10/18/08 - Doing Great!

Kayleigh had a great day today. She weighed in tonight at 1625 grams which is 3 pounds - 9.3 ounces. Her flow is still on .4 liters. Kayleigh took all of her first bottle tonight and took 3/4 of her second bottle, so that is a much improvement from yesterday. She also pooped a few times tonight, so the similac special care fortifier is working this time around. I guess her bowels have matured a lot since she was not able to pass it through her system the last time. Thank GOD!!!!

Besides having such a great day today, Kayleigh had a very special visitor. Keren, which is my cousin's wife, was in town this week for meetings with her company. She spent the evening with us last night and all day today. She is heading home tomorrow, but she was able to visit Kayleigh today for a good amount of time. I am so glad that Keren was able to spend some time with her because it isn't often that we get to see her.

Other than that, it was a pretty mellow day. Before Aimee and Keren went back to visit Kayleigh, I got to spend about an hour with her by myself. It was awesome just having her sleep peacefully on my chest. You know she is completely content when her heart rate is around 110, her respiratory is consistent and her saturation is close to 100. That right there shows that she is so comfortable. I just sat there and spoke to her about many different things and made up songs to sing to her. I know she doesn't understand me, but for her to hear my voice makes all the difference.

It was such a wonderful day today and I hope tomorrow is just the same.

God Bless,

The Freemans :)


Unknown said...

Yaaay such wonderful news. So happy to hear. Gosh I remember reading Amy's first post on BBC when they said that Kayleigh wouldnt make it, and I remember when she wrote about being scared to listen to her heartbeat to find its not there. I remember praying SO HARD and feeling such an ache in my heart for Kayleigh and you and Amy. Now look at her..... She defines the word AMAZING. And she is beautiful to top it off. So So So happy for you all. She is so precious and a real MIRACLE right before our eyes. She is going to be one spoiled little girl. ((((HUGE HUGS)))))

Anonymous said...

Great story. I am the grandmother of a 1 lb 15 oz little girl. It still touches me to this day to read stories like yours. A family not unlike ours. Looks like you were with her all the time as were we.