A Chance To Give Hope!

Brandon getting a chance to hold Kayleigh's hand.

One of the major reasons I have chosen to post every single day besides making memories of the tough journey we have had to travel, is to reach out and give some other family hope. We want to share the greatness of our God and how awesome He is. If there is a family who was told their child would not survive, I want them to look back on our story and not think for one second that they should give up. Doctors told us numerous times that Kayleigh would not make it and that termination is an option. If Aimee never posted on the Baby Center and met some of the most amazing people, we wouldn't have been given the hope or have stayed so positive through this whole journey.

One night while I was fumbling around on the internet, I came across a website where you can enter your child's photos for a chance at a cover photo. I decided it would be a good idea to upload the photos so other families would come across Kayleigh's photos, read the captions I left and share it with others who may be traveling down the same road as us. If I could touch just one person with our story, I would feel like I accomplished so much. Tonight, someone posted on our blog that came from that website who was just floored by our story and said that Kayleigh has given her a whole new outlook on life. It has been over a month since I posted the photos to that site and when I went back there tonight, I was unbelievably shocked to realize Kayleigh is ranked 39 out of 12,332 babies on "most viewed" category. My initial goal was working and I was able to drive people to our blog and to share Kayleigh's story and to give hope to someone in need. I nearly cried when I felt like I returned the favor from those who did it for me.

My initial goal has now changed and I want to do so much more. I am on fire about touching giving hope to as many people as possible. On our blog, we get well over 500 viewers who stop by daily to check up on Kayleigh. If I were to drive every single one of you to this website and get Kayleigh's ranking to #1, we might have a chance to give so many people going through similar situations the amount of hope you all have given us. How awesome would it be for ever single one of those 12,332 people to see Kayleigh's story and share it with the world, let alone getting a cover shot to where we can touch the lives of everyone who reads the American Baby, Parents and Family Circle Magazines. I want everyone to work together for a common goal and that is to save as many baby's lives as we can and to show everyone how wonderful our God is. The doctors don't have the final word, GOD DOES!!! Let's all reach out and honor God by giving hope to a family out there who doesn't need to go through this alone.

How to help get her to #1: This only takes 1 minute to do.
Right above the photo with her hand in mine where my my ring on her wrist, you will be able to give her a rating where you see the stars. Also, click the recommend button as I guess this will only help her ratings too. I think you can only vote once, but tell your friends and family to help us all achieve this goal together.

God Bless you all and Thank you! By the way, Kayleigh is doing really good today. There really wasn't anything to update on except that she is resting well and breathing good. She is also not having any issues with her belly right now. Today was a good and quiet day.

Thanks for your help!

The Freemans :)


Anonymous said...

I just have to say, the photo tonight, is by far the best photo of Kayleigh so far. She looks extremely healthy. I'm so proud of all of you, and i SO look forward to reading her story, every night. I make sure i always read, because its a wonderful story. Grow Kayleigh Grow! :)

Anonymous said...

What a touching picture! And I will post the link on my mommy board and try to get her some more ratings. Good luck on getting to number 1 Kayleigh!


Anonymous said...

After reading today's post, I felt I needed to write you. I was directed to your page after finding the pictures of Kayleigh on the contest page about a month ago. I had just entered pictures of my then 2-month old son and I stumbled across your entry. I have been coming to Kayleigh's page every morning since then! I call her my daily dose of inspiration. I don't know how to say this without sounding rude, but I use your story to get through what I consider the "tough" days here. My son is now 3-months and he just started daycare on Monday. It was a tough morning! However, when I got to work, I looked at Kayleigh's page like I always do, and it made me feel blessed to be able to be dropping my son at day care. I hope that doesn't sound awful! Your family is in my thoughts everyday, and I pray for little Kayleigh. God bless you and your family. Stay strong, love each other, and I can't wait to read about Kayleigh years from now as a healthy, beautiful little girl!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your story and your faith in God. We have been there, too! Our son lived 84 days. Precious Memories! We are continuing to pray for Kayleigh. The Flournoys, Lufkin, Texas

Anonymous said...

I was just reading your blog and the funny thing is that, that website is how I found you. I was amamzed by how little she was at first, and now after reading your blogs and checking up every day I'm amazed at God's wonder. Kayleigh has renewed my faith in prayer. She has helped me remember that even when things look bad, if you have faith, good things can and will happen. We don't exactly know what His plans are, but we should always remember that they will be great if we just give it all to Him and continue to give Him the glory.

God Bless you all, and keep growing Kayleigh.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that Kayleigh is feeling better. God bless


Anonymous said...

I came upon you precious picture on the cover contest. What an amazing story! Kayleigh is beautiful!
I know what you are going through. My 18 month old was very preemie. She is beautiful and healthy now. Here is a link to her picture http://www.parents.com/app/sharemy/photoDetails.jsp?photoId=275600034.
I am sending it to you so you can see that they do grow and they can make it. It is amazing what medical science can do now. It is more amazing what God can do. We are so blessed to have her. I remember how hard it was when they told me that I couldn't hold my baby or just for a few minutes. I remember sitting by her incubator for hours upon hours. I so looked forward to the times that they needed to change the bedding or her diaper so I could have the chance to touch her.
The crazy thing is that now it seems like such a short time. Back then it seemed like forever!
I pray that your sweet baby will be healthy. I pray that you will constantly have peace.
Please know that I will have you in my prayers. You seem like such a beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

This picture of Kayleigh looks just like her mommy!! Aahhhh....
Pretty girl!

So glad we got to see her face! She looks like she feels better, and her little lbs. are showing!

This is wonderful progress, guys! Yeah!!

Marissa said...

I also found your blog on the parenting website! What a sweet sweet SWEET baby girl. I entered my baby girl in the contest, but now I would rather see Kayleigh win! Honestly! So much good will come of her story. So... good luck with the contest and may God continue to bless your family.