May 21st, 2008

We went to see the MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine - Specialist) doctor today & I have some updates. I think I will start with the less than good news first. They are now seeing some fluid all around Kayleigh's heart. (Pericardial Effusion) He did not see this before so he is concerned as to why it started. It could possibly mean that we are moving closer to an outcome that is not favorable. When the tech looked at things in the beginning she saw this as well but felt good about some other things that I will mention in a second. She said that she hates to give us a hope but she was feeling more positive. She did say that if the baby makes it to viability & delivery that this can be drained after. The big question is whether we will get to that point.
So, on to the better news. Are you sitting down? She grew 2 weeks out of 2 weeks! She was 6oz two weeks ago (they told us 7oz that day) & now she is 9oz. In grams she was 192 & now 269. He said that this is good growth for a 2 week period. I am so thrilled that she grew the expected amount in the expected time for once. Last time it was 2 out of 3 weeks & now 2 out of 2. Seems like things might be getting better.
The fluid has stayed about the same. There may possibly be a slight bit more. She found another small pocket that she didn't measure & Kayleigh's bladder was full. Woo hoo! Maybe we are doing something right but we know that we owe a lot of it to all of your prayers.
They also checked the blood flow from the placenta. There was a break in the pattern before which really hasn't changed. The good news is that there isn't reverse flow at this point. Which would mean that she has to come out & she isn't ready.
We discussed steroids which he actually brought up before me so that made me feel good. Nobody here likes to do follow up shots so they don't want to do it until she is close to viability in weight. He said that we need to get to 500g first. He may do it a little before if we expect her to grow to 500g before delivery. He would also want to check with the neonatologist first as well.
Overall he said that if it weren't for this heart issue he would be feeling a lot more positive. We discussed how often I should be seen & we agreed on every two weeks. There isn't much need to go sooner because she isn't big enough in weight to survive if we take her out. We may increase monitoring or appts. later.
We do go back to the Pediatric Cardiologist on the 5th & then another level 2 ultrasound the next day so hopefully things won't get worse before then. Plus, I will also be 26 weeks that day & hopefully she will grow at least another 80g in two weeks.
I am going to keep doing all that I am doing. Besides, being on milkshakes & fatty foods isn't so bad. LOL Staying positive & praying is the key! Thank you again for all of your thoughts & prayers. They are working!


Adam & Aimee

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