1/8/08 - Kayleigh the Plumber :)

We are true parents capturing every "first" moment of Kayleigh. So today, we took a picture of Kayleigh's first "Plumbers Crack." But doesn't she have to have butt cheeks to have a plumbers crack? Oh well, maybe someday soon.

Kayleigh is doing amazing today. She has had only a couple desats recorded only in the 70's and brought herself back up quickly. She is also on room air (21%), so WOO HOO!!!! More days like this will get her back on the nasal cannula. She went up to 7ml today and will be going to ml tomorrow. She is moving right back up to where she was before and hopefully now we can start putting some meat on her.

Aimee got the opportunity to do Kangaroo Care and Kayleigh lasted an hour before we had to put her up. She would have stayed out longer, but we had to leave to get Brandon and Allyson. She actually cried when we had to put her back, so you know she was really enjoying laying on Mommy. I am so glad Aimee was able to bond for a long time like that. It is so healthy for Kayleigh and it makes us just outright excited.

She weighed in tonight at 749 grams without the CPAP on, so she actually grew around 23 grams more than last night. Other than that, she is just doing great! Let's keep it up!!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!

The Freemans :)

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Anonymous said...

You can definatly see she is growing, her hands look bigger :o) Way to go Kayleigh, keep up the good work!