4/2/09 - A Chance to Help/Thoughtful Thursday

Special Needs Blog

Tomorrow morning at 11:00am, I am posting an introductory post about Kayleigh on the 5 Minutes for Special Needs blog. It is a blog that consists of multiple families who act as a support system for others who have or are expecting a child with special needs. This is another chance for Aimee and I to reach out and help others through their own journey. Lord knows we have had our share of expertise with Kayleigh and all that she has been through. We look forward to being a part of a special blog and helping anyway we can.

This has been on very exciting week for the Freeman family and we are happy to share our fifth "Thoughtful Thursday" event with you. We will be doing this every week and we would love for everyone to join in and do something nice for someone out there.

Okay, here is how our "Thoughtful Thursday" works.

You all are going to go out in to this crazy world and do something EXTRA nice for someone else. You can do something nice for someone you love, someone you don't love, or someone you you have never had the chance to love and come back here to share about it each and every Thursday.

God has shown Himself through Kayleigh and we need to glorify Him in all that we do. We need to touch other people with our kindness and spread the love of God with Kayleigh's story to everyone we possibly can. When you deliver your good deed to someone, let them know that they were touched by Kayleigh and share her website with them, so they too can join in on Kayleigh's journey and our "Thoughtful Thursdays" to glorify God.

This week, I want to spotlight Jenney from TheDraysToday blog. The thoughtful gesture was not actually done by Jenney, but her sister Melissa, who really stepped up and helped her loving sister. Click Here to read the story.

NOW...You you have got to think outside the box and come back and share it with us and the world. Be creative and make your stories stand out. You never know, your story may be in the spolight for ALL to see.

Here's how you get your link on our blog for "Thoughtful Thursdays"

Go to YOUR blog, create a new post for "Thoughtful Thursdays". Start by copying and pasting all the following HTML code at the beginning your post.(NOTE: Make sure you are in HTML mode or view when you paste in HTML code!):

Then, click the Mister Linky's Link DOWN BELOW for the form to enter the title of your BLOG (not your post, your blog), and the link to your blog, or the blog post, either one. (if you don't have a blog, feel free to leave a comment, but we would prefer you put up a post if you have a blog.)

That's it! You'll be linked in today's entry.

Can't wait to read your blog posts for "Thoughtful Thursdays"

God Bless,


Danyele Easterhaus said...

love the 5 minutes for special needs...as a sister to a bro with special needs and having kiddos with them now, i love the focus....thanks!

Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

I think its so great that you all use everything you've been through to help others going through similar circumstances. I firmly believe that is one big reason God allows us to experience certain hard times.

Good for you guys!

Kerren said...

I love doing this every week!

I think too many of us are so caught up in our daily lives and drama that we forget to give something back..:)

Thanks Adam!

Sweet Joni said...

Didn't even get a chance to go help anyone else as I was at clinic ALL day BUT I got Abby's shirt today > took a picture & sent to her to make her day! :)
See my blog :D