8/12/08 - DAY 50!!!

Wow, can you believe it has been 50 days in the NICU already. Time is flying by so quickly. It feels like yesterday when our "Angel" doctor brought our precious little Kayleigh in to this world. Soon she will have doubled her size. She did lose a little weight since yesterday, but probably because she hasn't eaten anything. She weighed in at 841 grams which is 1 pound - 13 ounces.

We spoke with one of our doctors today and she said if they wanted to wait one more day before they start her on her feeds. They are going to do another x-ray in the morning to see how her belly looks and start her on her new feeds. She will be getting breast milk and SSC fortifier, which is Similac Special Care. She said that if that doesn't seem to do the job, then they have several other options to work. We are really excited to get back on track. I just hope this works so we don't keep going back and forth for too long.

Good news is that Kayleigh's breathing has been wonderful. She was dropped from 5 liters to 4 liters yesterday and since she did so well with that, they dropped her to 3 liters this morning. I got to hold her for a little over an hour today and she was doing great. No desats, but her heart rate would drop just below 100 every now and then. The nurse said that it is nothing to worry about if her sats aren't affected by it. It was good to know that he was sleeping really well while I held her because the nurse said she was cranky a lot today. That is probably because she is hungry. Everyone will be really glad for her to start back feeds tomorrow. Other than that, she is doing good and her belly is looking better.

I wanted to let everyone know we ordered the bracelets, but we will order more if anyone wants any. Shipping said it will take 6 days to get here and then we will turn around and mail them out to you all. Thank you all so much for ordering bracelets. We will be mailing 44 bracelets as of this morning, so that is going to make for an awesome scrap book full of many wonderful photos. If you missed what we are doing, we are selling the bracelets and putting together a scrap book for Kayleigh with photos of everyone wearing their bracelets. Also, each family can write Kayleigh a letter and put it with their photos. I think that will be an awesome thing to cherish for the rest of her life, so she can remember all the people pulling for her. Thanks to everyone for contributing. It means to world to us.

God Bless,

The Freemans :)


Kimberly (Anthony's Mom) said...

Wow 50 days! Go Kayleigh!

Just wanted to let you know that Similac Alimentum was a godsend to us. It ended up my breast milk was what was giving Anthony gas so we had to try something else. I know Aimee had been having an issue with pumping, I hope she's doing better now, but I just wanted to let you know that if somewhere down the line you have to supplement with formula that Similac Alimentum is what totally helped Anthony. Its broken down milk basically so it doesn't give them gas.

As for breathing, Kayleigh is impressing me sooooo much! She's doing better then Anthony did and he was twice her size at birth. You have a very strong little girl there on your hands =-)

GiGi said...

God created Kayleigh's Breast Milk formulated just for her.

To help her with gas write on each bag or bottle of milk that Aimee pumps what she ate with in the passed six hours. Log this so you can figure out what gasses Kayliegh up. Every baby is different. I had babies that I had to stay away from the whole cabbage family as well as garlic, onion, lettuce, of coarse caffeine. Beens are known to gas some babies.
To give you a head start have both sides of GRAND PARENTS as well as both of you write down the foods that gas you up and you will see that Kayleigh won't fall far from the tree.
I always ate a lot of yogart and bananas and drank a ton of water.Stay away from lunch meat.

GOD Bless the Freeman Family and Bless and guide all their Nurses and Doctors. Continue to keep them sharp and on top of things so Kayleigh may grow to do your will. AMEN

Anonymous said...

I share almost the exact same story please go to
pics are under links and albums when you look at the pics you will see a replica of kaleigh! please feel free to email, after all we have been through on my side I know all about everything NICU wise. Also I have some info about wear to get clothes to fit a 1 lb baby 2 lb baby and some other stuff!

Anonymous said...

I was on American Baby's website entering my son in the contest when I came acrossed the pictures of your little miracle! I found my way to your website and have been reading it for the past hour. Kayleigh is a true miracle from God! I am so touched by your story and by the love the two of you have for each other and your family. I will keep Kayleigh in my prayers.

I have a four month old son. My husband and I had many problems conceiving a healthy pregnancy. Through our journey I prayed to God for strength...long story short he lead me to St. Gianna. I prayed to her for over a year and her powerful intercession granted me my miracle. A healthy pregnancy!

St. Gianna is the patron saint for mothers of troubled pregnancies but she has also helped my friend with cancer and my cousin with liver problems. You can go to her website at www.Saintgianna.org. I will pray to St. Gianna for Kayleigh and for the two of you. May God bless Kayleigh and your family!