7/18/08 - So Peaceful and Comfy

Aimee, the kids and I went up to see Kayleigh earlier in the day today because we had an appointment on that side of town. Kayleigh was sound asleep and doing really well. Her alarm was going off, but only because her sats were high and her oxygen needed to be lowered. That is an alarm I hope to hear more often. Since she had a good evening and was doing good all day, they increased her feeds from 1ml to 2ml. There was a new nurse today and she was telling us that Kayleigh had a bad night, but we dug a little deeper to find out she only had 3 desats all night long. I don't think she knows Kayleigh all that well because that is really good for her to only have 3 desats.

Kayleigh also had a chest x-ray this morning and it showed that the fluid in her lungs looked much less than usual, so take a deep breath of fresh air because that is some delightful news. Let's just hope that it stays that way so she can grow and get to the weight she needs to be to have the surgery. When Aimee went back to see her, she noticed her eyes and nose were a little black and blue. The nurse said they were going to test her hemoglobin to see if maybe she needs more blood. If that is the case, she will get her fourth blood transfusion.

I just called up to get more news. She is doing really well and resting. Her weight went down a little, but the lasix medication they were giving her is going to cause her to fluctuate a little. She weighed in at 642grams which is 1pound 6.7 oz. She did have a couple poops today too so she is tolerating the increased feeds. They are going to test her blood gases soon to see if they can wein her even lower on the oxygen. Over all, she is having a really good day today.

Also, take a look over to the right toolbar as today I helped Brandon and Allyson create their own blogs so they would feel a part of everything that is going on. I can't imagine how tough it is for them to see their little sister in the isolette and have to wait for a long time before they can play dress up or wrestle. (Especially the wrestling) Brandon and Allyson have been so wonderful when we go in to the NICU and they ask very good questions. It is a fear that we may not be able to give them the attention during this hard and stressful time. Today I was able to spend a lot of time giving them their "own" (.com) They were just thrilled to see they are on the internet, but now they have their own website. Please do me a huge huge favor and post a comment praising them on a how wonderful big brother/big sister they are being for Kayleigh. It would mean a lot for Aimee and I, but I am sure they will think it is the coolest thing in the world. Plus they have checked constantly every five minutes to see if they get new visitors. ha-ha.

Thank you all so much and God Bless!!!

The Freemans


~Kayce said...

You have done such a wonderful job of keeping us up to date on Sweet Kayleigh. I am so glad she had a good day. I love the pictures of you holding her, Adam. We still think of you and pray for you often. Keep growing, Kaleigh! I am so proud of you Aimee and Adam!

Anonymous said...

First off I want to say YAY Kayleigh for doing so great! Keep up the good work!

And how nice of you to set up a site for Brandon and Allyson, I will definatly stop by and leave them some comments!

I'm so glad all is well :o)


The Baldwin Family said...

Yay...it sounds like sweet Kaylie had a wonderful day.

The joy of the dings of the monitors due to high sats is such a welcome joy. The nurses would tell us to go ahead and mute them but we wouldn't want to because it was the sound of him doing well.

Does your hospital allow "primary" nurses? Primaries are nurses that seem to give especially good care to your little miracle and you tell the charge nurse that you'd like them to "primarily" take care of Kayleigh. We loved our primary nurses and they still read our blog and keep in touch with us. You'll have much less of nurses not knowing Kayleigh that way.

Lots of luck and congrats on such a wonderful day. We'll pray for continued weening on the oxygen, continued toleration of feeds and overall good news.

The Baldwins

Shalyn said...

I'm sooo glad to hear that Kayleigh had a Great Day!!! I learned that there are some nurses you like and some that are always negative, if you want to know what's really going on overnight you have to ask the doctors. I had a nurse that made me cry everytime I visited and she wouldn't let me hold Gavin so I finally complained and she never was his nurse again, why do I want my son to be surrounded by negativity. You really need positive people around you and it makes such a difference when you leave the NICU if you feel comfortable with the nurses. Adam, I'm so glad you got to kangaroo her, I think it makes them feel so comfortable and safe in their parents arms:)

Anonymous said...

What a BEAUTIFUL miracle!

I just want you both to know that I was truly touched beyond words to read your journey with Kayleigh. Your photos are incredible....You will be so thankful in the future when you can share all of them with Kayleigh.

I have twin girls that were born 7 weeks early. (9/1/07) They weighed a little over 3 pounds each (quite large in comparison to Kayleigh) and spent 3 weeks in the NICU. I remember all too well the ups and downs we faced each day. I wish I had documented our journey and taken tons of photos like you two have. Today, my twins weigh 20 pounds each and are just 11 months old. Wee ones don't always finish last...mine are in the 75% today!

Kayleigh is such a lucky PRINCESS to have such an amazing Mom and Dad who share such an awesome love. I am sending you warm and happy thoughts along with praise and prayers.

Blessings to all!
Love, Ashtyn Olivia and Paityn's Mom (Idaho)

Unknown said...

I'm glad Kayleigh has had so many good days lately. She's looking good. She'll be big before you know it! Are they feeding her formula or Ammie's milk. I know she was having a problem pumping. How's that comming? The more they feed her the more she grows the more she grows the more they have to increase her feeds the more they increase her feeds the faster she grows and it just keeps going from there!!!! :)

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

So good to hear your little one is doing good. One thing I have learned in my 7 weeks in the NICU is you will always know your child better than the doctors and nurses. Always!

Parker was always going up and down in weight for the first couple of weeks, then all of sudden, he grew and grew and grew...he gains about an oz every day..he's getting big.

Hang in there...it gets easier each day and Kayleigh will get stronger each day!


Robin E. Kitson said...

Gosh Adam so you got to hold your girl. I just found about about all this. Goodness you guys have got a cutie, wait till she meets her cousins.