7/11/08 - Sorry for not posting :-o

Okay, I got yelled at by Aimee and I think I scared my parents to death because I didn't post yesterday. I did however comlpete chapters 5 and 6 of the book I am writing about our experience, which will then help other familes in the same situation keep hope alive. I was up until 6 this morning working on it so I am sorry for not posting.

We went up to visit Kayleigh yesterday afternoon for a short amount of time. We had the kids with us and on those days, it is harder to keep them patient while we are in the NICU.

Kayleigh was desatting more yesterday than she has been over the past couple days. They think it was due to the inrease in food, but aren't totally sure. They tried increasing her flow, increasing her oxygen, decreasing her food, but nothing seemed to work. She is bringing her self out of the plunges, so that means for something good.

She slept the whole time we were there and looked so peaceful all wrapped up. Kayleigh also has a new neighbor who is practically sharing the same isolette because they are packed in that little room. They said the other baby shouldn't be there long. I am sorry if I sound like a complainer, but I guess I am already getting over protective of my little girl. ha-ha.

On the oher hand, Mommy is not too happy either!!! She was diagnosed with slight Hyperthyroidism and was placed on a medicine to control it. When Aimee was pregnant, she lost 10 pounds, but was never sick. She then gained 5 pounds back before Kayleigh arrived. Since being on the new medicine they gave her, she has gained 7 pounds in the past two weeks. We have been going back and forth with the Doctors to see what is going on. We wanted to know if this Hyperthyroidism was only a problem when she was pregnant and the hormones have caused the inbalance. We cut back on the medicine for now and will continue to watch to see what happens. Aimee is not thrilled about the weight gain at all and we don't need her pulling out more hair because of the stress. I would still love her if she was big and bald though. :)

I will update tonight after we get back from the hospital. Please keep your prayers coming and thank you to those for sending the gifts. Thank you notes and pictures will soon be sent out. We love you all!!!

The Freemans


Smithmomof3 said...

I've been following Kayleigh's story (as a lurker) for a few months now since finding it on the Ultrasound board. I check every day to see how all of you are doing. Kayleigh has so many praying for her - she's already such an amazing little girl!

(((Hugs))) and Prayers from Ohio,


Amber said...

You had me worrying too! LOL I feel much better that I see this update up, whew. Keep up the good work Kayleigh!


Amber said...

You had me worrying too! LOL I feel much better that I see this update up, whew. Keep up the good work Kayleigh!


Aimee Freeman & Team Freeman said...

Ha! You will still love me if I am big & bald, huh? We will see soon if they don't adjust this medicine & Kayleigh keeps up with the desats. LOL