8/27/08 - Surgery Is Complete!!!

I am overwhelmed by all the comments today as Kayleigh had her surgery. The photo above was when we were prepping Kayleigh for surgery and transporting her down to the operating room. They had to "Bag Her"(manually breath for her with a pump) all the way down to the O.R . and even though she was fine and satting high, that was a very nerve wrecking experience. I guess when you associate CPR on television to practically seeing the same thing being done to your child, it is not so pleasant. While we waited in the holding room, shift change was taking place so there were people flying through the halls to get to where they were going. It made us so anxious and Aimee started to break down. Our room was open for everyone to see and Kayleigh surely caught the attention of everyone passing by because she is so tiny. We didn't want to leave Kayleigh, but we were ready to get out of all that madness. They took Kayleigh back to start the anesthesia, but we had to still wait for the doctor to come meet us. The surgery started a little bit later than expected and lasted around 4 hours total. Aimee and I are so grateful that my Mom and Dad were there with us to support us through this emotional time. They are so amazing and we owe them the world. Thank you guys!!!!

After the surgery, the opthamologist came out to speak with us and was so wonderful. She said that the surgery went very well. As she took a better look before they did surgery, it was clear that the ROP was in zone 2, but right on that zone 1 line. It was too close for comfort, but as she did the procedure, there were no issue of detachment which is awesome! They had to do over 4,000 laser burns in Kayleigh's right eye and just over 3,o00 in her left. The doctor mentioned that it would take a full 6 weeks to find out how successful the surgery was, but from her experience, she felt that Kayleigh will only lose a little bit of her peripheral vision in both eyes. PRAISE GOD!!!! Let's just pray that she is right and nothing bad changes in the mean time. They are going to check up with her weekly, so we should know if things are not progressing.

Once Kayleigh was back in her NICU spot, she was still knocked out by the anesthesia and pain medicine that she was on. We got to hold her little hand and wish her a good nights sleep. She is probably going to be on the vent for several days, but it was good to see that she as satting at 100% with oxygen at room air. I am sure that will not stay so good when the medicine starts to wear off and she starts to open her eyes. Her eyes have medicine all in them and she probably won't be seeing too clear when she opens them and that will irritate the mess out of her.

Overall, it seems that the surgery was a success and we hope things continue to be a success as the days go on. All we can do it pray and trust in God as He already knows the outcome. If you didn't read all the comments from the last post, please go back and read Candace's story about the footprints on the beach. It is so amazing and I about lost it while I read it to my Mom tonight. God is certainly walking with us right now as He continues to show Himself through Kayleigh. God is so wonderful and I can't say enough how important it is to have Him in your life as He will always be there for you and do great things!

I really want to thank the doctor for taking the time to talk with us last night and after her surgery. She was a ball of fire and we loved her to death. I can't say enough good things about her as she was unbelievably good at what she does. Without her expertise and steady hands, our daughter may never see and this doctor was a certainly a blessing to our family. She will have a place in our hearts forever.

Please continue to pray for Kayleigh that this surgery will be a complete success. We appreciate everyone being there for us! You all are so awesome!!


The Freemans :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, guys, I am so happy things went well! I met to leave you a note today, but unfortunatley, things ended up really rough today. Drew got in a car accident and so our day became about figuring that mess out...he is fine...several scrapes and bumps and bruises, but walked away. It was a total accident...the other guy was at fault and it is only because his tire blew and he lost control..he felt terrible. My car is totaled, but it's all good.

So yes, know that I thought of you and prayed for you today and that I wanted to leave you a note, but with the mess of the accident, I got side tracked.

I am so so glad things went well...I love that the doctor cared as much as she did...that was always so reassuring to me in the nicu.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for His hand at work today and the healing He has brought to Kayleigh. She looks so precious in her little isolette on her way to the O.R.

You guys must be exhausted. We will all stand in the gap if you feel too tired to pray. May God be glorified, and His mighty works continue to be seen through Kayleigh's life.

Bunches of Hugs,
Pennie, Michella, and Marissa

Anonymous said...

Im so glad to hear Kayleighs surgery went well. I thought about her today and couldnt wait to see this post tonight. I'm so glad to know she made it through ok. She is such a little fighter :o)


Anonymous said...

I have been on egg shells today waiting to hear how the surgery went. I'm so glad to hear that everything went well for sweet Kayleigh. I will continue to pray for her. She was on my mind all night last night. I think I will sleep better tonight knowing the surgery went well. With Love, Nikki Conway.

Mistelle said...

I stumbled across your blogspot when I saw a photo on American Baby...which I gave 5 stars, btw...it was beautiful...the one of Aimee and Kayleigh in "Kangaroo Care". :) I noticed it yesterday, and it has taken me two days to catch up from the beginning (I have a 7 month old). When I got up to the top of the page tonight, I read about the eye surgery that was to happen today. I had gone to the comments section, and when I came back there were new photos and news that the surgery went well. Praise God!! I was so excited to read that, and so glad that Kayleigh had such a great doctor. Your story is so inspiring...I will surely pass it along to all my prayer warrior friends, and pray for Kayleigh and your family myself. Stay strong, Freemans. God is touching so many lives through your family and that sweet little angel of yours. She is just beautiful, and my Brenna would just shower her with sweet baby kisses. You all have been on such an emotional roller coaster, and it is so refreshing to see a family lean and rely on God the way that you have. You are right on in doing that, as he is in control...just as you have said.

I will be checking in regularly to see Kayleigh's progress...and praying for her upcoming heart surgery, once she reaches that milestone. Actually, I'll pray for God to just close that hole on up...he has taken care of everything else now, hasn't he? :)

I'm wondering about Kayleigh's bloated tummy problems, because my girl has food allergies. She is exclusively breastfed, and I've had to remove a LOT from my diet...and it's helped her a ton. She has silent reflux, which I think was caused by dairy, and she used to get really bloated. Anyway...in my experience, doctors don't know a whole lot about bf babies, and will not link problems to something in mom's diet...but I've proven my case, along with countless women on www.lll.org. From that massive stash of milk you've got in the freezer, I see you don't have supply issues, but there is all kinds of support and information there, should you need it. Ok I'm rambling...sorry so long!

God bless you all! Looking forward to seeing Kayleigh's journey to complete health complete!! :)

Humble, TX

Unknown said...

Glad to hear everything went well. I'll continue to pray for the healing of her eyes and that she has a great outcome. God bless you guys. And keep on hanging in there ya'll are going GREAT!!

In Christ,

annaandallysmom said...

Thank God she did well. She was in prayers all day yesterday!!! I will continue praying for your precious baby girl and her wonderful strong parents.

God Bless Each of You,

meant2havejustgirls said...

Checking in everyday and glad to hear all went well...God bless you all!! One day closer to taking her home!!

Anonymous said...

Whew!! I knew God will take care of her!! I am so happy everything went well!! God Bless You Kayleigh!! Stay Strong Aimee and Adam!!

Mom to 2 boys
1 who was a 31 weeker

Sarah said...

sorry I missed the chance to comment on your previous post. . . but I wanted to share w/ you about a little girl from my church who was born with several disabilities/problems. I'm not sure on all of the, but I know she is mostly blind, completely deaf, and her life is consumed in surgeries etc. But she is the brightest little girl I have ever met. I know some sign language, but i can't understand her when she talks to me because she signs with such incredible speed I can't even begin to comprehend what she is saying. Even with her disabilities, she enjoys life SO fully- just in different ways. I was rehearsing for a church special (I play violin, viola, and cello) and her dad brought her over and asked if she could touch my cello while I played so she could feel the vibrations. I wasn't sure if she'd actually be able to tell. . . but as soon as my bow touched the strings and I began playing a melody she started jumping up and down in glee and excitement- she could "feel" my music!!!! It was so cool. This has inspired me to one day be a music teacher to special needs children. I don't care if they are blind, deaf, or whatever disability they may have they can STILL experience music in some way and it's just SO magical. So I have no idea when that will ever happen, but I've got an entire life ahead of me so we'll see what God does with it. :-)

Joe said...

I've been waiting to hear!! Congratulations!! Continued prayers your way for her recovery from surgery!!

Unknown said...

I'm so glad Kayleigh made it through surgery well. I have been thinking about all of you and saying lots of prayers. God is awesome!

Anonymous said...

What a great birthday present Aimee! Happy Birthday!