8/31/08 - Tummy Troubles Again

I don't know what is going on with this tummy issue, but no one can lay a finger on it. Late last night, Kayleigh started to have some aspirates with her feeds. They decided to cut her feeds off and get an x-ray taken of her belly. It came back that she had some trapped gas again and they wanted to see that get better before they started to feed her again. The second x-ray tonight didn't show any change and they have another x-ray schedule in the morning. If things don't turn around in the morning, they are going to do a lower GI (Gastrointestinal) dye test, where they shoot some dye in her behind and do an ultrasound to see how things are moving along her digestive tract. If they don't find anything there, they will do an upper GI. Hopefully they can find out what the issue is and get past this hurdle. Like I said before, I really feel this is the last major hurdle to get by to allow her to grow, get the VSD surgery and be on the home stretch. One way or another, I am just ready for her to start eating and growing.

She was a little cranky today around her feeding time, probably because she was hungry so it hurts to see she is not getting food right now. She is almost a term baby, so I am sure she can start to associate when she is hungry or not. They did crank up the amount of nutrients they are giving her, so that does make me feel better. She lost 10 grams, falling back down to 1060 total. They did measure her tonight and she measured 35 centimeters in length and her head measured 26 centimeters in diameter.

I was able to hold her for a little bit today. My oldest brother Scott came in with me today, while Aimee waited with my parents. Scott has not been able to make it in to town to see her yet, so he was beyond stoked. I just love to see people's reactions when they see her. I think he said something like "OOOOHH MAAAAAN." It certainly made my day because I have been so excited for Scott to finally meet her.

Other than that, Kayleigh has been doing good. She was a little cranky during the later part of our visit, but besides her probably being hungry, she definitely needed a diaper change. They did give her a suppository earlier today which helped push things along and I guess the rest followed the path while we were there. She has been breathing well and I don't remember her having any major desats or brady's over the past day or two.

Please pray that we will get through this tummy issue and on the right track. I noticed some people have gotten their bracelets in the mail and I can't wait to see photos.

Thank you all so much for all your thoughts and prayers. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!


The Freemans :)


Unknown said...

Poor girl. I know this tummy thing has showed it's face too many times now. I pray that she feels better soon and these tummy issues get resolved so she can progress to the next stages of coming home. My prayers are always with you all!

In Christ,

Jennifer in NM said...


I am sorry that you are having so many tummy problems. I hope that soon you will get over this hill and start enjoying your food! I am glad to hear that your eyes are doing well after that surgery.

Adam and Aimee,

I know that this tummy thing is very disturbing and even more disturbing is her being unconsolable. I'm so sorry. I remember Caleb had colic for 9 weeks. In the beginning at around age 3 weeks he would cry for 6 hours a night because of it. Then as he got older he would cry less and less. When he finally hit the 30 minute mark, I knew we were just about done. I hope that she gets over this soon, and that she can start enjoying the world around her. The thing that made me happy was that at least she isn't having any lower GI problems. Have they checked her for pyloric (sp) stenosis in regards to the aspirations? I know it has to do with the upper GI so it may come in time. I'm no nurse, but it crossed my mind. You guys are amazing and will make it through this. As my doctor told me, you will look back on this in a year and you won't be so hurt by it all, but you will be amazed at what that beautiful little girl is able to do.

I love the pic of her with the bottle, she is moving on up!

I will check in tomorrow.