7/23/08 - Gett'n Blood

Here is what a blood transfusion looks like for a preemie. They have a device that automatically presses a syringe full of blood through an IV into Kayleigh. This will be her fourth transfusion so far, but she is doing really well with each procedure.

We just got an update and she is doing fantastic. There were a couple desats earlier today, but nothing else since then. Aimee and I brought a really dark blanket from home to cover her isolette so barely any light can get in. This will not only allow her to get better rest, but maybe it is helping with her desats.

They increased her feeds to 7ml today which is more than we thought, but we are not arguing one bit! Woo hoo. EAT Kayleigh EAT!!!! She weighed in at 690 grams tonight which is 1 lb - 8.3 ounces. Woo hoo. GROW Kayleigh GROW!!!! Because they increased her feeds, her poops are increasing too. She had 3 big poops today. Woo hoo. POOP Kayleigh POOP!!!! We are certainly blessed to see 4 wonderful days in a row!!!

Thanks everyone for the prayer chains, prayer circles and all the other kind of prayers. I can see them working in Kayleigh each day. You all are a blessing to our family and please keep things going. Tell your friends, co workers and churches to pray, pray, pray!!!! When we are able to bring her home, we are going to throw her a welcome home party like no other! I just wish it wouldn't take Kayleigh several years to find out how many wonderful friends that are pulling for her right now. Thank you God for blogs!

The Freemans :)


Sam said...

Glad you had another great day! David had more transfusions than I can count... and I always noticed that he did better the few days after one. Hopefully it will be the same with Kayleigh!!

Anonymous said...

I am sooooooo happy to hear all the great news about Kayleigh!!! YAY!! GROW Kayleigh Grow!! God is good and he listens to prayers!! Adam and Aimee you both are doing an amazing job!! God Bless You ALL!!

Mommy to 2 boys
1 who was a 31 weeker

Robin E. Kitson said...

You guys are so savvy with medical terminology. I look forward to her making it over 700 grams. Emailed my sister and nieces for additions to prayer chains in Minnesota; the more the merrier but then God ain't deaf he hears us all the first time.



GiGi said...

Wow 1/4 lbs. in 2 days. She is doing amazing!!! At that rate she will gain 4 pounds a month. I remember seeing the roles on our 3 lb twin girls thighs and thinking OK there is no hope for those role on my thighs. Even if I get down to 3 lbs they will still be there. LOL I am soooo excited for the Freeman family.
I also think that God Blesses NICU nurses with a special touch and very loving and caring hearts. I am always amazed at how calm and steady they are when dealing with all the emotions of the parents as well as the needs of the tiny miracles they are responsible for. With all the alarms going off and they never drop the one they are working on or feeding to pump start the neighbor who slept through breathing. Lets just say I know why I don't have that job. I would be like FREEKING OUT After a week I would be checking into the loony bin. I hope they make a ton of money, they really earn it and everything they do makes a huge difference in a lot of families lives. I look at our 3 preemies and i can not imagine life without them. They are all 2 so we hear NO a lot and they are everywhere in everything and I love it! Make sure you let all the nurses in there know how much we all appreciate their hard work.
God bless the Freeman family and all their hard working nurses. Please keep them all healthy and happy so they can do your will.AMEN

Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading the comments every night before I go to bed. I have to know how God has blessed you all and little Kayleigh. I am praying specifically for Kayleighs strength as she gains weight so she can go home. I am praying for Allyson and Brandon as the big brother and sister and the summer that they have experienced with a "little" sibling.
Most specifically I am praying for you and Adam and that God gives you the physical and mental stamina through all of this. I once worked in the NICU as a respiratory therapist so I can only imagine your stress filled evenings. Then throw this real estate market in to it. I understand this too well. Take care of your family and lay all of your concerns at the throne and God will hear all of your prayers.
A friend of mine gave me these 2 verses yesterday to one of my requests:
"The Lord HImself goes before you...He will never leave you." Deut. 31:8

"I made you and I will care for you. I will carry you along and be your Savior." Isaiah 46:4

Hope this helps.


Kimberly (Anthony's Mom) said...

Way to gain 1/2 a pound Kayleigh!! You are doing sooooo well!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear how she is improving. She is such a little miracle, a blessing and I could not be happier to hear her doing so well! You guys are always in my prayers and I am thankful I came across your blog. God is bringing so many wonderful people into my life and I am glad I can be a testimony to what he can do for preemies and that I can be a listening ear.

I do want to warn you (this is something I wish I would have known earlier) that when you do bring your little one home, you aren't really supposed to have her out in crowds for at least a month. Preemie's are a lot more susceptible to getting sick, so at least at my hospital, they tell you know group outings, church, parties, ext until they are at least to their due date and if they are past that, depending on what they weighed and such when they were born, you may have to wait a little longer...

Now that of course is our hospital's rules, not sure if it is the same everywhere...just wanted to give you the for warning! Because my friend was going to plan this huge party for Parker and I had to ask her to postpone it...:( But I don't want to risk Parker getting sick or having to go back in the hospital!

Have a great day friends!

Unknown said...

YAY Kayleigh! I'm glad you are doing so well! You are making your mommy and daddy VERY happy!!! It's hard to beleive a baby so small can poop so BIG huh?!?! LOL She's gonna be at the 2 pound mark before you know it! Here's a link I used all the time when Carly was in the NICU it's a conversion chart.

Praying for more great days to come!


Anonymous said...

Yay Kayleigh!!!!! Your little girl is truly a little miracle!

The Baldwin Family said...

We are so glad to hear of another good day added to the list. Yay Kayleigh! What a super strong fighter you guys have there. We've seen personally that it makes all the difference.

We're continuing the prayers...

Kim, Stephen & Zachary

Heather Marie said...

Hello Freeman family. I found your blog randomly and I just want you to know that I read it every single day and that I am praying for your little angel. She is going to get through this and grow up and live her life like she should. God will make sure of that! :) Take care and keep the updates coming!!

Sarah Suzy said...

YAY Kayleigh!! I posted your story on my myspace blog and know that she is getting so many prayers everyday!!

Anonymous said...

I havent been around for the past few days so I'm catching up. What great news to read! Im so happy that Kayleigh continues to do well. Keep growing Kayleigh!


Anonymous said...

I'm just a lurker from BBC but I was so touched by your story. What a little miracle she is! I know she will do great things when she is all grown up.

Unknown said...

Love you all!!! Keep it up!! You're in my prayers every day and night!!

Aunt Karyn & Uncle Scott

Anonymous said...

We check in every day...How great these last pictures are, she's looking better each time...You go Kayleigh Girl! Love the Johnson Family in CT

Unknown said...

Kayleigh you amaze me. What a true miracle. I am so happy that everything is looking up. I came across this wonderful website tonight and instantly thought of you. http://www.preemietees.com/index.php?state=preemietees

Thinking of you all often :0)

Anonymous said...

Adam & Amiee - I'm Parker Northern's grandfather (Grandpa Pete Northern). Andrew pointed me to your Kayleigh's blog tonight and reading about Kayleigh's journey has been a tremendous blessing to me. On Parker's blog, Andrew posted a reference to his brother, Steven, last night and Kayleigh's adventure brought back our own experiences during 3 months in a NICU (back in 1978) and subsequent repeated hospitalizations over the next couple year and throughout Steven's 22 years.
You guys are so tremendous in your outlook and how you've been managing this challenge. You have a great well of strength and it seems that you are tapping it regularly. Keep on tapping it and keep on reaching out to other around you.
Angela & I are praying for all of you as you meet each day's challenges. Thank you for sharing Kayleigh's story and bringing such marvelous encouragement to us.

Pete Northern