9/13/08 - Ooops, Guess what???

After everything that was going on yesterday, I forgot to mention that Kayleigh is now a term baby. Woo Hoo! Aimee's due date was the 12th, but it is crazy to think that Kayleigh is almost 3 months old now. I was watching Aimee hold her today thinking about how much she has grown. At one point, Kayleigh was a scary 13 ounces and now she is weighing 2 pounds - 12 ounces which is 3 times her size. I know that her feeds have been a hard hurdle to jump, but if you look at where she was and where she is now, that is awesome! I even changed her diaper today and noticed she wasn't wearing the little tiny diapers anymore. Maybe normal children grow fast, but we all know Kayleigh is no normal baby. She does things her way, ha-ha.

Overall, today was a good day. The Upper GI test results came back showing nothing out of place that would be causing her feeds to back up. They were looking for a narrowing in the intestines, which now shows that slow motility is to blame. Once her tummy goes down, they are going to start her on the breast milk and probably from a bottle since motility starts from the mouth. She was breathing great all day today and got the hiccups a couple times which was very cute. Her oxygen is still at 3 liters and 25%. We held her for a couple hours today and took some more photos of another new outfit that Aimee bought her. We were shocked that Baby's R US had some preemie clothes that would fit Kayleigh, but they did. The brown and pink outfit is Aimee's and Marsha's (One of our primary nurses) favorite one.

Thank you all so much for your support and pray that her belly goes down so we can start her back on the breast milk feeds.
God Bless,

The Freemans :)


Kimberly (Anthony's Mom) said...

What an adorable little outfit! Kayleigh seems much bigger lately. Her features are starting to really show now. And her skin is looking great! I know when Anthony was born he had areas where the skin just kinda hung there. Its great when they start to fill out.


Anonymous said...

I have been keeping up with your story since Kayleigh was born. It's amazing ot see how much she has grown. My daughter was born at 29 weeks and I remember how exciting it was to dress her. I just wanted to let you know that Walmart have a lot of little preemie outfits that are cheap. You won't believe how fast she will grow out of them.

Anonymous said...

Hi I also wanted to let you know that if you have a carters by you they have a little section of the cutest preemie clothing. The only place I found preemie clothing for my daugther was walmart or babies r us. When I seen the carters clothing the first person i thought of was kayleigh.

Anonymous said...

I love the pink and brown. Its totally in! ha-ha!

I wanted to say you've inspired me in a different way. Your blog, and how you're able to 'search' it when you need to look up something was the reason i started a blog for my son, who just started on meds. I wanted a way to search back thru the days, and the first thing that came to my mind was Kayleigh's blog! :)

I hope it will help me the same way its helped you! :)


Anonymous said...

Kayleigh is looking beautiful as always today. I love the outfit. Glad to hear the upper GI turned out good. Can't wait for her feeds to start back, and to find out how she likes the bottle. With Love, Nikki Conway

Andrea said...

Was going to say something about Preemie Clothes at Walmart, but two other posters beat me to the punch. She looks so adorable in that outfit. It's hard to believe that she is 11 weeks old already, I remember when she was first born.

She looks so happy when she is with you guys. Hoping everything goes well. Also hoping that belly goes down.

Anonymous said...

WOW! What a beautiful baby girl!!! I am so happy how far she has come! I can not wait to read the heading "She's going home!!" :) God Bless You Kayleigh!! You are in our prayers!! I pray the breast milk will work for her. I am pretty sure that is the answer!! Stay strong Adam and Aimee your doing a wonderful job!!!

Mommy to 2 boys
1 who was a 31 weeker

Unknown said...

Well making it to term calls for a ...."Happy 2nd Birthday Kayleigh!!!" And she's such a doll in her lil outfits. Praying that her tummy goes down real soon so she can start back on breast milk and start gaining more weight!!! :)

In Christ,

Trish said...

Awww! You guys - she is looking like such a big girl in her totally cute little onesie! Wow! She is really growing good! Always makes my day to see your adorable lil girl looking so good!