6/28/08 - PEACE!!!

Today was another great day with great news! First of all, Kayleigh has a wonderful personality already! Right when I was about to snap one of my first photos of her while she was getting her vitals checked, she threw up the peace sign. What a character! Actually, we really needed the laugh with all the stress going on. I guess it is God's way of telling us to relax a little.
Brandon (Big Brother) and Allyson (Big Sister) came to the NICU for the first time today to see Kayleigh. Aimee and I were a little worried on how they were going to react, but they did wonderful. The only thing they both said over and over is, "Oh my gosh, she is so small." It took them by surprise at first, but they were happy to update everyone back in the waiting room. Brandon came back telling everyone Kayleigh gained a pound. Boy do I wish, but you know children when it comes to ounces, pounds, inches, feet and days or weeks. It was very cute.
Kayleigh is a Freeman after all. She POOPED! Well, it wasn't a big poop, but the good news is that all her intestines work and things were able to work their way through her system. I was worried there was either a hole or blockage that was making her stomach fill up. She did go back on the biliribbom lights today, but that is not a huge problem at all. They are still working on her belly to figure out what is causing her to be so bloated. Other than that, everything else looks good.
The best of all news is that she gained a few ounces back and is almost at her birth weight again. She is now at 450 grams which is right around a pound. Aimee and I were getting a little worried when she lost 4 ounces so quickly. They did say she would lose 10-20%, but 4 ounces was close to 25%. So that is GREAT news!!!
Stay tuned for more updates. God Bless you all!


Kimberly (Anthony's Mom) said...

i check in everyday to see how she's doing and she is just amazing me! She's doing much better then my son did. And he was a full pound bigger. I know those steriod shots really helped out. Since you can't give her a hug for me, give her a finger to grasp for me =-)


Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Misti from Baby Center. I am so happy things are going so well.

Anonymous said...

It's so cool to read updates on Kayleigh, thank you guys so much for sharing with us and posting all these pictures, it's great!