6/29/08 - My Beautiful Girls!

Tonight was just amazing!!! Just look at this picture and tell me this isn't the sweetest thing you have ever seen? Oh my goodness, I about lost it when the Nurse pulled back the blanket to show how comfortable my sweet Kayleigh was pressed up against Aimee. They call this the Kangaroo care, where they allowed Aimee to hold Kayleigh against her warm chest for about 20 minutes with a warm blanket covering both of them. Kayleigh whined a couple whimpers, but was fast asleep before you knew it. I didn't think they would let us do this care so soon especially when Kayleigh is only a week old. Wow, can you believe that?? A week old already. Well, I heard before you know they will be dating, driving and off to college, so I should enjoy ever minutes of this while it lasts.

Aimee is recovering slowly, but surely. She is still in pain from the surgery and seems to wear out much quicker. From other c-sections we've heard about, it sounds like she is recovering well above schedule. I definately have to give her so much credit because she has been so strong through everything that is going on. If you cut my tummy open, I would be crying like a baby for months and I am suppose to be the tough one. She is my hero and Kayleigh will soon learn how blessed she is to have such a wonderful Mom.

Kayleigh is doing great still and the Nurse said she had a bigger poop last night, which is awesome! It was cute tonight, I changed her diaper and she was in the middle of pooping. I don't mean to be nasty by any means, but her butthole was the size of this period (.) and her poop is the funniest looking turd I have ever seen. I guess I should enjoy that while it's small too. (ha! ha!) Her stomach looked so much better tonight, so the air is coming out thank goodness. She weighed in a 1 pound again, but anything is better than losing. They put her back on the biliribbon lights yesterday, but they then took one of the lights back off tonight to slowly wein her off.

All in all, her progress seems to be going wonderful. We need to keep it this way! Thank you all so much for all the kinds words that you are posting. I love to see comments and I am sure Kayleigh will be blessed to see all the people that were pulling for her WHEN she gets older. If you want to post, click on the comments link below to leave a message. For those who have posted, please don't post annonymous because I have been wanting to respond back to you , but I have no email addresses.

Thanks to all and I will be in touch soon!


Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful! This is such a priceless picture. It makes me cry. Stay strong Kayleigh!

Living With CES After Failed Tarlov Surgery said...


I was following your family's progress on babycenter. My grand baby Ava was born in may of 2006 and is 2 now. When she was born she was only 26 weeks gestation and weighed 1lb 15oz. She is amazing and time has gone so quick :) These little babies are amazing and such fighters, they are little miracles. Its amazing because Ava just turned 2 at the end of may and weighs 32 lbs. Much more them most 2 year olds :) I am so in awe of your little one and her little cry is the most precious thing I have ever heard. I totally agree with the NICU nurse who posted that it is so amazing she is already breathing room air WOW. Just wanted to let you know of our little miracle, and say how happy and amazed I am by yours. If Amy needs anyone to talk to about things I am sure my daughter would love to talk to her.

My email is burd3@cox.net, also if you would like I can have my daughter invite you to see Ava's blog. It cronicles her journey thru the nicu and is quite amazing.

Your family is in my thoughts and prayers :) and Kudo's to your amazing little fighter.


Unknown said...

Kayleigh is just the most amazing little girl I have ever laid my eyes on. SO wonderful to hear how great she is doing. Thanks for keeping us all updated...I will continue to pray for your little pumpkin.

Kimberly (Anthony's Mom) said...

YAY Kayleigh!! I remember when Anthony was born he had no butt cheeks LOL and his butthole was super super tiny. It just seemed impossible for him to go the bathroom. I remember one Nicu mom saying that they called the experience "a womb with a view" while its sad they are born so early, its magical how you see them develope right before your eyes from being so incredibly tiny.


Anonymous said...

That picture has to be the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Dina said...

It's me again!

I can't help but have your family on my mind everyday. I tell everyone I can about your story, and ask for their prayers too.

To see Aimee and Kayleigh cuddled together brought tears to my eyes!

Happy 1 week old birthday to baby Kayleigh!

Again - how can such a beautiful, miraculous, and amazing little person come in a 1lb package?

Unknown said...

Amazing how these little ones defy all odds, right? I had 2 girls, one was 1 pound 7 ounces and the other 1 pound 15 ounces they are 3 and 1 now.. Both healthy, just little! Works for me!
I pray that your NICU journey continue on the path that it is on and that Kayleigh continues to prove so many wrong!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading the story of brave little Kayleigh since the beginning on babycenter and am so amazed by your families strength. With parents like you guys Kayleigh is sure to pull this. She is beyond beautiful and unbelievably strong....lots of prayers headed your way daily.

I'm not sure how to leave my email address, but here it is

god bless all of you...keep fighting Kayleigh!!!!!

Jennifer in NM said...

It is totally amazing that Aimee is already holding Kayleigh, I am sure it will help with her development. There is not a day that goes by that i don't think of you guys and that I don't feel just a bit guilty for having a healthy newborn after his mere 5 day stay in the NICU. I sit and cry every time I read an update. I pray all the time that Kayleigh will grow fast and strong. You guys are an inspiration of strength for us all. Jennifer campbell9023@sbcglobal.net

Anonymous said...

Aimee & Adam,

You are truly blessed with such a tiny miracle. I am also on bedres because my little Sindey Taylor (Boy) who is Due September 22nd has been trying to come out since I was 22 weeks. You are in my prayers and as I lay in bed every day I log in to see how you guys are doing. You are deffinitely my inspration at this time, praying that your little one will grow quickly and that she will not have any long lasting side effects.

In God's Hands-

Anonymous said...

I too have been following this story since Aimee posted on BBC.

I just love that picture. What a great moment that was captured. That is so wonderful that she can even do kangaroo care.

Prayers work. Thank you Lord for this family and that you continue to be with them and stregthen them. Thank you for Kayleigh.

Christie O. said...

i am here through a friend of mine, i just wanted to say that your family is in my prayers. my baby came early because of preeclampsia too, and i want you to know there is a whole blogging community of support waiting for you whenever you are ready. hugs and blessings to you and your precious little baby! stop by for a visit when you are well, www.babytealeaves.blogspot.com.
christie o.

Jennifer said...

poop is only cute when it is small! i remember those days when i was happy to change a poopy diaper in the NICU. i wanted so much to take part in my son's care but i had to be patient. boy has my preemie taught me patience!

the picture of Aimee and Kayleigh is just precious. thanks for keeping us posted on their progress.
(another fan from the BBC board)
Jennifer, mom to 30wkr

Anonymous said...

What a cute little girl!! I'm also from bbc. Right when I would get home from work I would check to see if Aimee posted. I had a 3lb 14oz little girl back in Dec. We spent 21 days in the nicu. It was so hard leaving her there but you know its for the best. I'm praying for you guys everyday. Kayleigh looks great!!


Chase said...

OMG kangaroo care is the BEST when you can't hold your little angel for days after they are born!!!!! I LOVED IT!

That pic is perfect....OMG I can't believe you are already holding her! Kangaroo care is sure to help her thrive...you guys are great...just GREAT!!!!! XOXO Heather and family xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for keeping us updated! Another BBC-er here! I love the Kangaroo care picture! My daughter was born a few days late and weighing almost 9 lbs- everything was great at first but on the second day, she started having seizures and they moved her to the NICU. I treasured those moments when they let me do the Kangaroo care... nothing can describe the feeling! She did look funny in the NICU with all the preemies, though.. at almost 9lbs.. she looked like Caligula laid up in there! Haha! She is now 10 months old and very healthy. I bookmarked your blog so I can follow your story! Bless you and your beautiful family!


Anonymous said...

I wanted to let you know that I am now 29 weeks pregnant... and amazingly enough I was born at exactly 25 weeks 1 day. I weighed 1 lb at birth and then lost some weight. There were some challenges but nothing that I havn't overcome. People who don't know this about me would never even know it happend. I was in the NICU in 1980 for the first nine months of my life.... there was a lot that went with that, but I am a true believer that God has a plan for each of us and our life stories are important. Amazingly most kids in those years didn't pull through.. but for some reason I did. I will also tell you that I didn't wear normal clothes (mostly doll clothes) until I was two and didn't start walking until I was four years old (due to this I have the nickname of Scooter because that is how I got around). That doesn't mean that this is how it will be for Kayleigh. I can tell just from looking at here that she is a little fighter and let me tell you this personality trait will most likely continue into adulthood. It's amazing I have spoke with others whom were preemies and a lot of us carry strong personalities. I think it's due to knowing how life could have been and now knowing that we will do whatever it takes to be successful in each fascet of life. I look a Kayleigh and see how tiny she is....but she is going to grow big and strong and into a wonderful women. One other thing this journey is one of a lifetime. There will be hills and valleys throughout life but nothing that she won't pull through. I wasn't supposed to be able to have kids and now look... I'll be having my own little one soon. What an amazing gift. Thank you for sharing your story... and give each other a hug..... and just know Kayleigh will be awe inspired when she gets older as all the rest of us already are.

Bless you