7/30/08 - Taking a night off :)

Sorry everyone, but we have had a very busy day so Aimee and I are going to sit down and watch "Big Brother" and "Never Back Down". One is a tv show that I am sure 99% of you watch and the other is one of my favorite movies that just came out on DVD.

Kayleigh is doing really great today. She has only had a couple minor desats, but nothing crazy. They did realize that she has a urinary tract infection, so that could be another reason for all the desats the other day. They are giving her some medication to take care of it and it seems she is doing better now. She was sleeping very comfortably when we were there tonight, so that makes us feel great.

I wish you all a wonderful evening and day tomorrow. Thanks again for all your prayers and for those who purchased a bracelet. God Bless!

The Freemans :)


Robin E. Kitson said...

Going to bed shall pray nothing else gets in her way.


Anonymous said...

HI! I am so glad to see that Kayleigh is growing & doing better, her little hair is so cute!! We miss you & hope to see you soon...as always you are in our prayers. Aimee, call me sometime & let me know when you can go to lunch. Hugs & Kisses!!


Anonymous said...

Never Back Down is a great movie! My husband and I watched it just last night. It got too low of reviews. For anyone that loves MMA, it's a must see!

Kayleigh is in my prayers.


Adam said...


What is your email address? Glad to hear there is another MMA fan on board. I have been training for a while now. You and your husband should check out my last submission fighting tournament at www.adamsjourneytothecage.blogspot.com. Hope you like it!

annaandallysmom said...

Rest well!

God Bless,