11/10/08 - 10:37 - Mov'n On Up!!!

To the NICU that is. ONLY if Kayleigh's day goes as perfect as possible. They have pulled the stomach line (PD) and they plan to pull her catheter later today. We are actually about to feed her a bottle and see how she does with that. So last night and today have been going good so far.

We had troubles yesterday afternoon with her belly blowing up, so they stopped her feeds completely and "thought she was hang withdrawals" from the pain medicine. Although when she was upstairs recovering from the cath, believe it or not, she was on more pain medicine and we knew just knew her belly blew up because of the amount of oxygen flow she was on. So, the Nurse Practitioner ordered for Methadone so Kayleigh could be weaned off the pain meds that she was "Having Withdrawals" from. Aimee felt deep inside there was something wrong with doing that and by now, we know when to listen to Aimee's gut feeling.

In the end...The irritability that Kayleigh was having WAS from the air in the tummy, so we dropped her oxygen flow down from 8 liters to 3 liters, which corrected that problem and when our main doctor/surgeon came through late last night, he cancelled the order for Methadone because it is very harmful for little ones the size of Kayleigh. Go figure!!! So needless to say, the NP who said he has had 16 years of experience and 5 more in the CVICU and to trust his judgement on using Methadone, well his status just went in the crapper. The great news is Kayleigh wasn't harmed at all.

Anyhow, everything else is moving right along and we hoped to be out by tomorrow afternoon and up to the NICU or NPCN. We are going up to speak with one of our Neonantologist today and see what his thoughts are.

Another thing that has popped up is that Kayleigh was tested positive for MRSA a week after she was born and was moved to the MRSA section of the NICU. Well, the rules up there are that if you once tested positive for MRSA, she'll always stay in MRSA section. But, down here, she tested negative twice for MRSA so we are curious if she will have to go to that section when we go back up. I would hate for her to have to go back to MRSA and contract it since she doesn't have it now.

All I have to say about this next photos is, ADORABLE! This is Kylie and she has made Kayleigh a sign. That is just too cute!

God Bless,

The Freemans :)


The Woollard Family said...

That's wonderful that Kayleigh is doing soooo well!! We also made a sign for Kayleigh that I was going to send you but my 10 month old daughter got a hold of it and ripped it all to shreds. So now we have to make another one. She didn't even give me time to take a picture! Kylie such is precious though!!

By the way, my daughter was also tested positive for MRSA after she was born. They did 3 more tests and they all came back negative. So chances are the first test she had done was faulty and they will let her stay clear of that side of the NICU.

Jennifer said...

She looks so comfortable in your arms. Adorable. That's where all babies like to be!!

Anonymous said...


Crystal in CT

Heather Plis said...

It is amazing after just "knowing" you for a couple of weeks, how attached I feel. I so look forward to each new update on Kayleigh! I am so glad that she is doing so well and that you all know to listen to those gut feelings. I think sometimes the Holy Spirit shows us just the right thing at the right time!! :)
Lots of love,
Heather and family

Anonymous said...

Way to go little Kayleigh! Aimee, good call on the air... 8 liters is a LOT through a cannula, it's comparable to CPAP and they should have been venting her tummy through her feeding tube. Glad the flow is down though, pretty soon it'll be off all together, so awesome!!! And yeah! you got to hold her and snuggle her, that's the best!

Anonymous said...

Yay! That is great news today! I hope she has a wonderful, calm day and is soon moved.

Anonymous said...

Although the doctors do know alot and have done such a good job taking care of Kayleigh - this just shows that nobody knows their child better than mom (and dad!) You are the two that have been with her every single step of the way and have seen it all - the others just have the reports to go by of the last Dr.... I'm sure they try their best, but so glad that Kayleigh was saving from having to have yet another medicine that she didn't need this time! Congrats! Hope you are back to the NICU tonight!!!!

D/J F said...

Awww! That's our dear friend, baby Kylie!!! So happy to hear Kayleigh is doing well :)

Nelson Family said...

I am always amazed that the differences between hospitals and their practices. Having had a baby in the NICU in Washington state. there are some major differences... between what happened with my daughter and yours. so interesting! Good call on your part with the air in the belly, with that kind of presure going through the canual It really makes sense. The hospital we were at would not go above 1.5 liters.. because of the air in the belly. We actually found that a "hoodie" was a great back and forth break from the canual presure.
I hope kayleigh gets to go down to the NICU or NPCN soon.
I was also wondering.. have they said anything to you about her eyes. I did not see any post on it and was curious about ROP with all the o2 she has been on. I hope that question is not offensive, My daughter had ROP stage 3 and it turned to plus disease, and it required surgery before we could take her home from the NICU. It was a very simple thing in the mix of it all to make sure she had her eye sight. I am rambling now...
take care and as always, your family is in my prayers.

Adam said...


Great question! Kayleigh too had the satege 3 plus disease and needed the surgery, which was a complete success. So having that amount of O2 won't cause any harm now. If we would have never had that surgery, I would have jumped all over them with that question. Thank you very much for your concerns :) God Bless,

Adam & Aimee Freeman :)

Nelson Family said...

wonderful! I hope home is soon in your future.. It is hard with children at home. Lots of love and prayers for your family.

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! How did she do with the bottle??? I was so excited to see she was being cuddled by Mommy and drinking a bottle!
With Love from Southern NH

Anonymous said...

OH I love those pictures where you got to hold and love her! I bet she will LOVE taking those bottles again. I hope her throat is feeling tons better since having that tube in there.

She looks SO HAPPY! Thanks as always for sharing Kayleigh with all of us -- I sure do love your baby and I have never met her! My kids come to the computer and ask how she is doing often! I think that is so neat! She is our cyber baby!

Keep the awesome news coming! God is SOOOO GOOD!


lsj65 said...

So sad to read about your friends, truly tragic for them to suffer so.
I'm glad you trusted your gut once again! God bless your beautiful girl, she looks GREAT!
Leslie Johnson

Trish said...

Kylie really loved chewing on Kayleigh's "Get Well" cards. So much so, in fact, that we had to make two! Kylie thoroughly enjoyed wishing Kayleigh the best! Hehe, so fun. We are so glad to hear things are lookin' on up. Prayers from Portland, -tricia & kylie