10/1/08 - HAPPY 100TH DAY!!!!

Today marks the 100th day Kayleigh has been in the NICU. Time sure flies by when your having fun. (well....not so much!) I am just ready for that day we can walk out of the hospital for good. We were talking today that we are not going to know what to do with all the free time when we are home for good. We have gotten so used to planning each day to drive 30 minutes to the hospital and back, while spending several hours there. When we are not at the hospital, we are at work appointments or taking care of Allyson and Brandon. I am ready to have a little more time on my hands because there is never enough of it.

Kayleigh is progressing well. So well, there have been hints of the possibility of moving to progressive care. She still has to tolerate her feeds and get off the TPN (IV Nutrients) before she can go. Right now she is at 19 mls and doing good. Lately, she has been going to the bathroom when feeding, which is great but it is cutting in to the time she needs to focus on eating. All that baring down and straining is keeping her from finishing the whole bottle. Well, that is what the nurses at night say, but today she did awesome for me when I fed her. She took the bottle and finished it within 15 minutes, while blowing out her diaper. Yeah, it wasn't a pretty sight. Hey, I am just glad she is pooping, so I am not going to complain one bit. ha-ha!

Other than that, we had a great visit with her today. We didn't want to leave and lately, it has been getting harder and harder to leave. She has been so active and acting like a normal baby does, it just makes us feel so awesome and excited. One of our primary nurses had her this afternoon and it has been a week since she has taken care of her. It was right when they had put her on the nitric oxide, so she was amazed to see how well she has been doing lately. I could read her actions and it makes us feel so awesome to know how much these nurses care. You worry sometimes because some people call it a job and are just there for a paycheck, while others (Our Primary Nurses) are there for all the right reasons and we have certainly picked the right ones. They are amazing!!!

Thank you all for your prayers and let's get Kayleigh home ASAP!!!!

God Bless,

The Freemans :)


Anonymous said...

Awww I'm so proud of yall's sweet little angel. I'm just ready for life to be a little easier for Kayleigh. She looks so sweet in her pictures...and tell her mommy she is looking wonderful too. I didn't get a chance to tell yall how awesome Kayleigh's room is looking. She is gonna love it. You guys take care. Give Kayleigh extra kisses for me. With Love Nikki Conway

Unknown said...

I told you she'll be in the NPCN before you know it! Carly went and didn't take any feeds from a bottle. Although she was off her TPN.

Kayleigh you are doing such an awsome job! Keep it up girl!!

Anonymous said...

So does your ring still fit over her hand?

That'd be a cool follow up pic, because i was looking at the both of them, and it seems it wouldn't fit now.

w00t! Way to go Kayleigh!!


Adam said...


I have not tried to see if it would fir, but I am almost positive her little hands are too big now. They are still tiny, but not that tiny :)


Sarah Suzy said...

Kayleigh Anne Freeman, you are one amazing little girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

In the second picture, I think she's saying, "I want mom!!!!" LOL!

D/J F said...

such a sweet girl! she's getting growing!! :)