Heart Ball 2011 - American Heart Association

Hello Everyone! Long time no talk! Tonight was a night where Kayleigh was lifted up and her legacy continues to touch lives throughout this world we live in.

It was a blessing to be able to share her amazing journey with many people throughout the Wilmington area. Tonight was the American Heart Association's Heart Ball event. It is by far one of the largest and most prestigious events here in Wilmington, NC.

I was honored to be the guest speaker tonight at the Heart Ball and even though I was more nervous than ever, here is the speech I gave along with the YouTube link of my speech.

"Good Evening Everyone

Some of you may know me as the guy with the wild tattoo up his arm who changed Bo Dean’s life by helping him lose over 110lbs this past year.

But what most of you may not know is that just before Bo and I started our journey, there was someone who helped change my life.

My Daughter, Kayleigh Anne Freeman

The very first time I heard Kayleigh’s heart beat, it filled my heart with so much love. But, when the doctors told us she would not survive the pregnancy, it broke my heart in to pieces.

Kayleigh didn’t stop fighting though. For ten-long-weeks…every morning, afternoon and night…I would listened to her heart beat through a fetal Doppler, praying it would NOT be the last time I’d ever here it again.

Three months shy of her due date, on June 23, 2008…Kayleigh was delivered through emergency c-section. At 10.5 inches long, she only weighed 1 pound and 1 oz.

She continued to fight for her life, overcoming the impossible.

She underwent 7 major surgeries over a ten 1/2 month period, with one of those procedures landing her as one of the smallest children to ever undergo…open heart surgery…at only 3 pounds.

During Kayleigh’s final surgery…which was to insert a feeding tube so she could finally come home…Kayleigh’s little heart…had enough.

I fell in love the first time I heard that precious heart beat…and my heart broke into pieces when I sat by her side and listened to it beat…one last time.

On May 11th, 2009, Kayleigh went to Heaven.

At the beginning of her journey, a blog was created to share updates with family and friends, but her story ended up touching hundreds and thousands of people all across the world through the radio, national news and on the daytime show - The Dr’s.

Kayleigh’s story strengthened families through faith, hope and love. Her precious heart gave to more people in 10 ½ months than most people give in a lifetime.

If you’ve ever read the story about the dash, it is not about how a life begins or how a life ends, but how you lived your life in between.

So…I want to THANK every-single-one of you for EVERY donation you’ve given to the American Heart Association….because without the research and the technology of today, I would not have been able to spend an amazing 10 ½ months with my sweet daughter.

Please continue to give…and to help…and to support this wonderful organization.

Thank you from the bottom of my Heart!"

To see the YouTube link, please click below:


Thank you all and God Bless!



Acutescrubnurse said...

Amazing speech Adam!! She truely was a blessing, and touched many lives!!

amy hytowitz said...

you are amazing. i started reading your blog when i was pregnant with my son ethan. i continue to follow your story and will tell kaleigh's story to ethan when he is old enough to understand. keep the faith and god bless you.

Julie said...

Your speech was beautiful. Hearing you talk about precious Kayleigh brought tears to my eyes. She is so missed by so many people. She taught us how precious and short life is.

Ross said...

God bless your family! Seek Him and He shall be there through all.

lldouglas9 said...

You have an amazing journey with your daughter. It is indeed a story that is felt by everybody who reads it, you have touch a lot of people and Kayleigh's story will marked as an inspiration for those people who have been also suffering from a heart disease that at her very young age she manage to fight with the illness that she had for 10 and a half months. She might gone to heaven but the story of love and inspiration and her battle will always remain in everyone's heart forever. If you happen to have any fertility concerns, I found this site that may be helpful http://www.natural-fertility-prescription.com/

vanessa said...

Your daughter touch my heart
I'm Vanessa Mercado from the Philippines

vanessa said...

My tears keep falling
I don't understand but all i knew is your 1lbs. miracle touches my heart

Anonymous said...

OMG... the other stories touched me.. but this one in particular did most.. It's not really the same, but when I read the date of your daughter's passing it made me break down, for just days later I lost my Beloved Dog Turbo, to a nasty Antifreeze accident.. he was barley 16 months old still a puppy. it's really strange it's been like 3 years now since, I thought I was done with the emotional breakdowns.. evidently not. At that time I was single, and I think that is what brought me and my husband together and we had a kid of my own over a year later. But Turbo was indeed like my kid. So I can truly say that I did feel your pain and still do to this day.

It does get better though.
Best Wishes,
-Jennifer L-

Unknown said...

Your speech was beautiful just put me in tears your daughter will always be a beautiful princess.
My daughter krissie is 15 months now when she was 4 months she turned completely blue and went all limp and ws thought i lost her but thankfully her father was able to stay clam and got her breathing again within a 6 month period then finaly after talking to a customer who turns out to be a pediatric surgeon at the detroit childrens hospital who set her up with an appointment then request that she has an immediate echo done of her of her throat and everything which then he wanted an mri done of her chest and throat then we had our answer she had a vascular ring wrapped around her esophagus so the next morning she went through open heart surgery thankfully they did when they got to it and opened her up it turned out that she had a double vascular ring she was in the hospital for a lil now she is walking talking running and getting into everything

Unknown said...

R.I.P Kaliegh you brighten everybody's world

Unknown said...

I am so sorry about your dog