8/8/08 - Congratulations Wade and Ferris!!!

Today was a wonderful day, not only for the Freemans but for the Joye family also. Wade and Ferris Joye's twin girls (Adleigh and Liana) both went to progressive care. Liana was Kayleigh's NICU neighbor and we have grown to know the Joye's very well. We are certainly going to miss seeing them in our room, but I am sure we will see them passing through. When Liana left today, Kayleigh got first dibs on her spot so we move her isolette over to a much better location in the room. We are in a corner and not on top of the people who use the computer or telephone. It is also much darker over there so Kayleigh will get some better rest.

Since Kayleigh was having issues with her blood sugar, they decided to put her completely on formula for right now. They also decided to put her on continuous feeds, so she will get 13ml over 3 hours and then start another 13ml when that is done. That way, we can keep her blood sugars up and not give them a chance to drop. Since they have done this, her blood sugar has been looking great. This will also give Kayleigh a chance to receive more calories than what the BM was giving her. From people posting and from the nurses today, BM only goes up to around 18 calories while the formula goes up to as much as 30. The nurse said that 27 is almost too much because problems with digestion sets in around that number, so they are going to start her at 22-24 calories for now to make sure she tolerates it well.

I was able to hold Kayleigh for about 45 minutes today. I am loving that she is able to come out more and let us hold her. It felt like just last week, everyone was so afraid to let her come out of the isolette because she wasn't doing well enough. She did drop her temperature today, so I didn't get to hold her for over an hour like last time. I was actually going to hold her for an hour and then Aimee would hold to her, but we didn't make it that far. "Sorry Aimee!" Well, atleast she will get to hold her first tomorrow:) We are so excited about how well she has been facing all her battles lately. It seems that when one thing goes wrong, they are quick to fix the issue and Kayleigh is handling it all like a champ. She is a true fighter. Pray that this formula will give her the calories she needs to grow faster. She did grow 14 grams from last night. She weighed in at 796 grams which is 1 pound 12.07 ounces so maybe the forumula is starting to help because she hasn't grown that much in the past three days.

Attention everyone who got bracelets, we had quite a few more people order some from the family reunion, so we held off on ordering them a couple more days. If you still want one, let us know as soon as possible. THANK YOU TONS!!!! If you are having trouble on your computer clicking on the order tab at the top right on the blog, email me at Adam@teamfreemanproperties.com. I can't wait to put together the scrap book for Kayleigh with all your family photos. We figured with the orders so far, we will be able to purchase materials for the scrap book and possibly the stroller we hope to get for Kayleigh. God Bless you all for your help!!!

The Freemans :)


Anonymous said...

Adam and Amy,

I have to tell you that I check in on you and Kayleigh all the time and I truly amazed at her growth and the video made me cry along with her!!! THere is nothing more beautiful then the devotion that you two have to your daughter and her growth and her blog!!!

I want you to know that every Sunday at church baby Kayleigh is in my prayers! I know she is getting stronger each say just by her pictures. I hope that you continue posting when Kayleigh is in school and chasing her dreams. Your strength is the most amazing thing I have ever seen and such a gift!

You are beautful people inside and out!

Crystal in CT

Unknown said...

The nurses are also able to mix the formula with the BM to add the calories to the BM! I did that with both of mine-- like for every 2 ounces of BM it was 2 tsp of formula or something like that-- which made it 24 calories.. At 27 calories both mine would throw up! It was too rich!

I'm so happy to hear how well she is doing! Keep it up Kayleigh!

Jennifer said...

aww just look at the cutie pie in pink. she is really filling out. im so happy she is doing well. thanks for the daily updates and pictures.
jennifer (mom to 30wkr)

Jennifer in NM said...

Hey guys,

Sorry I haven't been able to post lately, our move was a nightmare and we are just getting settled in.

I have caught up with Ms. Kayleigh and she looks so different. She is starting to look like a full term baby which is just awesome. She is growing so much. The first time I got on here after about a week I told my husband look how much she has grown and I hadnt even read the post yet.

She is in my prayers everyday and I can see the prayers working. She is so strong it is just amazing. Me being an adult am not as strong as that precious baby. Aimee, you looked so peaceful and happy in the picture where you are holding Kayleigh, that is not something that I had noticed in a bit of time. And just keep piling up that liquid gold, she will be able to use it in the future, I think BM stays good for 6 months or so in the freezer, so it will not go to waste.

Kayleigh, you awesome miracle, you keep up the good work and grow, grow, grow, for mommy and daddy. I will check in on you later.