May 9th, 2008

Hello Again Everyone,

After our appointment yesterday, we got a lot of words of encouragement and success stories from Aimee's message board that she is apart of. Those mothers were so wonderful with all the nice things they had to say and the positive influence they left on us. We were both on a positive high that we decided to get a second opinion with another doctor. The Doctor was wonderful and so much more trusting than the others we had met with. We actually ended up getting in this afternoon to see the Doctor and unfortunately the news was not what we were hoping to hear. They also think that Kayleigh is not going to make it much longer.

We are going to still do everything we can to stay positive, but there is a probably less than 1% chance she will make it to a viable state. She is around 200 grams in weight and to be at a viable state, she has to be over 700 grams. A normal healthy baby will grow around 50-70 grams in a week and since Kayleigh's growth has slowed down, we may be lucky she grows 40 grams in a week. With a amniotic fluid level of 3.2 (which is considered "none" in their eyes. 9+ is average and 15+ is normal), Kayleigh is not producing enough fluid to survive an estimated 2-3 weeks, if that. With her growth state, that would mean Kayleigh would have to hang in there for 12-13 weeks before the Doctors could take her out. We can just only hope and pray that a miracle will keep her alive long enough.

Right now, the only thing left to do is enjoy her while she is still alive, fight until the end and trust that God knows what he is doing. We are not quite sure what God's plan for Kayleigh is, but we hope that this experience has helped someone somewhere realize how precious life can be. No matter how horrible the odds are against you, fight hard and never give up until God says it is time.

Thank you all so much for your prayers, as we need them more than ever to make this miracle happen.

Love, Adam & Aimee

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