First of all, I am in heaven after the day I had today. I finally got to hold my daughter to my chest for the first time ever. It was by far the most wonderful feeling in the world to hold Kayleigh in my arms and feel her move around. She was so comfortable laying with me that her sats were higher than she was in the incubator. That made me feel so amazing because my worst fear was for her to start desating and me be too afraid to hold her the next go around. It went perfect, so I was completely happy and I can't wait to hold her again. I actually got in a grumpy mood when I left because I didn't want to put her back :( ha-ha.

Well, I would not have gotten the chance to hold Kayleigh if she had a bad day, so I am pleased to tell you all that her day was wonderful. She had only had a few minor desats all day long. Her blood pressure was off a little, so they brought in the Dopamine to start that again. By the time they set it up and had it ready, she leveled her blood pressure back out and was fine for the rest of the day. The Dopamine was aso used to help Kayleigh pee, but she had a very wet diaper all day today. They think that the Lasix (diuretic used to extract fluid from the lungs) had something to do with that too. Out of all the times I changed her diaper, she never had a poopy diaper. But when Aimee changed her diaper today for the first time ever, Kayleigh had the biggest poop she has ever had recorded. I was shocked when I saw it because I didn't realize she could poop that much. I was curious on how the seeds got in there. (Sorry for being gross) ha-ha. Since they started her back on her feeds yesterday, if everything continues to go well, they will increase them tomorrow. At the beginning, Kayleigh was diagnosed with a thyroid issue and today they didn't feel like it was an issue anymore and took her off the medication (Synthroid).

They didn't weigh her this evening because they did a blood gas at 8:00 and were moving her around more than they wanted to. They will weigh her around 2:00AM so I will know tomorrow for sure if she has grown anymore. Aimee and I think that her hands and feet seem to be growing alot because they look much bigger. Her hair is growing in more too and Aimee is convinced it is brown and not blonde. It did look darker today than yesterday, so maybe. They also measure Kayleigh every Monday. This past Monday they measured her at 12 inches long. She has grown 1.5 inches in the past 3 weeks. Now she just needs to put on some meat.

Please pray for Wade and Ferris as one of their little girls (Adleigh) is going to have heart surgery tomorrow to close her PDA. Both of their girls have been through a lot and are continuing to fight through every obstacle put in front of them. God is certainly working miracles in their life and we need to continue to pray for them. God Bless The Joye Family!!!

The Freemans


Kimberly (Anthony's Mom) said...

Oh I'm just thrilled you got to hold her!!!!!!!!!! I remember when my husband held Anthony the first time. It was adorable!! We have the video on our youtube if you want to watch. The link is on Anthony's blog.

You are such a cute daddy and I know Kayleigh already has you wrapped around her little finger!


Anonymous said...

Im so happy you got to Kangaroo Care today! How awesome, you look so happy! And I'm even more estatic that Kayleigh had a good day. You can definatly tell she is growing! Keep up the good work Kayleigh!

I will definalty keep Adleigh in my thoughts tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I came across your blog looking for other preemie parents. My son was born at 29 weeks because I had HELLP Syndrome. He is now 50 days old and 7 weeks old. He is still in the hospital, but just needs to get feeding down.

I do have to say, the best day for me was the first time I got to kangaroo with him. I cried holding this tiny little baby up to me. I was terrified of breaking him...but he loved it! I would love to get to know you better.

Feel free to email me anytime you need to chat: denisenorthern@hotmail.com and we have a website to update everyone on Parker...
http://web.mac.com/parker.northern stop by antyime!

Anonymous said...

I so look forward to your nightly updates on Kayleigh. You look at all the pictures and you can tell she's tiny, but you watch the video, and you get a REAL understanding of how UBER teeny she is. She is absolutely gorgeous. I'm SO happy you got to hold her today! :)

We'll be keeping baby Adleigh in our thoughts tomorrow also!

Keep strong baby Kayleigh!


Sarah Suzy said...

YAY! I am so glad you got to kangaroo Kayleigh....she is soo teeny, but what a brave little fighter she is. daily prayers are headed your way.

stay strong!


Anonymous said...

I am ecstatic that she is doing so good. She is a beautiful little girl. I guess all our prayers are at work. We can only thank GOD that she has improved so much. I will continue to keep your family in my thights and prayers. I get on here every morning to see how see is doing and it makes my day today to see how she is.

Unknown said...

Praise God for more great days!!! It's an amazing feeling huh? Having such a tiny life lay there so comfortable on your chest. Those were my favorite times and some of my best memories! I glad Kayleigh is doing so well.

In Christ,

The Baldwin Family said...

Prayers to you and your family and that sweet daughter of yours.

We have a baby boy that was born at 27 weeks and spent 3 months in the NICU, he's now been home for almost two months.

I'm here if you need someone who has been through this.

Kim (Zachary's Mom)

The Baldwin Family said...

If you want to email me directly, my email is
calibynature@yahoo.com. The NICU is rough, but they perform miracles EACH and EVERY day. Just keep that in mind and we'll keep Kayleigh in our hearts and thoughts. Lots of prayers headed your way.

Kim (Zachary's Mom)

P.S. Kayleigh is a BEAUTIFUL name.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! MOMMY AND DADDY!! I check on Ms.Kayleigh everyday. Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys.

Anonymous said...

I was just catching up with your story...your daughter is so beautiful. I can't get over how tiny she is, I mean, Parker was 2lbs 3ozs when he was born and I thought he was tiny then I see your daughter and can't even begin to imagine!

I am so glad to see that you guys have such strong faith! It's good to see others relying on God so much. If there is anything I have learned these past 7 weeks is that God is completely in control...when I can't do it, he is always there to do it for me!

Thank you for adding me to your list on the side...Parker is a lot bigger but still has a couple weeks before he should be home! I am so very glad I came across your blog!


Sceki said...

Dude I got chills watching you get to hold her for the first time. You were gleaming in those pictures. Sorry I could not make it down this weekend, Mom said they wouldn't even let me get close since I was sick earlier this week. Keep up with the good updates...we are thinking of you all! Scott