11/13/08 - GRAB YOUR BUTTON!!!

One of Kayleigh's awesome friends had a button made for our blog and for ALL of yours! So please copy the html on the toolbar (Over to the right) and add it to your site! If anyone else has a button, let me know and I will add it to our blog. THANK YOU!!!

Kayleigh is having a blast over at NPCN. Look at that new bed!!!! No more isolette or warmers!!! She is holding her temperature very well too! She and one other little girl are hanging out in their own section, so that definitely makes things a lot more quiet than what we were dealing with over in the NICU. This will give Kayleigh much better sleep throughout the day as there are less bells chiming in her ear and less commotion going on from all the scrambling nurses.

They have decided to wean her Lasix down to one dose a day instead of two now. I am glad to see they are weaning off the Lasix because Kayleigh's weight has been dwindling. Although, today she has had a good increase. She weighed in tonight at 3 pounds - 8.5 ounces, so it looks like she is getting some of that lost fluid back.

Since Kayleigh's blood/lung pressures were high, they administer Viagra to help her pulmonary hypertension by keeping all the blood vessels in her lungs open. So, if her blood pressure is below a mean of 65, they won't give her any Viagra as her hypertension is far from acting up and there is no need for the meds. This actually happened once today and they were able to skip that dose, so all we can pray for now is that the pressures continue to drop, so they can stop giving her the Viagra all together. That would be so awesome as it will prove the open heart surgery was a complete success and we were able to close the VSD hole in time before the pressures became "Fixed." WOOO HOOO! THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

Kayleigh is definitely moving in the right direction, as God has certainly answered ALL our prayers with every single hurdle that has been placed in front of her. Kayleigh has certainly defied all the odds and proved time and again that our God is amazing! She is such a strong little girl and we are so blessed and proud that she is our daughter!

This is Riley and every morning as Riley eats breakfast, they talk about Kayleigh and how well she is doing. It is a blessing to hear that while Aimee and I are going through our daily routine of life, other families are praying, crying, laughing and rejoicing in Kayleigh's story. I am so blessed to hear stories of people who have been touched by Kayleigh. My whole goal of writing this blog was to be a man of God, do His will and touch the lives of as many people as possible. With all the responses and stories, I am blessed to see how many lives we've touched together.

Parker is a preemie & one of Kayleigh's friends that we met online way back near the beginning of our NICU days. This family has been there for us to communicate to when the days were tough and we needed someone to talk or vent to. We are so happy to see Parker made it home safe and is enjoying his family. This is such a beautiful family and we appreciate everything they have done for us. We wish you the best!

Please say a prayer tonight for our friends that we met down in the CVICU (Meredith & Cary). Their son, Mattox had some major struggles and was taken off his breathing support to go home with the Lord. Meredith and Cary are two very wonderful people and we wish them the best. It is times like these that we just have to trust in God that He knows what is best and to give all of our struggles to Him as He will take care of us. We will always remember you guys and we pray that your future be filled with many blessings.
God Bless,

The Freemans :)


Jennifer said...

The great news keeps coming!! Her new bed is beautiful! Earlier this evening my mom was over so we decided to check and see if there was an update. When we pulled up the site Nathaniel said "the baby Kay-ee". I told him we need to keep praying that Kayleigh gets to go home with her family soon just like Jonah got to come home with us. He looked at me a little confused, said OK and ran away. I thought is was cute because, as you are talking about touching people's lives, he recognized her picture. His life has already been touched and he just turned 2. Keep amazing us Kayleigh!! God Bless and we will also pray for baby Mattox and his family is this difficult time.

Melissa said...

I was up with my daughter, Sadie, at 3:30am and when I got her back to bed my first thought was to come check your blog for Kayleigh's update! Still praying for her in Birmingham, Alabama--at ALL hours! :)

Mom of TJ and Sadie

chdmommyof2 said...

Kayleigh, you look beautiful in your new bed. It fits you so well!! Keep coming on strong baby girl!! You will be home in no time!! Maybe you will be home for christmas, wouldnt that be the best present in the world!! I am stil praying for you baby girl!!!
Somerset, KY

Ali said...

So fun to see Parker on here. It's crazy to be looking at your blog, not knowing any of you, and then I see a baby that I know! Small world.
Love from Ohio.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited you have come back to NPCN to play with us! I can't wait until tonight when I work so I can come spoil you, just a little bit! ;o) It's so great to know that you are finally on your way to going home. I know Mommy and Daddy and big brother and sister are soooo ready for you to come home! Rest up some today so we can catch up tonight!
Paula L. (NPCN)
p.s. I'm so excited!

FCHP® said...

The Kayleigh's button is now in patients's blog of the Colombian Pulmonary Hypertension Foundation:

~Karley~ said...

Keep up the awesome work!! We love the button too.. :)

Deni said...

It is so good to see Kayleigh thriving! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Kayleigh keeps amazing us as she continues to recover at a rapid pace. Kayleigh keep up the good work!!! you are an amazing little fighter and we continue to pray for you!
Baltimore, MD

Breanna said...

Keep up the great work!!! Its so great to hear your almost outta there! Love the new digs!! You guys are still in my prayers!

I got my button :)

Breanna S.

Unknown said...

Glad to have your button and have added it to my blog (killionkronicle.blogspot.com)...

Kayleigh: Keep up the good work little one!! We will be so happy the day we log on and find a picture of you in your car seat/bed ready to go home. Sounds like you are well on your way. Praying for continued health and healing!

Keri in NH
Mommy to Jake & Ryan

Anonymous said...

What a blessing Kayleigh is! God has used her to touch more people that most do in a lifetime. If God has been able to do so much through her already in her short life so far, imagine the things she'll do in the years to come! She's truly special.

Heather said...

Hooray for the button!!! I have SO many people in my Sunday school class following the blog now:) Can't wait to hear about the day she comes home.

Anonymous said...

you are one strong little girl. you just inspired me.