11/2/08 - Family

Kayleigh is doing really well today. They brought her oxygen flow down from 6 liters to 4 and she is breathing in around 30% oxygen. When I was up there this morning, I fed her a bottle. It was her first one since before her cath procedure and she downed 35ml's in about 10 minutes. They are sill going back and forth with the breast milk and the fortifier. Kayleigh had some aspirates with her last meal, so they might have to go back to breast milk again. The doctors are wanting to pack on as much weight as possible for this heart surgery. Honestly, I don't think it is going to make that much difference, especially when she is not digesting the fortifier right now anyway.

The time that I spent up there today was awesome. One of Aimee's Mom's friends made a beanie for Kayleigh and it was purple with a pink petunia on top. Aimee's Grandmother (Nana) calls Kayleigh her Little Petunia, so the hat was perfect. I should have taken photos, but I figured since I was up there alone, I wasn't going to take much while I was holding her. She was awake the whole time and I just sat there and held her pacifier in for her. She would get anal if it fell out or I moved her an inch. Spoiled already! :) When Aimee came up later in the afternoon, Kayleigh slept the whole time. Even though Kayleigh wasn't much company for Aimee, I am glad to see she got some rest.

This is a very special photo to me. This is my Mom (Patti) and her Dad, my Grandfather (Papa Yash) from Conneaut, Ohio. My parents went to visit last week and they took photos for Kayleigh's scrap book. Papa Yash is the man! He is 85 years old. He grew up as a hard working man who provided for his family he loved so much. He exercises everyday and he plays golf a few times a week. He is a proud father of 9, grandfather to over 20, and a great grandfather to probably a million and counting :) He just lost over 30 pounds from a new diet he is on and looks so great. Way to go Papa! We miss and love you so much!

As we all talked about Kayleigh knowing when Aimee is around and Kayleigh being comforted by her Mommy's touch. I really understand that bond with my own Mom. Call me a Momma's boy, and your probably right. I am the youngest of three boys, so when I was ever hurt, had surgery, or my brothers would give me a severe beating, Mom was always there to comfort me. Both of my parents have always been a special part of my life and I hope that I will be half the parent that they were to me. They have taught me so much about being a good parent, not by words, but by actions. I am truly blessed by the love they give me.

God Bless,

The Freemans :)


Jennifer in NM said...

Adam and Aimee,

It sounds like Kayleigh is doing great! Thank God. I am still praying feverously for the surgery that is up and coming to go smooth with no complications.


Anonymous said...

You are right Adam you DO have an amazing family...you have learned from two of the most amazing parents I've ever met and I can see already that you were definatly paying attention! You and Aimee are doing a great job doing everything in your power for Kayleigh and trusting that God will take care of the rest! Heather and I are praying for her surgery this week and we just know that the miracles are FAR from over! We love all 5 of ya!

Anonymous said...

Praying for Kayleigh, as I have been since BBC days... you all are such an amazing family.
I have a little something I would like to send for the shower, do you guys have an address posted somewhere?
God Bless you all!!!