7/9/08 - Home Makeover!!!

Today was yet another great day for Kayleigh. We are just completely pumped up for her right now. I know they said to expect some highs and lows, but we just hope to continue to see more highs than lows.

Aimee and I took the kids up to see Kayleigh again today and they seemed to be more excited this time around. I think it was because Kayleigh was up looking around with her eyes wide open. Brandon was able to rub her head to feel how soft and smooth her head is with all that peach fuzz growing in.

The nurses said that she had a couple desats this afternoon, but when they turned up her flow from 3 to 4, she stopped having them. The great thing about it, is that the oxygen is not the problem. I think she is close to or at 21%, which is what we breath. The problem she has is that her lungs are so small, they are not strong enough to suck in the air so it is easier for her to forget and not breath sometimes when she is sleeping. Since they turn up the flow, it practically pushes the air in to her lungs for her.

They also increased her feedings and she is tolerating it very well. That means a lot to me because I want her to grow from the tiny little peanut that she is. She did increase some weight though from dropping a couple ounces over the past two days. She is currently weighing 531 grams (1.273 lbs). We are really excited about her progress so far.

Aimee and I put together a sign and some photos to decorate her incubator with. In the picture above, you can see some favorite photos that we chose in the background. So when we are not there, she can still see us. I put a lot of work in to that collage with her name on it. I guess I will settle for nothing less than perfect when it comes to my precious daughter. If you can't make out the photos on the collage, Brandon and Allyson are the ones up top with Aimee and I, but down below are Georgia (Our Weiner Dog), Myrtle (Our Turtle) and Sam (Our Border Collie Mix). They all can't wait for Kayleigh to come home and play with them.

Kayleigh, we all love you very much and we can't wait to bring you home. We will pray and pray and pray for God to take care of you and all the other babies. You are certainly a miracle and proof that God is in control.

Thanks everyone for all your prayers!

The Freemans


Anonymous said...

I love reading good day posts. She is such a strong little girl! Keep up the good work Kayleigh, we're still praying for you!


Shalyn said...

I Love All The Family Pics! Babies Love to stare at faces. It may be hard in the beginning but the Doctor's & Nurses are so wonderful in the NICU & even though you are overjoyed when you get to bring your baby home you're kinda sad to leave your NICU family. I had a hard time producing milk too and was on Reglan which didn't help. I pumped religiously every 3 hours & I still only produced 30-50cc each time. Towards the end of Gavins NICU stay I made exactly enough to feed him but once he got home he was eating more and I still pumped every three hours to produce one bottle a day for him. He is on the preemie formula Neosure now and is becoming a little fatty. He left the hospital after 48 days at 4 lbs 7 ozs and now at 6 months weighs 15 lbs. I do think he grew and came home so fast because of my milk, every bit helps them grow. Just keep trying and pumping. My e-mail is shalynfeaster@aol.com if you have any questions.

Tiffany said...

Hi, my name is Tiffany Conder, and I heard about you and your family thru Shalyn, Gavins mommy. She told me about you and your miracle little girl. I too have a miracle, however we have a little boy who turns 3 tomorrow. Our son Landon was born at just 22 weeks, and weighed 15 ounces. YES 15 ounces, 445 grams. he was born on july 11, 2005. Shalyn and I have something in common, we both had HELLP syndrome. I was suffering from kidnewy & liver failure, so they needed to "take" our son asap, in order for me to continue on living. i look at the pics of kayleigh and i see our son so much. he was in the NICU for 97 days, and actually came home on his due date. we live in las vegas, and the hospital we had him at had never cared for a preemie that small before, let alone with NO MEDICAL PROBLEMS!!!! Landon is a true miracle, we are soo blessed. He really has no problems what so ever, with the exception of being small. hes just a skinny lil man, who i cant believe is going to be 3 tomorrow!!! he is a little developmentally behind, but he talks, walks, knows his abc's, can count to 20, and he can spell his name!!! we didnt get to kangaroo until he was 52 days old, couldnt touch him until he was 8 days old. i can go on and on about our lil man, i would love the oppurtunity to speak to you and your family. our family is very imvolved in march of dimes, they actually want me and my husband to go to different hospitals and speak to parents, and share our wonderful miracle story!!! i wish i could be there for your family, and hold your hand and guide you thru this very challenging time, all i can tell you is that be patient, and pray alot. she will pull thru with flying colors!!! i wish we had parents to help guide us thru these tough times, dont get me wrong the dr's and nursesnwere great, but they havent been thru what we have been thru. i kept a nicu diary of each day Landon was in the hosp, if you want, i can get a copy to you. I know you are going thru hard times, and I am not trying to pry, but really i would love to have the oppurtunity to talk to you. please if you have any questions, or just wanna talk, again my name is Tiffany my phone # 702-296-1592 landosmommy@aol.com
your daughter is soo beautiful, she looks like shes doing real well, progressing vey nicely. i wish your family all the happiness in the world, hope to talk soon


Unknown said...

Hi there! I found your page through Wade's page. I found Wade's page because my brother knows him and his wife. My name is Rachel Mays. I too had a daughter born early (28weeks), very sick and only weighing 13 ounces/380g. My daughter Carly was such a fighter. I'd love to share her story with you. She over come EVERYTHING prematurity could possibly think to throw at her!!! She did however pass away at 4 months old from a heart defect but her story is a powerful inspritation to anyone who is going through a NICU stay! Carly also was at CMC downtown and had wonderful nurses, dr, and NNP and I can't say enough good things about the entire staff there!!! We were there from 11/15/07-3/9/08. I really hope you get a chance to read her story at carlynicoleelliotte.blogspot.com

Please know that I am praying for your daughter and your family. I'm always here to if you'd like to talk. I'm still pretty fresh in the whole NICU experience. Email me anytime!!


with love,

Anonymous said...

Hello! Seeing your sweet LO is so emotional! I will never forget the day that Aimee first posting asking for prayers. Through those next 8 weeks or so, we never gave up hope and here she is fighting and strong! God is good and His mercy is endless! You have been blessed!!

I just love seeing her and reading about her days! Thanks for blogging... now we don't have to wait to find out how she is doing and how the rest of you are feeling. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations you guys. I have asked Scott for updates a bunch and he referred me to this webpage. You guys have been on my mind throughout the pregnancy. I'm so glad that everything seems to be looking up. I wish you the best.