6/30/08 Happy ONE WEEK Birthday!!!

I can't believe it has been a week already. I hope that time flies by this quickly through the next several months until Kayleigh is able to come home. I heard the funniest thing today from someone who posted a message. They said that Kayleigh's home right now is a "Womb with a View." Since Aimee and I are real estate agents, I am sure we will be using this funny comment often.

Well, I have to first apologize and tell you that Kayleigh cancelled her show tonight and I was not able to get any good photos. She felt it was more important to sleep than to pose for Daddy. I am sure it won't be the last time. Seriously, I am glad she was resting because I feel so bad when she is up and moving around. I know that growth comes with rest and we want her to be as least active as possible right now.

Today was a good day in the nurse's eyes, but I felt a little off for some reason. First of all, they moved her to another station which to me felt like it was more cramped and busy. I do not like change, so it may take some time getting used to. I think the first taste of it was bad because I walked in and there were several nurses and other family members crowded in the room. How is my litte girl going to rest with all this commotion? I am sure I just need to relax. They said she will stay in this room until she leaves, so that bugs me too. I liked where she was before because there was no one next to her and the room seemed to be more open and less cluttered. Can you tell I am going to be a psycho Daddy already?

Also, Test results came back and her tummy was not as full with air as it was excess waste that just needs to work its way through. Since she started to poop a little, I am glad that it is heading in the right direction. She also came off the biliribbon lights again and you can really tell a difference in her skin. Aimee is having a little trouble with pumping and isn't getting anything. She spoke with her Doctor and was able to get a prescription for Reglan which is suppose to help move things along. If anyone has any insight on this, Aimee would love some feedback.

We did get some bad news today, but the Nurse felt like it was nothing to worry about. They said they did a cotton swab of her nose only to find out Kayleigh has MRSA. Now as a grappler/wrestler, I know of Staphylococcus is long for Staph infection. That is not good if I were to get it because it could cause serious skin lesions that really have no cure. They said it is really common of preemies to have MRSA bacteria, but they often don't become active. If they were to come active, it would cause skin infections or pneumonia. They are going to keep an eye on the MRSA over the next couple weeks and treat it with a antibiotic that limits the number of bacteria to prevent larger chances of it harming Kayleigh. The Nurse said this is really common and we should not worry. That is impossible!

Other than that, they said that Kayleigh is doing great and there are no other issues to worry about. Please pray that this MRSA is nothing and will soon pass. I have been getting a lot of great emails from people and I thank you so much. We love to hear success stories, so please share more with us.

God Bless!!!


Kimberly (Anthony's Mom) said...

just wanted to let you know anthony had an infection can't remember the exact name. they guessed it was from the ventilator tube. Germs on it or something. But they treated it soooo quickly and he never got "sick" or at least he never acted sick. I will attach my email address if you want to chat or have questions.


Sam said...

Too bad about the no pictures part - I love to see new pictures of your beautiful little girl.

Of course, I understand that she needs her rest. I can also understand how you feel when you say you're uncomfortable with change right now - so much is going on that's different already - it's easy to cling to little things like the same room every day.

As far as the breastfeeding goes, I was unable to get much either - I'd maybe get an ounce total each time I breastfed. The suggestions I heard from the doctors were to look at pictures of my baby while breastfeeding, or maybe even take home a blanket that he'd been laying on. Also, maybe Aimee could try fenugreek to stimulate the milk.

Eventually, after attempting to pump every three hours around the clock, plus going back and forth to the hospital every three hours, trying to recover from a c-section, as well as going back to work after only four weeks - I realized it was all too much and I had to stop before I lost my mind.

Of course, the breast milk is the best thing for Kayleigh right now, so if Aimee is able to continue to pump then that's fantastic. However, I hope she allows herself to rest as well, I know all too well how stressful NICU life can be.

And in reference to the below post - how fantastic that Aimee was able to hold her already!! I can't believe it! David was fifteen days old before I got to hold him for the first time - but, it was worth the wait because the very first time I ever held him was on my birthday :D

I think my comment is now longer than your post so I'm gonna stop writing - but thank you so much for sharing little Kayleigh's story with us. She's truly a little miracle.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are still with you Kayleigh!! You are an amazing~strong little miracle!! God Bless You Kayleigh!!
I have been following your story from babycenter!! Adam and Aimee you are amazing parents continue to stay strong!! It will be a bumpy road but have faith and God will do the rest!! God Bless!!

Anonymous said...

I will continue to keep Kayleigh in my thoughts. And of course I will pray that the MRSA is nothing. She is amazing and I can't wait to see some new pictures!

Anonymous said...


I'm glad that Kayleigh continues to make progress. We're all pulling for you guys and praying for continued strength and progress. She's an adorable baby. I'm so proud of you guys for being so positive and being there for her. She's a lucky girl.

On the breastfeeding front, I was never able to get much from pumping, but don't give up. Keep at it because it's so worth it for Kayleigh. Do you have any friends who are breastfeeding that could possibly donate some milk for Kalyeigh until Aimee gets things going? That might be a good temporary solution. I'm not sure if that's something that's recommended for preemies, but it might be something to look into.

Anonymous said...

HI, first of all your little girl is GORGEOUS and the greatest and truest blessing in the world!! How amazing!! I just wanted to let you and Aimie know that I took Reglan for breastfeeding and it WORKED WONDERS! My daughter was tongue tied at birth so therefore she could not stimulate the breast the way she needed to, in order to build up my milk supply and a lact. consultant prescribed that and it did wonders. I won't say I was spewing with milk but it was enough to give 4 oz. bottles to my daughter! So I hope that helps! GOD BLESS YOU and your beautiful family!!!! Enjoy these moments, however stressful, someday these will be AMAZING MEMORIES of how strong your daughter and love for each other was!!!

Anonymous said...

I tried Fenugreek pills when my milk supply was low. I also drank some Mother's Organic Milk tea, which promotes breastmilk.

Anonymous said...

Kangaroo Care!! That was my favorite part of our 110 days in the NICU with Jacob!!!

As for the pumping...relax, it will be okay. Keep Kayleigh's picture with you when you pump. That will help! Funny story...I had trouble at first too. Then it was flowing like a river. Well Jacob only drank about 2cc's at a time. Drip drip. So I stored up 500 3oz. vials of breast milk in the freezer. That boy could have had milk until his freshman year in college! But the neonatalogist decided he needed preemie formula and that was the end of breast milk. We had a dumping ceremony! It was still worth every pumpimg session for the few short weeks he did have it!

Love, Aunt Kathy

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that as a lab tech many times we swab people in the nose for MRSA to see if they are a carrier. I have seen it done when one of the family keeps getting reoccurring infections, they swab the rest of the family to see if someone is a carrier. The carrier many times is asymptomatic and will spread the infection without knowing it. The only reason I am telling you this is that maybe Kayleigh is just a carrier and the disease will not express it self and with a little antibiotics it will all just go away.

Dee Dee 1 said...

Adam and Aimee Congratulations on the birth of Kayleigh! I too have followed your story on baby center but lost track of you when I didn't log on for a few weeks. I was extremely moved and overjoyed to sign in today to find that your miracle baby had been born! It is confirmation that prayer changes things. Thank you for making us all witnesses to the Grace of God. I think of you all often and will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers as we watch Kayleigh grow. Your story is a blessing to all of us. Stay strong as you have been and keep the faith! I can't wait to celebrate Kayleigh's first birthday from cyberspace! Kayleigh keep fighting honey - we are all in your corner!

Anonymous said...

If you want to increase breast milk production, check out a drug called Domperidone (Motilium, Motilidone). When I had trouble with my supply with my son, I ordered this from Canada and it worked wonders. If you want more info, here is a link to a Kellymom page which talks more about this. http://www.kellymom.com/health/meds/prescript_galactagogue.html

Good luck with little Kayleigh :) she is so precious! (you can reach me back at EqKialya@Yahoo.com

HONEYhas3 said...

Congrats on your baby girl, she is a fighter.

Pumping is not as effecting to incress supply as a nursing infant. To help incress, try pumping both sides at the same time, and pump for 30min every 2 hrs.
Drink a lot of water (so much you think your going to float away) eat oatmeal, try Fenugreek (your going to smell like maple syrup) and careful with the Reglan, check out the side effects, one can be depression.
Check out this site, its awesome:


I know its hard, but really try to rest, and pump while you are relaxed and looking at a pic of your baby, or if you can, pump while you are with her.
You can also try warm compress on your breasts while pumping to help the milk come down.
Remember the more your breasts are stimulated, the more you will produce.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
BTW, i have been following your story at BabyCenteron the U/S board.

Aunt Dee said...

Love reading your postings!! We've got lots on this end praying for all of you. Suz and I have been busy with our "sticks" hope she likes yellow! Look for a surprise next week. Love, Aunt Dee

Jennifer said...

please tell aimee not to be too hard on herself for not producing that much milk. the more she stresses the less she will get. i didn't get my milk in for TEN days. suggestions for aimee: rest, lots of water, looking at pictures of kayleigh while pumping, watching a baby story on TLC (just hearing a baby cry helped me) and pumping right after kangaroo care or at kayleigh's bedside so aimee can see her while she pumps. ask for a privacy screen. oh and oatmeal helps too. good luck and hang in there!
jennifer, mom to 30wkr

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Kayleigh had another good day. I personally have not tried Reglan for milk supply issues but I've heard it works really well. Tell Amy to try sitting in a quiet room, holding a blanket that smells like Kayleigh and to hold a picture of her and imagine little Kayleigh in her arms, I'm sure the milk will flow then. Keeping you guys in my daily thoughts and prayers. Keep Fighting Kayleigh!!!!


Anonymous said...

I used Reglan snd it tripled my milk supply. I was only getting an ounce or less every 3 hours around the clock. After the Reglan I was getting 3-4 oz every pumping. Just be consistant, that is the trick. Yeah for kangaroo care! That alone can mean the difference between survival or leaving broken hearted. That is one of the best things you can give your little girl. Ask though to do this without a shirt and bra. It is supose to be skin to skin.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you guys! I've been lurking forever (from babycenter). About pumping, just a few tips... Are you using a hospital grade pump? At first, I used a hand-held pump (not electric) and I got nothing from it. I switched to a hospital-grade, electric pump (higher quality, more effecient) and it worked like a charm. Also, there were many many days that I pumped and got nothing, but I kept going (every 2 hours) and then started to get a ton. A helpful thing I read is that pumping serves 2 purposes: (1) To get milk (2) To stimulate the breasts to produce milk. So just because you get nothing doesn't mean you're wasting your time, even though it might feel that way. :)

Also, if you can, try to pump every 2-3 hours around the clock. Of course, there are times that taking care of yourself (i.e., sleeping) is more important, but pumping close together will help.

Also, read the Breastfeeding Book by Sears, and drink lots of water. And get rest (um, good luck with that). :)

Best of luck to you. thanks for the updates.

andreaps04 at yahoo dot com