8/18/08 - Started Feeds Again!!

We are so excited that they started Kayleigh's feeds back again. They are mixing breast milk with a fortifier, so the fortifier will take care of the blood sugar issue and the breast milk should take care of the digestion issue. (HOPEFULLY!!!) If this works well, then we should be on our way to more milestones. Please say a prayer that this combination of feeds is the perfect recipe for Kayleigh. We need to get this show on the road and cut back on the hurdles.

Kayleigh weighed in tonight at 940 grams (2 pounds 1.15 ounces). Her oxygen is still at around 21-25% with 3 liters of pressure. Her belly was soft tonight and her bowel sounds were great. She was gassy today, but did not poop any. She had a couple desats today and seemed really grumpy at times, but no one could lay a finger on what her deal was. The nurse tonight might have figured it out because she turned Kayleigh on her tummy and hasn't heard any peeps from Kayleigh for the past couple hours. Maybe she was just in an uncomfortable position.

Most of you may know or may not know that Aimee and I work in real estate with RE/MAX in Charlotte, NC. Our market has been one of the top markets for quite some time, but lately everything has been going down hill fast. We are down more than 50% from last year and the market couldn't have crashed at a worse time because of our situation with Kayleigh being in the hospital and gas prices being outrageous. We have been working really hard on turning things around and someone presented this opportunity to us that definitely couldn't hurt trying for. (Ha! Yes, another contest we need help voting on). This contest is through a huge radio station here in Charlotte and is called Mrs and Mrs. Real Estate. The winners (1 male and 1 female) get to come on the radio station and do an interview about their real estate business. The wonderful thing about this website is you get to vote multiple times so if everyone voted several times, we may have a shot at winning this. I feel guilty asking for all your help again, but please know that it is really appreciated.

To vote for Aimee, go to: http://www.pxspot.com/public/file_viewDetail.asp?uid=685&fileID=36510&albumID=3633

and to vote for me, go to: http://www.pxspot.com/public/file_viewDetail.asp?uid=685&fileID=36507&albumID=3632

Vote as many times as you can possibly handle :)

Just to let you know, Kayleigh is within the top 10 on "Most Viewed" and "Most Recommended" out of 13,659 babies. WOO HOO!!! Keep them coming so we can get that number one spot and share with the world how special Kayleigh is and how wonderful God can work in so many peoples lives.

God Bless,

The Freemans :)


Anonymous said...

just so you guys know i went on the site and clicked the vote button over and over as fast as i could and i jumped Adam upfrom 300 something to 1000, so i went to Aimee's and went from around 1500 to 1700 and buy that time my fingers were hurting so i'll do it again tommorow, and i'll start with Aimee. Glad to here things are back on track i'll pray for you all
love Brandi, and family

Unknown said...

i totally rocked the vote! ha! good luck to you both!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I voted a ton too. Got you both up a little. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I have been following your story and praying for Kayleigh since you posted on the ultrasound board. One of my closest girlfriends is pregnant with twins and just found out today that her little girl is losing fluid. She is in the hospital on bed rest now. Besides prayer, what can I do for her? Are there any websites that helped you learn more? She is currently 20 weeks and the babies were measuring 9 and 10 oz respectively. At this point the doctors are hoping to get her to 24 weeks. You can email me at my personal address borckb@uhcl.edu. My prayers are always with you all even though I have never met you. Thanks and love,
Beth (Houston, TX)

Anonymous said...

Alright for feeds!!!!! I'm keeping you all in my prayers all day. I hope that once the Kayleigh train starts chugging along that there is no stopping it....
Love Kelly

Anonymous said...

Grow Kayleigh Grow!! God Bless!!!
I voted a ton last night and I will do some now!! Good Luck and Best Wishes to you both!!! You both deserve it!!!!!

Mommy to 2 boys
1 who was a 31 weeker!!

Unknown said...

Great site! We got your contact on http://preemie.info but an email bounced back to us to us to here i am. We place a huge link and the story on the from page. If you can, please put a link to us somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I wish your family the best of luck and i will pray for Baby Kayleigh. I went on the baby contest site to vote for my son and I saw Kayleigh's picture and i had to read your story. Its an amazing story of how miracles can happen. Best wishes.... also I voted for you and your husband..Good Luck