9/9/08 - Dance Faster!!!

Kayleigh had another good day today. Not a whole lot has changed since yesterday. She still has no pooped and her belly is starting to get bigger again. They said it is still soft though, so that makes me feel a little better because it would not be good for it to be hard. They are giving her another glycerin suppository tonight to help move things along. Let's pray that she has a blow out and starts to poop on a regular basis. Since the last suppository worked a tiny bit, maybe you all need to do your poop dance a little faster or more intense (ha-ha).

Some great news is that she had another eye exam tonight and the doctor said her eyes look awesome and are responding well to the surgery. WOO HOO! Since Aimee's soar throat got better, her sinuses backed up and she was struggling today, so I went to visit Kayleigh this evening with my best friend Mike. He is in town for a couple days for work and will be staying with us. Mike hasn't been up to see Kayleigh since about 6 days after she was born. He was able to hold her hand and see her pretty smile tonight. Well, that smile came about 45 minutes after I started to hold her because she was so crabby at first. I am sure she was irritated from the eye exam a few hours before. Once she calmed down, I was as still as can be so I didn't wake her up again. Sorry I didn't have any photos as I planned to take some tonight, but if you were in my shoes you wouldn't want to disturb her with any light or movements either.

Tomorrow, Aimee should be much better to go back up there so we can play dress up and take some photos. She was so sad today and I felt so bad that she couldn't go up to visit. If you think about it, it is hard enough not being able to bring your precious daughter home with you, let alone not being able to visit her either. We know how important it is to prevent passing any type of germs, but it is a very tough situation to be in.

Kayleigh has increased again in her weight, weighing in at 1174 grams (2.9 lbs). She is still on 3 liters of air flow and doing very well with that. She is continuing to hold her temperature well and had a only a few aspirates today. It seems like she is progressing in everything else and her feeds increased to 4ml every 3 hours, but we are still waiting for her pooping to kick in.

I know it seems like all I talk about is praying for her to poop, but like I said over and over, I feel this is the last step in the hurdle. If we can get this going, we will gain the weight we need to get closer to the VSD surgery and out the door. I am ready for her to come home and we start our lives and memories together at home. I promise to keep up with the post so you can continue to follow in the journey of her beautiful life.

Thank you all for everything!

God Bless,

The Freemans :)


Anonymous said...

Praying that Aimee feels better today so she can go play dress up with Miss Kayleigh and take tons of cute pictures. Still doing the poop dance for Kayleigh!!!!

God bless

And so it begins..... said...

Hi Freeman Clan

I check your site daily sometimes more than once just to "check", I can't get enough of this little lovebug:-) She is such a dolly!!

I've had 2 preemies myself, both 28weekers, and not nearly as small as Kayleigh, my smallest was 2lbs 6oz, but I know the kind of problems you are having with the poopin department:-) My last son, Ian, never pooped on his own and he was ordered "bullets", suppositories, daily to get him going. He came home with the same issue and I had to do it but at least it got him to poop!! Some docs don't like giving them all the time because then there system relies on them but heck if it's going to get the crap out then give it to them!! Right:-) Ian still has constipation issues to this day but I think it's a preemie thing and one day his system will kick in and never look back, I hope:-)

Anyways check with your doc and see if there's a reason why she doesn't get them daily or even more than once a day. It can't hurt huh:-)

Thanks again for sharing your journey and your little lovebug with us, she is definately a miracle!!

The Gunderson's