not tell you how greatful I am to have your family in my life. I love you all & although I may never come face to face with Kayleigh that lil' angel touches me everyday!!!!