10/18/08 - A NEARLY PERFECT DAY!!!

Besides one minor issue, she was completely perfect today. She grew 10 grams from last night, which puts her at 1635 grams (3lbs - 9.7oz). She pooped several times today, so her bowels are getting on a normal routine and she is no longer backing up with the extra calories they are giving her. They added an extra bottle feeding in, so now she gets 5 bottle feeds and 3 tube feeds all day long. All 5 of her bottle feeds were flawless as she took and tolerated every ml and had no aspirates on any of them. Last but not least, they dropped her oxygen flow to .2 liters and she is still satting close to 100% all the time with no desats or bradys.

Now that means there was only one thing that kept her day from being completely perfect. Besides Kayleigh doing all these perfect things, she didn't do any of it at home with all of us. We know she will soon though, so that is beyond exciting. It has just been long over due to see such a perfect day for her and can only pray that many more are to follow. Kayleigh deserves it more than anyone because we all know this has got to be so stressful on her to be a term baby couped up in an isolette for most of her day. You wouldn't just put your baby in a box and take her out every three hours to change her diaper and feed her if she was home. I am just happy that we may only have a couple more weeks of this. Since we have gotten to progressive care, we have been getting a little more antsy to take that trip out the front door! :)

Thank you all for your prayers and sorry I didn't get any photos today. I promise to take a bunch tomorrow for you. I know how you all love to see her pretty little face as much as possible. Please continue to pray for more days like today, so she will be ready to come home in a couple weeks. It is getting exciting and we just can't wait! The day is going to be one of the happiest days of our lives, that is for sure.

Thanks and God Bless,

The Freemans :)


Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to hear that she is tolerating feeds so well now. I'm sure it's because like you said,her digestive system is becoming more mature. Ryan did not tolerate feeds well at first (although he had the opposite problem Kayleigh had-he was going too much) but a few weeks later and some medication and he was much better. Also, I think feeding from the bottle rather than the tube makes a big difference since with the tube feeding it goes much faster right into the stomach. We feel your anticipation to bring her home and pray that things continue upward. God Bless!

Jennifer in NM said...

Aimee and Adam, I can assure you that ALL of us bloggers are going to cry right along with you when the word comes down that your angel is going home! Then you will have at least one nutcase (me) that will worry incesantly about her being at home and being so small, I did it with my 7 pounder. But I am just waiting to see those beautiful words "She's going home!!!!!"

Way to go Kayleigh. Sounds like you are eating like a champ, just rest baby girl and grow, grow, grow.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for my daily Kaleight fix! She just continues to amaze all of us. What a day that will be (hopefully VERY soon) that she will be in your arms 24/7!

Can't wait to see more pics of her!

mom of 4 - Cincinnati

Kimberly (Anthony's Mom) said...

She's doing so well now and I know it will be soon that she will come home.

I just wanted to say I can identify with what you said about how she must be so board and how she's just sitting in incubator with no attention till she gets fed. This use to make me REALLY sad too. Larry (husband) still will say "remember when Anthony was all alone in his incubator with nothing but a black and white picture to look at all day" ugggg I still tear up just thinking about it!! But I know the nurses there always took care of the other babies when they were crying or upset. And they would put them in the swings or sometime if it was slow they would just hold them. So they must of done that for Anthony too. I also try to think that he slept A LOT back then. Cause he was sick and he needed lots of rest to get healthy. Kayleigh is doing the same thing. And as she gets healthier (which she's almost there) the nurses and dr's will see that and realize she needs to go home. And then when she gets home she'll just flourish! Its amazing how much they change when they leave the NICU. That personality just pops out even more. And Kayleigh is a little pistol for sure =-)