11/14/08 - Off Limits :)

Okay Kayleigh admirers!!! Kayleigh is off limits. Ha-ha :) Aimee and I received a cute email today from a Kayleigh admirer who has been checking on Kayleigh every morning after his morning breakfast. His name is Colin and he is 3 months old. This is what we learned about Colin today:

"Colin enjoys long, warm baths, deep conversations with his mobiles, sitting up and taking in the world, wearing designer clothing (AKA Pampers), and eating at his mommy's restaurant."

I nearly peed my pants today when Aimee read it to me and I just had to share it with you all. Below are some photos of Colin checking out his crush. Sorry Colin, you are a stud, but you are going to have to get through me first :)

Kayleigh is having another great day over at NPCN. She hasn't been eating her bottles today like we would like to see, but she is gaining some weight back quickly. She weighed in tonight at 3 pounds - 10 ounces. She is just taking off right now and I hope that rapid growth continues. She is still a little peanut though. I don't want her to get bigger :)

They have not taken her completely off the Lasix yet, but they plan to over the next couple of days. The cardiologists came in today and look at her and they are very happy with her prognosis right now. They did an echocardiogram and confirmed that the pressures have come down, but they still have a little ways to go, so they are going to keep her on Viagra for a little while. She can come home on the viagra, so that won't hold her up. Other than that, they feel she is looking great and she should be ready to go home next week. They plan to take her sutures out and her last tummy tube out next week sometime.

Since Kayleigh was on her triple mix fluids (IV Nutrients) for quite sometime through this journey, it caused Kayleigh bilirubin numbers to be off (jaundice) and they are giving her some medicine (Actigall) for her liver functions. They don't see anything wrong with her liver, but they give it to most children for safety precautions. They are doing a CBC (blood culture) on Monday just to check and make sure things look good there.
We asked our doctor when he thinks she could go home and he didn't want us to get upset if we get pushed back a day or two, but he is thinking at the end of next week. WOO HOO!!!! So we have scheduled to do CPR class on Monday and we will bring our seat in for the car seat test sometime next week.

Aimee and I had a frightening experience. The other night, Aimee got really tired and laid on the couch and within an hour, her temperature went from 97 to almost 103. She wasn't cold, but she was shaking and her teeth were chattering. She was nauseous and she started to get a headache so that is when we decided to go to the emergency room. But, two hours later before we ever got to see someone, her temperature broke and she was normal again. We decided to just head on home and not wait a couple more hours if she was feeling fine. Aimee called her Doctor the next morning and we found out that Aimee has a case of Mastitis. Aimee knew one of her breast has been causing her major pain, but didn't put two and two together. Not to get all detailed, but one of her nipples have taken a beating from all the pumping she has been doing. We found out that this was brought on by irregular sleep, irregular diet and irregular pumping schedule. All of that was happening while we were sleeping at the hospital last week while Kayleigh was in for surgery. She is on antibiotics to help, but she has to pump through the pain right now.

Can I tell you how awesome my wife is for all the hard work she is doing for Kayleigh. It took her almost of month straight of pumping to even get milk and now that she is getting it often, she is tearing her body up to make sure our daughter gets what she needs. That is was you call a "Hero"
I love you and I am so proud of you sweetheart!

Tomorrow is the big day!!! We are having our baby shower and we are expecting a great turn out. I actually have to get going here in a minute and go clean some more. Can you tell that I posted a little longer tonight than usual? (jk Aimee) I already cleaned the bathrooms and that job is never fun! Was I that dirty when I was 7 and 9 years old? Anywho, we are so excited to open up all the gifts that were sent by all of Kayleigh's friends and celebrate her soon to be homecoming. Thank you all so much!!! It is going to be a little different than a normal baby shower though as we can't play all the normal baby shower games. Aimee doesn't want anyone guessing how big her tummy is. It is really cool though, we are having mini-everything! All the food is going to be mini, such as meatballs, pizza rolls, etc... We are really looking forward to it and I will be sure to take a bunch of photos.

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend and please keep Kayleigh in your prayers as she makes it down the home stretch. Not too much longer to go and we can all jump for joy!

God Bless!

The Freemans :)


Breanna said...

Im so sorry to hear about the mastitis. Hope you guys have a GREAT day tomorrow! take lots of pics!!!

prayers are with you.

Breanna :)

kristyo15 said...

I can sympathize with the mastitis...OUCH!

We're so happy for y'all that everything is improving at an AWESOME pace! God is so Good.

Kayleigh Fans,
Joe, Kristy, Trey, & Emery Owens

kristyo15 said...
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Anonymous said...

What great news! I'm so happy for you guys. Can you believe that this time next week she will be HOME?? I can't wait to see pics of her at home with you guys.


Anonymous said...

What great news - Kayleigh has been through so much and she's not going to stop fighting - she wants to come home! Aimee is a wonderful mother - I can tell from everything that has been written and now to have to deal with mastitis on top of everything else... She's showing where her daughter got her toughness from! The next week is going to seem so long, counting down the days now that you have an idea of when she's coming home, but it will be so worth the wait! Will be praying for Kayleigh to keep gaining and all her final tests in the hospital to come out well, and praying for the mastitis to go away quickly so that Aimee feels great for the happy homecoming! Have a great weekend - I look foward to reading more posts and hearing more good news!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats you guys!! Kayleigh is really doing great! I heard of another baby in Nebraska born to two very loving teen parents who was born in Sept and due in December. They have a carepages website for him at www.carepages.com/carepages/Aadensbigsite
Please pray for him to fight through this like Kayleigh!

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better Aimee!! :(
YAY For Kayleigh!! You go girl!!
You both have a wonderful babyshower! Sweet Kayleigh will be home soon to enjoy her new things!! God Bless!!

Mommy to 2 bots
1 who Was a 31 Weeker

Anonymous said...

I have been following you story for about a week now but never left a comment because I did not know what to say besides what everybody is saying: your daughter is beautiful and I pray for you everyday that she gets to come home soon. You are amazing parents and I have been very touched by your story. I check on Kayleigh everyday now and I can't wait to see a picture of her home with her family.
god bless you all.

Anonymous said...

When you started to mention how quickly Aimee's fever came on, I knew what it was right away. Mastitis hits you like a Mack truck. Hope you are feeling better soon, Aimee.

I'm so excited for you guys at the prospect of bringing Kayleigh home next week! It's been a long time coming. I hope you will still post updates on her blog so that we can see her as she continues to grow.

Have fun at your babyshower!

Jennifer said...

I hope you are feeling better Aimee. When I started to read that you weren't feeling well I just kept hoping it wasn't going to turn into something that kept you from visiting Kayleigh for anytime. Phew!!
Is she in a boppy in her crib? So cute! One thing I started to notice that I think is adorable is that she very often has her tiny little tongue showing ;) A goal date for going home is wonderful news.
I hope you have a great time at your baby shower. Can't wait to see pictures!

Anonymous said...

I hope you have an awesome time at your baby shower. I sent you something but it wouldn't let me add a gift note :( so if there is something without a name(it might still have my name in the sender spot ?) it is from me.

I can so sympathize with the mastitis! I had a bad case and had to bite down on something for the pain just to nurse my daughter. I cried every time I fed her. I hope yours gets much better. I finally had to give up nursing because it turned from a bonding experience into something I really dreaded doing! :(

So glad Kayleigh is going to be home soon! God bless you,


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! Well about Kayleigh atleast and the baby shower.
Poor Aimee! Breast infections are just terrible! I hope you feel better once those meds kick in.
With love from Southern NH!

chdmommyof2 said...

YAY KAYLEIGH!!!!!!! I get on here every morning to check on your lil "peanut".. I hate to tell you, but she is going to get bigger.... LOL Its so hard to watch them grow up... at the rate she is going, she is going to get bigger in no time! I am soooo relieved for you and Aimee. You have a strong lil peanut...

Kimberly (Anthony's Mom) said...

OMG she's going to be home next week!! EKKKK!! So excited for you guys!!! I know this journey has been so long for you. And its almost over! I hope you guys will still keep up with the updates. =-)


Kala Family said...

Enjoy the baby shower, you guys really deserve it! The idea of having everything being mini is soooo cute! That was a great idea. Can't wait to see the pictures.
It's been so wonderful to wake up in the morning and hear such excellent news about Kayleigh. It starts my days off very happy. Glad to hear Amiee is doing ok after that frightening experience!
Take care,
Karen and family

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a wonderful time today and enjoy being with all of your friends and family ! I know that you already know this but Kayleigh is absolutely beautiful ! I have four boys who definately have developed a soft spot in there heart for Kayleigh. They ask me to show them her new pictures everyday and when they come on the screen there faces light up and there is a big "AWWWWW, she is so cute". My 6 year son saw that I had tears in my eyes while looking at the pictures of Aimee holding her after her heart surgery. He said to me " Mom, now I understand what happy tears are for, I have them too ". Thank -you Kayleigh for being so amazing !!!!

Karen Smith
Calgary AB, Canada

Anonymous said...

Awesome news for you and Kayleigh!

Was wondering if you have an update for Rachel and Ryan. Just after I started following Kayleigh's story I found (from your blog) Carly's story and then the blog for Hannah. I wanted to let them know how sorry that I am for their loss and that I'm praying for them. I can't leave a message for them since I don't have a blog. I can't even image the sorrow and deep, deep pain that they are experiencing.

I also wanted to leave a blog that you and Rachel can check out. I'm only passing this on because the blogger, Angie Smith, has such an amazing story about the loss of her last child and how God has been present for her and her family through the entire experience. God has also blessed her with the gift of ministering. Her blog gives their story and also ongoing encouragement for viewers.

iheartbowheads.blogspot.com said...

Hooray sweet baby girl!!!!!

Amy - I am sure that someone has told you this but just in case you don't know - email me and I will tell you the soothing warm wet diaper for the soreness trick.



Anonymous said...


My mommy and I are praying for you. I'm another baby who they didn't think would live. I know that God can use us powerfully to help others. You have the strength to grow big and strong!


Anonymous said...

I hope the baby shower was fun. Glad to hear that your little angel is doing so well.

Huge applause out to Aimee for pumping. I did it for a year and it is truly a trying and grueling task. Anyone who puts up with full time pumping through mastitis and beyond is a HERO for sure.

Hope M.
Ottawa, ON Canada

Anonymous said...

These are some of the cutest pictures ever. She looks so healthy and happy already. I can't wait to meet Kayleigh in person.

Martha Compton said...

Just a quick note about the Actogall from another preemie parent- when she comes home (which I know will be soon!), don't give it to her in her bottle. It's very sticky and will clog up the nipple. We learned the hard way that it's just better to squirt in her mouth (C loved it, I guess it tasted pretty good!).

Anonymous said...

Kayleigh is looking so beautiful and cute now!! I love how she is filling out now she is soooo adorable! What a miracle.

Anonymous said...

Kayleigh is looking so beautiful and cute now!! I love how she is filling out now she is soooo adorable! What a miracle.

Anonymous said...

Kayleigh is looking so beautiful and cute now!! I love how she is filling out now she is soooo adorable! What a miracle.