9/12/08 - Thank you!!!

Today was a standstill as we are still waiting the final results of the Upper GI test. They have done three x-rays since yesterday afternoon and since Kayleigh was so backed up, they dye has not made its way through her system. The journey that the dye has traveled so far shows no problems, so that is good news. Let's just hope the rest of the way is clear. We think more than anything that her body just has very slow motility with anything she has been given but breast milk. If that isn't a sign, then I don't know what is.

Otherwise, Kayleigh was doing great today. She was a little cranky while we held her, but you can clearly see she is trying to pass all the mess in her system. We did what we could to comfort her as we all know what a painful bloated tummy feels like. This might be a little too much info, but I can certainly feel her pain. When I was probably 10 years old, I was stuck in a fetal position because I had so much trapped air. I was crying like a little baby and my parents took me to the hospital. I wish they can give Kayleigh what they gave me that night because I had a "seriously" 1 minute long gasser that made all the pain go away. I felt so embarrassed as I thought I was dying right there on the spot, but trapped gas is all it was and us Freemans normally don't have a problem in that category (ha-ha).

After Kayleigh was having an issue with getting comfortable because her tummy was hurting, Aimee found the perfect position. Aimee slouched in the chair and laid Kayleigh on her chest, face down. Kayleigh normally doesn't like to lay face down, but she was enjoying it today. She looked so comfortable and we were so sad to leave her today. I felt so much better after talking to the nurse tonight as Kayleigh wasn't uncomfortable at all since we left her. She actually came down on her oxygen a little and was relaxing very well. After an hour, I took over and she was comfortable for about 15 minutes. I guess Mommy's chest was a little more comfortable than mine. Oh well, I just wanted her to be peaceful, so it didn't matter giving her up. Aimee sure rubbed it in though, which was quite funny.

We have until the 15th before the Parents.com contest is over. I am not too concerned with winning the contest because Kayleigh will not be able to go to NY for the finals anyhow, unless they come to us which I seriously doubt. I am just so glad she made it to two out of three front pages with her photos. She is ranked 4th (Most Viewed) and 9th (Most Recommended) out of 24,709 photos and we have touched so many people with her story. I put Kayleigh's photos on there for one purpose and one purpose only, and that was to touch someones life in one way or another. We have had many people respond so many positive ways, which makes it a complete success in my book. So thank you for all of those who voted and if you truly believe we can bring NY to us, continue to vote a million times. Maybe NY can come to us and we can share our story in their magazine to touch many more lives with our precious Kayleigh.

You all are awesome and for all those who say they are inspired by our little girls story, well we are inspired by all of you lending a helping hand to a family you barely know. We are a family who has so much strength because of the people who believe in us (You!). We are a family who has held it together in every aspect of our lives because of you. We are a family that has sincerely learned the value of how God wants us to treat others because of you. I would give every single jewel on my heavenly crown to all of you for being such an amazing blessing to our family. We are truly blessed to have every single one of you praying for Kayleigh, and I believe more than ever that God has listened to our prayers and it proving time and again how awesome He is.

Thank you all with every ounce of our souls! Aimee and I are forever thankful.

God Bless,

The Freemans :)


Anonymous said...

I love the sweet pictures of lil Kayleigh. I just wish she could give us a big ol' poot. I was reading about your little problem when you were ten and I had to laugh at the thought of your 1 minute relief. I know how painful that can be. I wasn't sure if we could vote more than once at parents.com so I will go vote some more. If I would have known I would have been voting everyday. Give Kayleigh lots of kisses from us Conways here in Oklahoma. We are praying for her some tummy ease.

Anonymous said...

I have former 24 week preemie twins (b/g). They just turned "one" in August, adjusted, they will be one in December. My son had the ROP surgery like Kayleigh. My daughter has the feeding issues like Kayleigh. She missed the opportunity to learn how to bottle so she came home on a g-tube. She was NOT tolerating her feeds at all. She would projectile vomit ALOT for the first six months she was home. I didn't want her on Reglan, but I gave in. It helped a little. Then I decided to try pure breastmilk, she seemed to do better. Her Dr. does not like Reglan so we tried to take her off and the vomiting started to get worse (she still vomits, although not as bad as the first six months). I know when they are little and in the hospital on monitors, being on the stomach helps them to digest better. Hopefully the breastmilk/reglan will help Kayleigh. Make sure you take the time to teach her how to drink from a bottle as it is a learned process that if she misses out, she may never learn. Good luck with your little miracle!!!!

Jennifer said...

she is so beautiful...and I am praying for her!

You told us to tell you of any concerns you may have regarding her...so I'm gonna tell you. She is looking like she's got jaundice. Why aren't they putting her under lights?

Michelle said...

Sending lots of prayers to Kayleigh & her family. I hope her stomach issues resolve quickly, and changing her feedings will do the trick. She is a true miracle from God.

Adam said...


Maybe it is the lights in the NICU or the flash from the camera. I will be sure to ask the nurses what they think, but all I keep hearing from them is how great her skin has gotten because of how translucent it use to look. You can still see some veins in the stomach area and on her head a little, but her skin has come a long way. I will touch base with them and ask. Thank you so much for pointing that out. God Bless :)


Jennifer said...

Ok cool :) I see that now too because it's in some pictures and some not.

God Bless you and sweet Kayleigh!