First of all, today is a very special day. Aimee is celebrating her 34th birthday today!!! Woo hoo. We are getting together with my family this Saturday to enjoy Mom's lasagna and some birthday cake. Aimee said she is taking that day off from dieting and I don't blame her because Mom's lasagna is to die for. We had a wonderful day today, spending some quality time together.

Kayleigh was very quiet today as she is still recovering from the surgery. The doctors said it takes a little longer for a preemie to come off of the anesthesia, so she was sleeping pretty much the whole time we were there. Aimee and I had our hands in the isolette from both sides. We held both of her hands and alternated stroking her little head. There was a period of five minutes where she was opening her eyes a little to see who was out there. I think she heard us talking and was very happy because she was satting in the high 90's. Whenever we would pull our hands out, she would first try to squeeze our hands as if she didn't want to let go and then her sats would go down a little. It was as if she was more secure when our hands were in there with her. We are so happy that she is doing well after such as stressful surgery.

Aimee just got off the phone with the NICU and I am shocked to say that she is continuing to grow better with the triple mix nutrients that they are giving to her through an IV than the breast milk fortifier. She weighed in at 1070 tonight which is (2.574 pounds). I am very happy to see an increase like that. It may not be much compared to a normal preemie, but that is a lot for Kayleigh. Although we know she doesn't do anything by the book.

Great news!!! The Kayleigh bracelets came in yesterday and we mailed them out, so they should be arriving to you soon. I am dying to see all the photos and letters for Kayleigh's scrap book. We still have to get more bracelets for the last few that placed their orders, so if you are thinking of still getting one, please do. We are overwhelmed by all the people who purchased one and it is going to make an awesome scrap book.

Thank you all so very much and God Bless!

The Freemans :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Aimee. Hurray for Kayleigh. I am so happy to hear she is doing so well. Of course she is more secure with mommy and daddy there, she has wonderful parents and already knows it. Have a good night. God Bless

Anonymous said...

now let me talk about how small this world is and how God talks to me. So I'm a respiratory therapy student in my first couple of weeks, and today in class we were talking oxygen therapy and things like that..and the topic came up about ROP so of course I thought of you all and Miss Kayleigh. It's one thing to read about it in text and hear a lecture but it's another thing to see what it's like on the other end (the patient/family).

The 2nd half of my statement is that since i've started the RT program I have no idea what I want to do once I graduate. But the more I read about Kayleigh the more that I feel that the Lord is pulling me to NICU. It takes a strong God loving compassionate person to work with babies that fragile. But I think that God is wanting me there, it'll be something that I pray about continously of course. I just thought that you all would like to hear that.

I'm so glad that the surgery went as well as it did. I was on pins and needles and was so anxious to find out the results. Keep strong faith. "I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory tht will be revealed in us." Roman 8:18

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Aimee!!

It's so good to hear her surgery was a success.

God Bless!!

Trish said...

Happy Birthday Aimee.. yesterday! I hope you all had a great day! I am glad to heat Kayleigh is doing well after her surgery. My little micro-preemie aiden had the ROP surgery. It is SO scary for us parents to go through! My thoughts and prayers are with your family. You definitly have a little fighter on your hands though.. so no worries :0) Love all the pics you guys take! She is gaining weight so good!
Have a Good Friday You Guys!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Aimee!!!!

Jennifer in NM said...

Sorry this is late, I now work until 11pm and I can't always focus enough to write a coherent statement!!!! First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIMEE!!!! Secondly, Kayleigh is just so smart already and the girl already knows what she wants!!! She wants you guys, and she already knows the difference. WOW!! I am glad to hear that she is gaining weight so well. Keep growing Kayleigh. I pray that her day today is going well and that it continues with no hills to conquer.