Kayleigh's Birthday

I am so excited because next weekend, my Mom and Dad will be venturing out to Wilmington to spend the weekend with me and all my great friends. It will be their first time coming out here and we have some exciting events planned.

A good handful of us are all gonna go out to eat at a beautiful restaurant downtown on the waterway to enjoy the beautiful sunset and then dive in to a delicous "Healthy" home made cake made with love by my mom to celebrate Kayleigh's birthday. It is going to be wonderful and I am so looking forward to having my friends and family there with me.

Other events for the weekend are not yet set in stone, but here are some of the options we may be doing: Airlie Gardens, Battleship North Carolina, Fort Fisher Aquarium, Exercising at O2 Fitness, Walking the Loop and the beach in Wrightsville Beach, and other exciting times. We only have the weekend, so we will have to pick the best of the best this time around.

It will be a great weekend to celebrate Kayleigh's birthday with those who are close to my heart. I couldn't ask for better friends who have supported me through everything and are there on a daily basis to put a smile on my face and remind me how truly blessed I am.
Kayleigh has touched so many hearts and is the reason for so many blessings in my life. If it weren't for Kayleigh and the awesome people she brought in to my life, I wouldn't be as incredibly happy where I am in my life. She is such an amazing girl who continues to do wonderful things for so many on a daily basis.

Thanks to all and God Bless!



Anonymous said...

Enjoy your weekend and may the lord bless you with beatiful weather and butterflies. We've never meet, and odds are never will. But Your little angel Kayleigh has touched my heart. I followed her from the early days and still enjoy hearing about the updates of the family. You all remain in my prayers. I ask you, if you could pray from my cousin's baby Addison. Addie, as they call her was born 11 days ago at 26 weeks gestation. I don't have to tell you that this is 14 weeks to early. Addie weighs in at 1lb 4oz. and is really trying hard to fight. God Bless you all!

Kerri Woodruff
Hubbardston MA

elteescat said...

Happy birthday, my beloved, wonderful, dear, sweet Kayleigh!!!!

Lighthouse Photography said...

I hope you enjoy your family as you celebrate your sweet daughter that touched so many lives. Including my own

Anonymous said...

Adam, my son was born just days after sweet Kayleigh at 28 weeks gestation weighing only 1 lb 8.4 oz. I can't imagine what you all went through and I pray that God will continue to give you the strength to get through the difficult dates. Please know that your blog touched me in many ways and I thank God for the blessings he's given us. But b/c I followed your blog early on and was going through my own similar journey, every time there is a milestone that my son reaches I can't help but think of sweet Kayleigh. I know God sent her to earth, although for such a short time, for a very big purpose. Most of which has already been met - to reach those lost souls for God. You and Aimee will forever be etched in my heart and forever on my tongue in prayer when I think of those milestones my son is reaching yet miss Kayleigh is doing too, but in heaven. Prayers abound for you and I lift you up to God this hour. In Christ's love!
Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

Dan Bish said...


It has been quite a few years since we last saw each other. My prayers go out to you and your family. Please do send my best to your mom and dad as well!

If you get a spare moment, drop me a line. I would love to say hi.

Dan Bish
Mid-Atlantic SEO
Aiken, SC

angela barry said...

my heart aches for you all,,,and for beautiful baby kayleigh ,and now baby coral ,,,heaven is really full of pretty ,beautiful little angels,,,,its sad that god took them all home too sooon,,,god bless and help you all,,,,,,,,always in my prayers,,,,angela,,in ireland,,,,

Anonymous said...

when i finished watching the video of her survival from the surgeries i thought she will live long and grow as a young girl sooner. and then i read the continuity of her struggle i felt so sad that she died. i'm so sorry.

Unknown said...

For the parents of Kayleigh...I admire your courage and never ending love, you're such heroes in your own way. You inspired me so much.

Raquel Lavalle

`ElspeTh said...

baby kayleigh tried to be strong in every single time G0d has given her.., it just serves a wonderful lessong to all of us..., we have to cherish every single act we do in our lives because it worths a thousand memories...in our hearts and in the hearts of the people around us!!! lets keep going strong!!! :)

Anonymous said...

it was a tough journey actually ... i was touched !! im from philippines ... hey kayleigh !! you are the biggest miracle happened to the life of your parent's ... belated happy birthday to you kayleigh ... im speechless to be honest ...

Unknown said...

.. you're such an amazing baby .. we are praying for you .. may God bless you .. always stay strong and don't give up .. ! me and my family loves you kayleigh ..

i'm abby 16 yr.old from Philippines and i just used my mother's account .. if you want to see me just add me up ..

i want to have an update about you .. Godbless .. take care ..

Anonymous said...

baby kayleigh is GOD blessing ..and lucky to have her..just pray to our powerful GOD.. he will always protects and guide baby kayleigh to her journey. :) GOD BLESS ..

Anonymous said...

the story of Kayleigh was an amazing. i cried watching her vdieo. My husband went to open heart surgery 2 weeks ago. It was a Miracle because he had multiple issues, kidney failure, heatt failure, pheumonia and infection and the only way for him to survive is open heatt surgery which unfortunately no surgeons want to take the risk because he was too complicated. We almost gave him up. But I keep telling everyone from day 1 that my FAITH and Trust in God will heal him. His condition got worse each day and just when we were ready to give him up.God sent one of the top cardiac Surgeon in the Northwest, Dr Jeffrey Swanson and he offered to take the risk to perform open heart surgery and in 3 days. It was a 50/50 chance but I'll rather take the risk than letting him go without giving a try..I prayed to GOD that if he didn't make it to the surgery. I will accept it with no question and move on. His surgery went well he is getting better each day. The drs were all amazed how he was able to made it to the surgery.They all said that IT'S REALLY A MIRACLE how he was able to made it to the surgery and how great is he progressing each day. FAITH,TRUST AND PRAYERS SAVED HIS LIFE. LUKE 18:27 what is humanly impossible is possible for GOD. Sometimes things may not turn out the wat we want it to be,but God has a reason for everything and only HE knows why? I will be happy to keep sharing Kayleigh Anne to everyone and I would also want to help you raise fund for CAPE FEAR HEART WALK. I made a commitment that if my husband survive, we will be serving the LORD. Thank you and God bless you and your family.

Anonymous said...

my heart aches as well for you and your family! i am definitely blessed and touched by an angel!

always in my prayers!
Rita Rodriguez
of LA,CA

mJ said...

i watch kayleigh's video at fb..how heart breaking..i also have a 2yr old daughter who needs and operation but we don't have that much money..so we were saving and praying for a donations and sponsors for my baby...we will add kayleigh in our prayers..i know that she's happy ryt now with our lord god..and she will always stay in our hearts forever...

frm MJ philippines..

Raiven11 said...

hi kayleigh i really like your story,, so amazing and u are the miracle baby that GOD's gift to your mom and dad.. Take care always GODBLESS you and your family always. This is Avie from Philippine..