9/5/08 - Things Are Looking Up!

Today was one of the better days that we have seen in a while. After every feedings, Kayleigh seems to be doing better and better. She has not pooped yet, but everyone keeps telling us that since she was cleaned out with the Lower GI test, she probably needs to fill her tanks back up. So if we don't get a poop over the next couple days, I will start to worry. A lot of people mentioned in their comments about Reglan and I forgot to mention that they started Kayleigh on that yesterday. Reglan is medication to help digestion of her feeds. Since Kayleigh started her new Neocate feeds, she has been doing better as the time goes by. I'm hoping the Reglan is helping. At first, she was aspirating most of her feeds and now she is digesting most of her feeds. Throughout the past 6 hours, she has not aspirated anything, so let's pray that she keeps that up.

I did get a chance to speak with one of her doctors today. Last night after I posted, I spent about 3 hours going back through all my posts to dig up research on her feeds, poops, weight and aspirates. I took in my information to the doctor to share with him our thoughts. He agreed with my research and that if the Neocate doesn't work, we will go back to plain breast milk and keep an eye on her blood sugar levels. I felt like a weight was lifted off my back because my hard work with this blog and my notes have paid off big time. I just hope that the Neocate works so we don't have to waste anymore time fiddling around with different possibilities.

Kayleigh weighed in tonight at 1159 grams which is around 2 pounds - 9 ounces. She was dropped last night from 5 liters to 4 on her flow and is doing well with the adjustment. Kayleigh has not had any major desats all day today. When we were holding her for a few hours today, she was resting well and giving off an occasional smile. Since Kayleigh has been holding her temperature much better, they have been dressing her in some tiny preemie clothes which are still way too big for her. She looked so precious in her outfit.

I want to apologize to everyone for a goof-ball mistake on my part. We got the bracelets in and we sent them out the other day. Well, they started to show back up in our mail box because I put a 26 cent stamp on them. OOOPS! I will be correcting the problem and getting the "right" priced stamp put on this time. Sorry :(

Thank you all so much for your advice on the post yesterday. We got some really good ideas and it opened our eyes to other possibilities. We can't live without you all so thank you all so very much for all you help. We love you all so much!
God Bless,

The Freemans :)


Sam said...

I'm glad she's getting better with the feeds - we went through similar issues with David. I just have a question - you say she's aspirating her food... that must mean something different than I thought it meant, because I thought it meant she was inhaling the fluid into her lungs, which would obviously be a much bigger deal. What do you mean when you say that? Just curious.
Anyways... I'm glad she's holding her temperature better - will they be putting her in an open crib soon? I can't wait to see the pictures of her in her outfits. Think of all the cute little pink dresses you can buy her now!!!

Anonymous said...

Aimee & Adam,
Trust your intuition about the breastmilk. Sadly in western culture and medicine, breastmilk is still not trusted as the ideal food for babies, and the formula industry sees sure to that. Certainly formula is invaluable in certain instances, but bm should always get precedence whenever possible.
Mostly it's about big business. The formula industry and hospitals share mutually in profitting from the use of formula, so it can be a challenge to challenge them. Hospitals don't always do what's right for the patient, in all my experiences, I've had to advocate vigilantly for family members. So trust your gut and don't be afraid to speak up.
Best wishes~

Anonymous said...

All I can say is Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm!

You are such a babydoll with your little sweet smile in your picture. I just know angels are standing all around you!

Sleep peacefully, sweetie pie!

Jennifer said...

we love all the pictures. i read your story daily and turn to my husband (who is on his computer) and say "look how wonderful she looks today!" he always agrees. keep um coming!
jennifer (mom to 30wkr)

Unknown said...

Glad things are looking better! That's great that you are finally able to dress her in lil clothes! It was a huge step for me. I couldn't wait to go in everynight and put a new one on her. It always seemed to make my day.

I don't know if you know or not but there is s store there called the MilkyWay. They sell stuff for pregnant, and lactating mothers and also sell stuff for newborns as well a TINY preemies!!!! I bought clothes that were a tad too big on Carly at the 2 pound mark. They are made by Kissy Kissy. I sorta got to know the man who owns the store and he always would ask how Carly was as soon as I walked in. They are supper nice there. Anyways if you are intrested let me know and I'll tell you how to get there. It's really easy. You don't even have to get in your car. You can walk through the hospital.

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

First off i want to say GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY!! Reading your story really did give me a lot of hope...and it couldn't come at a better time. I also have a preemie i delivered at 31 weeks but my daughters development was as a 24 weeker..my first doc. visits were great they said everything was just as it should be but when i went in for a visit just to meet the other doc. that would be on call for my due date he started to see a lot wrong with the pregnancy..i was told there were many things wrong with her like a big P.D.A plus many other things wrong with her heart several things with her brain and lungs...i was told i would not be able to hear her cry when she came out i would not be able to see her she was going to be taken it to the NICU right away...but GOD had another plan for us she came out with the softest cry they even had time to baptize their quickly. now she is a month and 4days she was 1pound 8oz at birth now she is at 3pounds! Thank GOD. she does have many things going on but GOD has showed me she is defanitly here for a reason and she is in his plan for me so each day with our prayers and GODS power she is stronger..i will keep you and your family in my prayers..i know everything will turn out great for you guys these babys are our little angels GOD sent to remind us of his love and power! God bless

Adam said...


Asspirates are what Kayleigh does not digest from the previous feeding. Since she is being fed through a tube, they will take a syringe and pull back what is left in the stomach at each care (every three hours). If there is something not digested, they call it aspirates or I think the other term is called residuals. Since she is keeping her temperature up, they have taken the skin temperature monitor off and are starting to wean her down on the isolette temperature. I call it the isolette air conditioning unit. Once she starts to hold her temperature without any assistance from that, the will put her in a bassinett. That will be so awesome, although I will be more paranoid with people sneazing or coughing over her.(haha) I hope I answered your questions well enough. Thank you for your support through this. God Bless,


Anonymous said...

Hi! I got my bracelet. I just wanted to let you know our postman charged an extra $0.91. I am not worried about paying the extra. I would pay way more than that just to be able to support Kayleigh with a bracelet. I just wanted to let you all know before you start sending and resending out the bracelets.!!!