10/29/08 - The Cure!!!

When we arrived this afternoon to the NICU, our nurse had told us that Kayleigh was still acting up through the night and all through the morning. Kayleigh was still dessating and not showing any signs of improvement. It was just flooring me because this is not how Kayleigh normally acts, so something must me wrong. The doctors and surgeons came back through and they couldn't figure it out either. They thought maybe she just isn't responding well to the sedative medication or the amount of Nitric Oxide that she is on. It is not a good sign when some of the best doctors around are just dumbfounded by her actions.

But wait...I think we found the cure. Her name is Aimee, Mom, Mommy or as I call her "My Beautiful." Within minutes of Kayleigh resting in Aimee's arms, she started to get that wide eyed excited look on her face and her sats just leveled out. Over the next couple hours, Kayleigh's sats stuck around 85-95, which is exactly where we needed them. They also decided to drop her nitric from 2ppm to 1ppm (parts per million) and lowered the pressures on her vent. I 100% feel that Kayleigh needed to just be comforted a little bit from dealing with all this traumatic mess. The doctors agreed and even decided to give her 15 mls of food to see how she would tolerate that. We just called up there a few minutes ago (8:00pm) to see how she was doing after we left the hospital to get Allyson and Brandon, and she has been doing great ever since. No desats AT ALL! Can you believe that?

Actually, I can! I know when I am sad or upset, all I have to do is cuddle up with Aimee and she makes me feel all better. Aimee is by far the best wife and Mommy around. ("No offense Mom cause no one can cook Lasagna & Mac n' Cheese like you") Seriously though, I have learned so much and I have become such a better person in my life because of Aimee. You might think that I am a strong person because of how I am dealing with this unbelievably tough journey, but it is because I stand by such a Strong, Godly Woman! Aimee is the rock in my life and the best thing God has ever blessed me with. I know Kayleigh gets all of her strength to fight her battles from Aimee.

"God, thank you so much for what you have done in my life. You have blessed me with a wonderful family and I couldn't ask for anything else to complete my life more than what I already have. Please watch over my precious little girl as she has no idea of the incredible battle she is about to face. Someone told me something hopeful today that will stick with me through this entire surgery and intense recovery. She said "God, You are not ready for this angel yet." Please give her the strength to fight through this heart surgery and recover quick, so she can come home and start her future with a family who is craving for her attention. Kayleigh has touched so many lives with her journey and she will touch so many more lives throughout the rest of her life. Please don't take her from us now, but if you do, we trust her purpose has already done amazing things because she has done them for you. In your precious name, Amen"

The Freemans :)


Anonymous said...

God bless you!! You are wonderful parents. I will pray for an amazing recovery for this precious girl of yours.
Thank you for sharing your hearts!!!!

AliciaJohnson1983 said...

When all else fails! Mommy is the cure! I pray so much for little Kayleigh. I want to see her come home! No more medical tape, tubes, etc. Home free! Please I ask of you lord to help this wonderful family in bringing Kayleigh home!
My blessings

~Kayce said...

There is nothing (on earth) like being close to your Mommy when you don't feel good. I hope Aimee will be able to spend lots of time holding Kayleigh between now and the surgery. Love IS the cure!

Anonymous said...

You have me in tears!! :*( Those last two sentences brought back the memories of my baby when he got sick! You could have not said it any better! The good thing is when I came into acceptance and faith with God thats when things turned around for the best! He is a healthy 2 yr old now!! :-)

God Bless you both Adam and Aimee! You both are also Kayleigh's strength when she needs that extra push!!

Sweet Kayleigh you always amaze everyone! I know you will continue to do so!! God Bless you Sweetie!

Mommy to 2 boys
1whowas a 31 weeker

Anonymous said...

God Bless you Kayleigh. May God's Angel's cradle you in their loving arms while you are having surgery. God bless you Kayleigh's mommy and daddy.

jasonbradley said...

Amazing - a baby needs her mommy (and daddy) and I'm so glad to hear about this "cure". And Amen to your prayer Adam. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Kayleigh knows exactly what she needs, and apparently it's Mommy. Praise God for a good day, food, Mommy's to cuddle with. Daddy's who are awesome. Not a lot of desats. And Princess Kayleigh.

God is so not ready for this angel. There is a sogl by Alabama called "Angels Among us" and that's Kayleigh for me and alot of other people I'm sure.

Kayleigh's Kentucky Prayer Warrior
Kelly Sheree