8/15/08 - What a day!!!

Today was an awesome day in more ways than one. First of all, thank you so much to all those who went on to the Parents.com website to help Kayleigh's ratings. She is moving up in the rankings, but not where we need her to be yet. We had around 137 people vote in the past 24 hours. That is amazing!!! If you did not read yesterdays post, please read it and then go to:

We are so thankful to have some many wonderful people out there try and accomplish a single goal together. That goal is to touch the lives of at least one person. Well, it is my pleasure to tell you that I got two emails today. One of them was from someone who has been struggling with daily routines in life, but after finding Kayleigh's story on the Parents.com website, she has a new outlook on life and how she treats everyday struggles with her children as a blessing from God. THAT IS AWESOME!! But wait, there is more....I received another email from someone who has restored her faith through prayer because she has seen how God has answered all of our prayers and created His miracles through Kayleigh. I AM SO AMAZED!!!! You can read both of their emails on yesterday's comments page. God is great and so are all of you for helping us reach out to others. Please, everyone continue to reach out like you have reached out to us and let's continue to help those who are in need. Whether it is someone who has a preemie like us or someone who just needs a helping hand. We are all God's people and His greatest gift is love, so let's use it.

Speaking of love! I love my family so much and I was so excited to see Brandon and Allyson get to hold Kayleigh for the first time today. Our wonderful wonderful nurse allowed us all to be back their together to share in this special moment. You are normally only allowed two people back at a time, but she allowed us all to come back since it wasn't busy in our nursery.

Kayleigh is doing wonderful today. She did drop back down below the 2 pound mark, but that is due to not having any feeds over the past couple days. She will gain it back soon though. She is breathing great without any major desats or apnea spells, and has just been sleeping very well lately. We are so very proud of her.

I was able to hang out with a good friend of mine tonight who is also my submission fighting training partner. We were talking about Kayleigh and how great of a fighter she is when dealing with many obstacles placed in her way. We joked about a guy who produces a girl has "sissy sperm," so what does that say for me when I created a 1 pound girl? Ha-ha. What I have a hard time dealing with, is that I am protector of my family and I feel completely hopeless when it comes to being able to protect Kayleigh. Jake had told me that I have actually done one of the most important things that I could have ever done to protect her, and that was being in the best shape physically that I could possibly be when she was conceived. The training and diet regimen that I have been on to stay in shape while fighting is one of the toughest, but the reward beyond any victory on the mat was that my great health has saved my daughter's life. That goes for Aimee also because she worked hard to eat all the nutritious foods throughout the pregnancy and didn't do anything that could cause harm to Kayleigh. Every little bit helped and we can sleep better knowing we have done everything possible to give Kayleigh all the tools to fight for her life.

God Bless,

The Freemans :)


Anonymous said...

You have such a beautiful family...I'm so glad that Kayleigh is breathing better.

constantly praying

meant2havejustgirls said...

I find myself drawn to your family. I left a comment for you on the contest yesterday and I felt I needed to again!!! My two girls love keeping up with Kayleigh. I sit here this morning looking at your first family picture and I am so happy for you ( as I cry) You have given my family a new outlook on life. I have followed you through BBC ( Sept 2007 & Nov 2008 mom)I can't wait for her to go home and she isn't even mine. My husband is blown away how strong you are with her being so small but strong. He rarely gets emotional for other people ( he would cry in a heartbeat for our children) but Kayleigh is something different. Our youngest so far Lexingtyn was born with a heart defect and things went way better then we ever anticipated and she fixed the problem herself and our girls really never got the seriousness but after Kayleigh they now know what could have happened. Thank-you for showing me again how precious a new baby is.....but more importantly my 5 and 8 year old girls who needed a real life angel to show them how lucky we are to have them , their sister Lexi and our surprise baby coming in Nov 08!!! We think you were given Kayleigh and the second chance for a reason...cherish it. God Bless!!!

Friends from Canada that you have never met but feel like we know you!!

The Woods

Anonymous said...

It is so cool to see how just reading a blog can change some ones life. Your little one is truly a miracle...and a great example of what God can do!

I have been continuing to follow your blog and think about you guys daily, but with Parker home, he eats up a lot of my time, plus I have been dealing with post partum depression and some other issues. Parker broke 6lbs on Thursday!

Still working on your package...again...with the little one home, things are busy busy!

Love to all

Anonymous said...

She has made it to top 10 in most viewed and most recommended!!

I love reading Kayleigh's story everyday. It has become a part of my day to check on her and pray for your family. I feel like I know you and consider you friends. God is clearly doing amazing things in your lives...and ours through her story.