7/24/08 - We've Banded Together

Today was an amazing day in more ways than one. First of all, our wrist bands came in today and we will be sporting them around everywhere! I certainly will not be scared to wear pink now. I have been waiting for over a week for these bands to come in and I was so excited when they got here today.

Second of all, Kayleigh had another awesome day. Are you sitting down??? I don't know if this was a huge fluctuation or just a crazy chance, but Kayleigh weighed in at 762 grams tonight, which is 1 pound 10.8 ounces. That is 72 grams more than yesterday. I am really looking forward to seeing what she weighs in tomorrow night to see if that was just an error or actually true weight gain. They usually will weigh her 2-3 times over and take either the median or average number. That is unbelievable growth though.

They did increase her feeds to 8ml today and are you sitting down again???? They stopped her Lasix because they said her lungs are looking much much better. They are going to do another scan tomorrow to double check the fluid. Other than that, she had a few desats today but they think it is due to her CPAP positioning more than anything else. It will be seven days since we have seen her without the CPAP tubes and beanie on. We are ready to see her pretty little face so I can take more photos for you all. She has grown 4.2 ounces since she has had the contraption on, so we know she is going to look a little different when she gets it taken off.

I have been reading a wonderful book that I want to share with you all. It is called "For the Love of Rachel" by David Loewenstein. It is about his families journey through the NICU and his daughter's battle with prematurity. I highly recommend it to all of you out there. I had the pleasure to converse back and forth with David this past week because I too am in the middle of writing a book about our journey. His book has been very successful and what better person to ask advice from than someone who has been in my shoes. I wish David and his family all the best.

Thanks everyone for all your prayers and words of encouragement. Without you all, we would be lost.

The Freemans


Anonymous said...

She totally looks bigger in that picture! Wow! I can't wait to hear what she weighs in at tomorrow, too.

Well, I'll be praying for more progress.

Hang in there, Kayleigh! You're doing awesome!

Unknown said...

She's doing amazing! She's just moving right along. I'm so glad to hear about the fluid being better. If they keep increasing her feeds like that she'll be a chunky monkey before you know it! LOL Keep up the good work Kayleigh! We are still praying for you!

In Christ,

Smithmomof3 said...

It's awesome Kayleigh is growing so much! She's an amazing little fighter! The miracles are going to just keep coming for her - I just know it!

My daughter loves those wrist bands...are you selling them???

An Ohio friend-
Jen Smith

Anonymous said...

Go Kayleigh Go!!!! Wow, she is growing well...I am praying that she is really growing that well and it's not just a blip....we had several blips with Parker and was upsetting to me...for the first few weeks he went up and down ALOT!

God blessed me when he helped me come across your blog...I am so glad we met! It's nice to have others to turn too when its frustrating and it's nice to be able to give you my thoughts on our experiences. If i ever talk to much about it, let me know..I am only trying to help ya out!

Love the bands by the way...send me one! Let Amiee know if she needs a girl to talk to, she can email me. And you can email me anytime yourself. (And Andrew is glad he met you too...)

Hang in there, you guys are doing great, this is not an easy experience for anyone and it can strain ya, but it's pretty cool to watch your baby grow like this. Savor that!

Be Blessed Today!

Robin E. Kitson said...

Great, I was really hoping for a great week for you guys. I see her being rolled around in her stoller..soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, My husband and I are good friends with the Baldwin family. We were "podmates" with them. Our daughter Brinson was born at 1lb 2.9 oz so I know the journey you're going thru. She is almost 5 months old and still in NICU but is now 6lbs 7oz. She is truly our miracle baby as well. I have checked Kayleigh's blog frequently. I love the bands, where did you get them??? (I missed that entry lol) I wish you all the best and just know that there are even more people praying for you and your family. If you'd like to read about Brinson, our link is on Zachary's page.
When we started our roller coaster ride one of our nurses told us something I'd like to pass on to you..."Remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint" I don't know why, but that seemed to help us.
Lisa Zaldivar

Anonymous said...

I have been following your story since Aimee posted on bbc's sept. board when she first found out there were problems. I even shared a story with her about my niece who was premature and got to come home at 2lbs 14oz. I had a "feeling" then that Kayleigh was going to be a fighter and I'm so glad I was right. I just wanted to say that you all are in my prayers constantly and I so admire your families strength. I'm so glad Aimee and Kayleigh have such a great man by their sides. Ecstatic to hear of the weight gain, I'll keep my fingers crossed that it is correct and not error. She is a doll and I pray that she continues to put on weight so she can have her surgery and ya'll can ultimately take her home. God Bless you all! And thank you for sharing your story, it inspires me daily. With Love and Hope! Mandy

Anonymous said...

SOOOOO HAPPY! she has progressed so much its the beginning. i would also be interested in the bracelets if you have some for sale. please let me know. your family will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. congrats kayleigh!!! almost 2 lbs!!!!!!!!